I don't get why everyone seems to hate this name. I think it's strong, awesome and ages well. Trudy is a good nickname as well. It's harsh but not too harsh, just like Ingrid.

I like it.
Allison27  5/22/2020
I cannot get past the association with Gertrude Baniszewski.
Amparo  5/14/2020
Really ugly.
saturnbrat  5/10/2020
Truly a hideous name, not just because it sounds dated. The -trude ending is a big part of what makes it so unappealing. It's funny that this name is being defended so strongly here in the comments, yet it rarely if ever appears in the polls and it has seldom been given to children since the 70s. I wonder who would actually name their kid Gertrude.
― Anonymous User  3/30/2020
someone-  3/4/2020
The name is also French and it is pronounced as /ʒɛʁ.tʁyd/ (IPA)/ ZHEHR-TRUYD (simplified). [noted -ed]
Glen Corc.  2/15/2020
My Grandma's first name was Gertrude, and my parents considered giving me the middle name Gertrude. They decided to use her middle name instead, and I am ever so grateful this isn't my middle name. That would be extremely embarrassing.
― Anonymous User  1/21/2020
I hate this name. It seems stiff, drippy, ugly, awkward, prissy, stuck-up and over-old-fashioned to me. I don’t think it’s too bad with the nickname ‘Gertie’ though, and it’s rather nice with the nickname ‘Trudy’. A lot of people seem to share my opinion of this name. Its wonderful meaning is a total waste on a name like Gertrude. A lot of characters in classic literature have this name, so I’m under the impression that it was more common in the olden days than it is now. This is one of my absolute least favourite names in the world. It’s just, well, ugh!
BeccyLeader1  1/19/2020
It does sound a little ugly but it’s pretty old fashioned.
nylonpanda  11/5/2019
Gertrude sounds ugly and awkward, as well as old-ladyish. This name is not just a "no," it's a "hell no!"
― Anonymous User  10/25/2019
Nice origin and meaning, don’t like the name though.
PickleJuice  8/13/2019
Wonderful meaning... that's all.
Luvbug86  4/17/2019
I just want to start this off by pointing out that this voting system they have set up here is very much rigged for people supporting the name to win, because not many people would search this name up unless they liked the name, some because they thought the name was so horrid that they were curious of other people’s opinions. Well for those few of you that are here just to see what other people think of the name I’m letting you know right now this is completely inaccurate, and for good reason. A lot of people say it’s not very feminine and I agree, others have also said that it doesn’t matter if it’s feminine or not because just being a girl doesn’t automatically mean you need a feminine name and I agree with that too, but here’s how I found this page… I THOUGHT IT WAS AN UGLY MAN'S NAME. My girlfriend’s vibrator (Bertha) broke and she bought a new one and named it Gertrude. I thought it was a fitting name because it was an even uglier name than the first and we purposefully name them ugly names. But then she referred to it as a “she” and I was like “Gertrude is NOT a girl's name” and she told me it is, so I searched it up in disbelief and found out it means spear and strong, which to me (thinking physically) are not very feminine words. Spear made me think of a long hard shaft used for poking things (we all know what I'm thinking there, eh) and impaling people and animals, and while girls can be strong it’s biologically more of a male specialty (although I find most women to be far stronger mentally and emotionally than most men). Now again, women do not need a feminine name that’s completely fine, but the name isn’t even nice in a masculine (or other) sense. It’s just an ugly noise.

@ Anonymous User 12/31/2018: Gertrude is NOT considered an ugly name just because of nicknames that may sound like vomiting, it's just a disgusting sounding name. Now like others have stated, I can see it being just the slightest bit fitting for a queen (which is what I imagine you meant by “elegant”), but it's definitely not befitting a queen of great beauty or grace. If anything I picture a kindhearted queen.

@ Pink_Tofu: That’s cool that you like that character, look up to her and all but for it to be at the top of your top names list is a little much. I look up to Bob Marley, still don’t think Bob is a very nice name. I like the Spider-Man, still not gonna name my kid Peter. Honestly the character is not the name, the person is not the name. There are plenty of amazing women with the name Gertrude and I highly doubt they’re amazing because of that disgusting name. By all means name your child Gertrude, I’m sure it will be an amazing child nonetheless, or not but either way it won’t be because of the name. I suggest you stop associating greatness with a name and start associating it with the actual person or character, because we are not what our parents, guardians, authors (whatever) decided to call us, we are people.

@ SylvieNyx: It’s an ugly name simply because of the sound. The meaning is alright but there are plenty of far better sounding names out there that mean the same pretty much the same thing, and honestly I don’t even have to do any research on that or give any examples here because literally anything will sound better than Gertrude.

@ futuremother99: You might want to check yourself into an insane asylum (which is where I feel all these Gertrude supporters are commenting from) before you have your kids because there is absolutely nothing cute about this name. Deep down you know this but you must have lost your mind or sense of beauty to have changed your mind like that, and believe me I am someone who appreciates all kinds of beauty, especially unconventional beauty but this is not that. And it’s not unique it’s just that most of the people with that name died a long time ago and the newer generation - for the most part - knows to let the name die with them.

@ kayisforkeen: Gertrude is most definitely not a beautiful name, what you’ve been trying to put your finger on is most likely a tumor… in your head.

@ SilverSatan: honestly dude you’re asking some pretty dumb questions. Say the name Gertrude as if you’re vomiting, just try it… it works perfectly. I try to say my name (Tyler) like that and it just doesn’t work, other names don’t work as well either. I already explained how it’s not very feminine if you’ve read this far I’m sure you’ve seen that, but just to reiterate, it doesn’t matter if it’s feminine or not it’s still an ugly name. Also yes, it may sound slightly like a queen’s name, but it definitely doesn’t sound like a royal of any beauty like I said before. Also, I’ve seen a few comments stating that it’s fitting for a queen but not one saying it’s fitting for a princess, which honestly just tells me that you people think it sounds at least a little old. Princess Gertrude just does not have a nice ring to it, also makes me picture a princess of toads or something gross like that. Toads are great though they make good friends so I wouldn’t even name my toad Gertrude. And are you kidding me you actually like the nickname “Gert” over “Trudy”? I mean neither are very nice but come on; Gert, really? We are talking about a nickname for a girl right? I mean, depending on who the girl is Gert might be more fitting than Trudy (again neither are good) but in a general sense, for females Trudy is so much better than GERT.

@ molten-salty: It’s considered old because the name died down a while ago and for the most part people (rightfully) stopped naming their kids Gertrude. So yes everyone was born at one point but at this point in the world the name is outdated and has an “old” vibe to it because most of the people with the name are either dead or old. I know you’re trying to be a smart-ass but you’re coming off as more of a dumb-ass because that’s a pretty basic thing to figure out. The reasoning behind it being called an “old woman name” is literally because it’s an old, woman’s name. Maybe when it was first being used they didn’t have the same conception of it but in my opinion (most people’s opinions of this name) it also just doesn’t have a sound that you would associate with anything cute, if anything it has a sort of wise sound to it, which is still not associated with youthfulness. So to be honest I cannot see the name on an eight year old girl, I honestly see it on an 80 year old man if anything, but even then I’d be like “ugh what a gross noise”.

@ Ruta Graveolens: You’re right the German pronunciation of the name is softer, but it’s pretty much the same ugly name. And all these beautiful languages in the world and you’re going to claim that everything sounds better in German, one of the most harsh sounding languages out there, don’t get me wrong I love the language it’s special in it’s own way but everything does NOT sound better in German, that’s insane. It can literally turn a beautiful word into something (I don’t even know how to describe it) just strange and a lot of the times aggressive. I honestly don’t think everything sounds better in ANY language. Some phrases sound better in one language and others sound better in another, but out of all the languages the world has to offer German is definitely not at the top for aesthetics.

@ Anonymous User 4/3/2017: Kids aren’t mean to you because of your name, that just gave them an easy target, kids are just mean because they’re mean and like to pick on anyone that’s different. Look man, we all suffer through stuff, we’re not here to hear about your sob story though, sucks you (and millions of others including myself) have to deal with racism and bullies, but I’m telling you right now if you were deserving of the meaning of your name you wouldn’t have had to read the meaning to make you want to keep your name, you just would have been strong and worn it proudly anyways because you would have known that it doesn’t matter what your name is or what other people say about your name, all that matters is who you are on the inside. You shouldn’t need some (rather dull) meaning of a name to give you confidence in yourself. Also, you could find a far better sounding name with the same meaning just to let you know, there are plenty of names out there and out of all of them your parents had to choose such an ugly one for you? I mean I’m sure they like it but wouldn’t you have liked it if they weren’t that strange and gave you a name that wouldn’t be so easy for kids to pick on? Unless they were trying to teach you a lesson in which you would have failed. I got picked on in school too, people tried to bully me for whatever reason because I’m a weird guy, never really fit in that well, however I never actually let them bully me, I was a fighter, and then eventually I learned that the only way to fit in was to stop trying to fit in. So in my opinion you should have shown people that despite having a strangely ugly name, you’re a great person. I just feel like a truly strong person would have realized this and not needed to read “Gertrude means spear and strong” to finally gain confidence in themselves, they just would have had the strength to move the people around them so that they no longer cared that your name was Gertrude, they just cared about who you are. And that could be in either a negative sense or a positive sense, or neither.

@ Ulalume: Gertrude is worse than both Bertha and Olga, which are also on the list for world’s ugliest names. Also just want to reiterate again, not a nice name whether it’s feminine or not. Just don’t name your kid any of those names and you should be fine

@ Anonymous User 10/15/2015: It’s really not a cute name, quite the opposite in fact. Do you also think cockroaches are cute? Are you just into gross things is that it?

@Fox_Rock1: you’re completely right it is a matter of opinion, however what most people don’t realize is opinions can be worse than others, sometimes they can even just be wrong entirely -not so much the case here as it is just a name but for instance people claiming it’s not old and it doesn’t have an old feel to it, that opinion is incorrect because there are actual good reasons to support the fact that it is old and for (most likely) psychological reasons (mostly old ladies or dead people have the name, whether we consciously think of this when we hear the name or not it’s in most of our subconscious’ that old ladies rock that name best, thus we associate it with old ladies) it gives people the “old lady vibe”. There are also reasons the opinion that it doesn’t sound ugly is worse than the opinion that it does sound ugly. It really does sound a lot more like a throw-up sound than most names for one thing, it’s very easy to say Gertrude and make it sound like you’re throwing up, like Gollum when he says his name over and over in that weird horking voice. Also it has mostly consonants instead of vowels, which doesn’t sound as nice to the human ear (in a general sense) therefore making that opinion, well… worse than it’s rival.

@ arianagrandelover1: your aunt was wise to change her mind. Ella is a far prettier name with a way more aesthetic sound to it, anyone that disagrees is actually crazy, I don’t care if you like the name Gertrude or not, if you think it’s a better sounding name than Ella you’re mistaken.

@ autumn23: Honestly, if you wanted to be a nice mother you wouldn’t name your kid Gertrude, it’s not a name many people do like so even if you weirdos do like the name, chances are your kids will not and you shouldn’t force that kind of name on someone else, especially someone you love. If you love it that much you can go change your own name to Gertrude but I just think as a parent you shouldn’t risk giving your kid a name they can hate to this degree, and I know you guys don’t understand just how disgusting this name is because you’re all out of your minds and not seeing things clearly, but it’s a really bad name, one of the worst. My name (Tyler) isn’t very great either, and I’m honestly disappointed in my parents for not thinking of a better, more meaningful one, but at least it wasn’t as gross sounding as a name like Gertrude, like that’s a real risk to take. If they had named me something THAT horrible I would low-key always kinda hate them for it, the only way someone could be satisfied with a name like that is a) if they just don’t care at all about their name, or b) if they actually liked the name, which again I know you guys do, but most people don’t, which would most likely include your kid. So naming your kid that because you like it with the slight chance that they might like it too (most likely won’t) isn’t really the best choice to make as a parent. It’s better safe than sorry, so name them something less risky, that they can at least LIVE WITH if they don’t like it.

@ Anonymous User 5/10/2011: Gertrude is an amazing name for an octopus (one of earth’s most intelligent creatures), but that’s because she’s an Octopus and it’s okay to call her something funny, she won’t care, neither will your characters, although I’d be kind of annoyed if I had to read/hear that name over and over for a serious character, just wouldn’t be able to take her seriously, even if it was a villain (goody villains not included)

@ AmericaSpainGermany: you’ve clearly lost your mind, and that’s okay we’re all a little crazy- I believe it’s what makes someone truly unique unless it’s a danger to society, but please don’t wish more of us will lose our minds the same way you have, it would really suck for us sane people who know that name needs to go.

@ Anonymous User 9/26/2010: Deep down you know it’s a gross name, your mum might be trying to diss you with that comment, I don’t know, either way she’s accomplishing that goal. To me that got translated to “she did say she could picture me with an ugly daughter” but you know your mum, not me, so you know whether she was dissing you or if she just likes the name. Also the meaning isn’t that cool- trust me, you can find names with far better and deeper meanings than just “Strong Spear”... better meaning than mine though, can’t lie

@ Anonymous User 7/26/2010: Lol reminds you of pugs? Sooo.. funny and ugly in a cute way? That makes some sense as far as cuteness for the name goes

@ bananarama: No it’s not Mildred or Bertha, it’s worse (Bertha is pretty bad though, definitely a lot closer to Gertrude than Mildred in terms of unappealing sounds)

@ Anonymous User 6/3/2008: In what dimension is Madison or Kennedy a prettier sound than Gertrude smh

@ Pippin: not everything that represents something cool sounds or looks very nice, you know that you don’t have to think something sounds or looks good just to appreciate it’s meaning. You’re an adult. Let’s be honest though as far as name meanings go there are plenty of other, better options out there, it’s not horrible but it’s not all that either

@ wordybookworm: I’d say it has less of a classy feel and more of a snobby feel

@ Anonymous User 1/6/2008: it’s not entirely just a matter of what we’re accustomed to hearing. Even when Tiffany gets old (I kinda feel like it’s already on its way out it’s not that nice a name either, Jade and Taylor are better sounding names) it will still sound better to most of our ears than Gertrude. Literally different sounds have different effects on us, vowels sound better than consonants to most humans; it is what it is.

@ Anonymous User 1/29/2007: Again, just because you guys are weird and like a name that’s largely considered extremely ugly doesn’t mean you should force that on your kids. It’s important that as a parent you know you’re not raising them for yourself, not as some pet, you’re raising them to live their own lives, so taking such a risk on your children’s names is actually quite cruel in my opinion, name them something you like, but also something that if they don’t like it it’s at least not SUCH a horrible name. Most people don’t like it for a reason, just try to remember you guys are the odd ones out and as potential future parents you should plan for that (or parents already I’m pretty late here)

@ gaelruadh19: “... if you don’t like this name for a little girl, use the pet name Trudy...” uhhhh or maybe just don’t name your kid that at all if you don’t like the name? Just give it a completely different name that’s nowhere near as ugly as Gertrude? Like seriously, what was your thought process there?

@ Anonymous User 8/6/2006: “Gertrudis”, really? How the f*ck did you just make Gertrude even worse. That’s a skill dude… a skill

@scorpio93: See I don’t understand why you like it but that’s fine because you’re at least conscious of how the rest of the world feels about it and know not to be selfish and do that to your child just because you like it. One thing I would say is you should try to teach your kids not to worry what other kids say or think (hard but ideal). As a parent what you should be worried about more than your kid being made fun of is whether they like their name or not, it’s a lot easier to be confident in something you like about yourself than it is to be confident about something only your mum likes about you, so try to lean away from names that most people find gross, most likely your kid's one of those people too. You’re a conscious being though and I respect that

@ Giana and @ Sarah Charlotte: Parents should definitely be discouraged by its “ugly reputation”. It holds that reputation NOT for no reason. I know we’re all individuals but as a whole we do tend to all like the same things, generally speaking we’re really not all that different. That being said we are actually all very different, confusing a bit I know, but basically it means things are popular and unpopular to the general population for a reason, whatever that reason may be for us if there’s something that most people stay away from (very few people like this name) it usually means the people that are attracted to it are the ones kinda off (usually). So yes as a parent who doesn’t 100% know who they’re bringing into this world, it’s safer to choose a name most people DON’T find really ugly, because you’re not naming yourself, your kid's the one that’ll have to wear that name, and there’s a large chance with this one that it won’t stick for them like it stuck for you.
GRiM4  2/14/2019
@ GRiM4 2/14/2019

Dude, calm down.
I just said I really like Gertrud/Gertrude/Gert. I think they are feminine, strong, and they sound like a beautiful and gorgeous queen's name. And I don't say this because "queen is older than princess", or because I see Gertrude as an old lady's name. I think this because, in my opinion, Gertrude is a cool name which fits a queen, who is more powerful and strong than a princess.
There is a character I like who is named Gertrud, and she is awesome. Her name totally fits her.
I honestly don't like Trudy and I prefer Gert.
And if you talk about Ella, I don't like it neither. I prefer Elly, Ellie and similar names. I dislike Tyler too.
This is just my opinion. If you don't agree, it's okay. No need to be aggressive.
I don't really understand why you attack people just because they like a name that you dislike.
I wonder what's the point of hating a name this much.
Oh, and the name Gertrude does not really sound like vomiting. Just no.
SilverSatan  3/18/2019
Lol, get a life.
kayisforkeen  3/6/2019
I can see why this name might be mainly ugly to the public. Because the rate for the name being bad is not really that low! A perfect amount of people disliked this name for every rude comment about Gertrude. People think this name is hideous just because of nicknames that may sound like vomiting. Personally, I think there is something striking me that this may be an elegant name to have. I’m having a hard time saying this name is ugly (:!
― Anonymous User  12/31/2018
Gertrude “Gert” Yorkers from the Marvel comic/tv series ‘Runaways’ bears this name. She has purple hair, is a feminist, and is telepathically connected to a genetically engineered dinosaur, so she is a great representation of this name. Due to her and other strong women who bear this name, it actually holds the top spot in my favorite name list. I understand why people had an aversion to this name or think it’s too harsh to be feminine, but there are many cute nicknames (my favorite being ‘Gigi’) and even without the nickname, it has a wonderful sound and important meaning.
― Anonymous User  12/13/2018
Since national Italian statistics (1999-) Gertrude was used both in 2012 and 2015 with less than five babies each year.
Felie  12/12/2018
In the well-known Italian masterpiece 'The Betrothed (I promessi sposi, 1827) Gertrude was the fictional name used for the real-live 'Nun of Monza'. She appears in Chapters IX, X, XVIII, XX and XXVII.
Felie  12/12/2018
Gertrude is also used in Italy with the pronunciation jer-TROO-de.
Felie  12/12/2018
In 2018, 86 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Gertrude who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 804th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
― Anonymous User  10/5/2018
I honestly don't get what is so bad about this name. It sounds charming and intelligent if you ask me. Not at all prude or elderly, and Gertie is a cute nickname.
SylvieNyx  9/24/2018
I used to hate it but now I think it's unique and very adorable and inviting. It sounds like it has an underlying power but is very cute on the outside.
futuremother99  9/2/2018
It’s a hideous, old, harsh grandma name and the Gert is so ugly. Like what one person said in the comments, names don’t have to sound feminine, but this just gets me- ewww!
Curious me  8/31/2018
Gertrude is a beautiful name. I can't put my finger on it, but there is something striking about it.
kayisforkeen  8/8/2018
Why does everyone think it's ugly? How can you say that it sounds like a vomiting noise?! Why the hell would it not be feminine? It may be an ancient name, but I still see it on a little girl and not on an old woman. In my opinion it is a marvelous name. It has a beautiful meaning. I like Gertrud too. They sound like a powerful, royal and proud woman, like a queen. The consonants in them have a strong sound which I really like. However, I dislike Trudy. I prefer Gert as a nickname.
SilverSatan  5/19/2018
I have no idea what the reasoning is behind "old woman name" complaints; everyone was born sometime. Personally, I can totally see the name on an eight year old girl.
molten-salty  9/3/2017
My husband thinks this name is very "country". My first impression is that it isn't very pretty.
― Anonymous User  7/9/2017
Despite its harsh sound, I have always liked the English pronunciation of Gertrude. It has a regal air about it, and Trudy is a nifty little nickname. That said, (in the US, at least) it's very much dated to a certain time period and is therefore considered "matronly." The German pronunciation is much softer and SO lovely. (But come to think of it, everything sounds better in German!)
Ruta Graveolens  6/27/2017
My birth certificate omitted the first "r", so I was actually called GETRUDE as a first name. I was teased throughout my childhood and I hated it. So in addition to being a victim of racism I had quite THE name. I HATED myself and felt unloved. I proposed to get it removed as soon as I could legally do so. But after learning the meaning I LOVE IT both the dutch and Russian meanings- that's all I want to be called now.
― Anonymous User  4/3/2017
Rough and ugly name in my opinion.
― Anonymous User  9/18/2016
Not a favorite of mine but I adore the shortened name Gertie (Makes me think of Elliot's sister in ET)
Mr.Cheese  7/11/2016
All these people saying how unfeminine Gertrude is... as if girls and their names have to be feminine. Definitely no gender role interference here. I think Gertrude, along with Mildred and Olga, is cute and spunky. Names rarely provoke as much teasing as so many commenters seem to think.
Ulalume  6/28/2016
The name Gertrude was given to 26 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/16/2016
I personally hate this name. It's all opinions, so, if you like it, hey. I don't agree, but that doesn't mean anything. To me it sounds like an ill old lady. Maybe nice, I may get that impression, but I DO NOT LIKE IT.
Fox_Rock1  1/21/2016
I can honestly imagine a 'Gertrude' and a 'Prudence' as friends. Two of my least favorite names...
― Anonymous User  12/1/2015
I personally love the name Gertrude. It's not my name nor am I old, if you were wondering. I genuinely love this name! I think it's cute. :3.
― Anonymous User  10/15/2015
In Slovenian language Gertrude is spelled Jedrt.
jkoman  7/15/2015
Potential nicknames for Gertrude: Gertie/Gert, Trudy, Trude, True/Tru, Rue, Gesa/Gesine/Gesina, Gerry/Geri, Gigi.
― Anonymous User  4/2/2015
Err... It's hard to believe it was ever popular.. ever!
fugfacedmermaid  12/27/2014
I'm sorry, but this is one of the harshest feminine names out there - definitely among the Top 5 Harshest used in Anglophone countries. I've had people tell me that Constance (one of my longtime favorites) has a harsh sound, but she has *nothing* on Gertrude! It's just so... guttural.

As far as images of the name go? The only Gertrude I know goes by "Gert"... and she's my stepsister and stepbrother's tiny ninety-three-year-old grandmother from Germany. Then again, her real name might actually be Gertraud...
erb816  9/30/2014
This was about to be my cousins name! I'm so glad my aunt changed it to Ella because I hate this name and I would NEVER name my daughter this, she'll get teased! I'm so happy her name was changed to Ella! This name sounds funny to me.
arianagrandelover1  9/6/2014
This name is no longer used in its home country Germany. Most people connect this name to old ladies and not to babies. It has no good sound either, not in German and not in English, I think it would be a bad thing to give it to a child. Not even the Nickname "Gertie" is positive because it means literally something like "spear-y, shaft-y, lance-y". The other possible Nickname "Trudi" sounds like someone rather simple.. I think there are so many nicer names available which could be used. Gertrude is definitely not a name which needs to be resurrected!
ms. c  7/30/2013
This is a strong, lovely name. I'm not sure whether I'd be brave enough to use it for my own child, but I can see it as a name for a little girl today.
autumn23  3/31/2013
In Italy Gertrude is the name of one of Cinderella's half-sister, maybe it's for this reason that in our country is so rare!
Eretria  1/21/2013
"þruþ/þryþ" strength is merely the OE from of the word (OE y representing /y/, the i-umlaut of u), not the ancient Germanic, which would be closer to "truuitho". The word is an adjectival substantive based on the root of "true" in the earliest sense of "firm, solid, strong", just as "truth" is a later formation from "true" in the derived senses "faithful, honest, reliable). The OE form þruþ is anomalous, perhaps influenced in sense and form by þrym "crowd, host, multitude, force", but corresponds well with High German drude "witch", and Romance forms drudo/druda "sweetheart", where the semantic development seems to be "covenant>marriage>spouse>sweetheart>hussy>(euphemistically?)witch", but sparse documentation of the vernacular on the continent prior the the 13th C makes reliable connection difficult.
thegriffon  11/30/2012
The funniest name ever.
iLikeEggs  8/31/2012
Wow, so much hate for this name. I expected some dislike for it, but not this much. I think it is a nice classic, but will probably never come back into fashion. I do like the nickname Trudy though.
Marilyn86  7/30/2012
I really hate this name. It sounds so ugly.
Kinola  4/17/2012
This name reminds me of a parrot.
― Anonymous User  11/24/2011
I don't really like names that begin with the hard "g" sound. It just sounds weird.
bedamijo  11/13/2011
In recent years, the (Low) German and Frisian short forms Gesa, Gesine and Gesina are slowly being "rediscovered" in Germany.
Especially Gesa is not a stranger anymore in Northern German maternity wards.
― Anonymous User  7/21/2011
One of the top funniest names ever. Sounds granny and old fashioned. There are so many ridiculous names out there and they all give me the same impression: UGLINESS.
MyFartsSmellGood  7/6/2011
Arrghh! This is the worst name you could possibly give your adorable, sweet baby daughter. If I'd been a girl and my parents had called me that, I'd have illegally changed my name. It sounds like a vomiting noise. Like someone else pointed out, the old-fashioned names make comebacks tend to have lots of vowels, and Gertrude has mostly consonants. To any parent considering this name: Its days are LONG over. It's hard to believe that this name was popular enough back in the day to be considered an old lady name now. Just don't. Name your kid Apple instead, I'm serious.
MonsterGrapefruit  5/22/2011
While I wouldn't use it on a person, I wouldn't mind using Gertrude as a name for a character in a story. My friend has a crocheted octopus named Gertrude Bubbles.
― Anonymous User  5/10/2011
This is not my favorite name. I don't really even know why; I just can't stand the way it looks or sounds. I especially dislike the nickname Gertie.
Joy12  4/17/2011
I used to despise this name and I thought it was hideous. But now, it has really grown on me and I find it attractive. I hope society changes its mind like I did.
AmericaSpainGermany  4/14/2011
For some reason, I find myself really liking this name. I don't love it enough to give my daughter this name, but my mum did say that she could picture me with a daughter called Gertrude. I can see why some people don't like the name, and I totally respect that. The meaning is strong and cool as well.
― Anonymous User  9/26/2010
One of my clients had a pug named Gertrude, so this is what I automatically think about when I hear the name... pugs.
― Anonymous User  7/26/2010
Gertrude Baniszewski, the psychopathic divorcee who mercilessly tortured Sylvia and Jenny Likens and eventually killed Sylvia, has ruined this name for me. A thrice divorced mother who encouraged neighborhood children to participate in the torture of these two sisters in her care. May the Likens family not have suffered in vain.
gaelruadh19  6/8/2010
A hideous old-woman name. The nickname Gertie only makes it worse. It makes me think of a tall, lanky woman in her seventies with dirty, stringy hair and a bad attitude.
Black_X  5/5/2010
Ewwww, it's seriously ugly! It's a name for a pig not a girl! The 'Gert' in it is so unfeminine and horrible! I feel ill when I hear this name!
― Anonymous User  1/26/2010
I personally love this name and might use it as a middle name for a daughter, if I ever have one. :)
― Anonymous User  1/12/2010
Yes, it's hideous. Makes me think of a squawking bird.
slyboots  11/15/2009
I don't like this. Not nice at all on young girls.
― Anonymous User  11/11/2009
The German pronunciation is ger-TROO-də. [noted -ed]
mafiosa  8/6/2009
Gertrude has been considered an "old ladies' name" for as long as I've been alive (56 yrs). Of course, the names that were popular when I was a child (Karen, Carol, Linda) are rapidly turning into "old lady names" in their own right. Name trackers have noted that many an old fashioned name has made a comeback in recent decades (Emma, Emily), but the savviest commentators have noted that these are "vowel rich" names whereas "Gertrude" is heavy with consonants. This tendency would likely work against Mildred, say, as well. Someone above pointed out that Gertrude "contains" the word "rude," and therefore has negative connotations. Etymologically, of course, it has nothing to do with "rudeness," but we're talking subjective impressions. Doesn't help that Mildred "contains" the word "dread" either, I suppose.

BTW, Drew Barrymore's character in ET was called "Gertie," but it wasn't clear what her actual given name was. It could have been an "off-the-wall" nickname for all we know.
gbcallahan  6/29/2009
Listen to the German pronunciation of Gertrude here:
_satu_  5/11/2009
Gertrude Jekyll (born 29 November 1843 – died 8 December 1932) was a British gardener and a very important horticultural influence of the latter 19th century and early 20th century. :) A great gardener.
walesgal92  5/2/2009
This was the name of the little girl in Jersey Girl.
Carolyna  4/29/2009
It does sound like an "old lady's name", but I still really like it. I love the meaning, and for some reason the pronunciation doesn't bother me. I think it's alright to use it as a character's name.
CanadianChibi  4/18/2009
A bearer of sorts was Hikaru Sulu's Weeper plant in the Enterprise's botanical garden in Star Trek's first season episode The Man Trap. He called the plant Gertrude but yeoman Rand insisted it was a boy plant ("A girl can tell") and called it Beauregard instead.
nenmo  3/30/2009
The Italian pronunciation is jehrr-TROO-deh. However it is hardly ever used in Italy.
presentperfect  12/21/2008
Gertrude Baniszewski was an Indiana divorcee who murdered Sylvia Likens in 1965.
Joe-Bob-McRobert  11/11/2008
As well as being a hideous old lady name, it also has the word rude in it.
Hushpuppy  10/27/2008
This name makes me want to puke it's so ugly.
snickerdoodle  10/16/2008
It's ugly and old-fashioned, but at least it's not Mildred or Bertha.
bananarama  10/7/2008
Gertrude is a HIDEOUS name.
yohevid  9/26/2008
Goddamn, this always reminds me of a cat lady's name. Surprisingly, somebody said a St. Gertrude was a patron saint of cats.
Sandcrawler  6/25/2008
I have to say in comparison to the misused Madison and Kennedy, this name is 'prettier'.
― Anonymous User  6/3/2008
Gertrude is also a French name. It's very rare, however, because many people think it's quite ugly.
Marie-Amelie  5/16/2008
You won't get compliments from me about this name. The name is old-fashioned, of course, but that's not the worst aspect of it. The name just sounds ugly, and the nicknames Gertie and Trudy are bad. Gertie is too childish for a grown-up, and Trudy sounds like Rudy, which is an ugly name as well.
slight night shiver  4/23/2008
A famous bearer was American children's author Gertrude Chandler War (April 16, 1890 - August 30, 1979). She is best known as the creator of the Boxcar Children book series, first published in 1942. She wrote a total of 19 Boxcar Children stories. Since her death, more than 120 additional titles have been written.
AndrewJKD  4/14/2008
One thing I don't understand is why I don't like this name. It means "spear of strength" (I think spears are cool), and it's the name of Hamlet's mum (Hamlet was a cool play). Those assosiations alone ought to make me think it's cool, but I don't. I agree with everyone who's said they think it's an "old lady name". It IS rather dated, in my opinion.
Pippin  3/15/2008
A famous bearer was English actress Gertrude Lawrence (July 4, 1898 - September 6, 1952). She won a Tony Award for her role as Anna Leonowens in the first Broadway production of the popular musical "The King and I" in 1952.
AndrewJKD  3/12/2008
Gertrude is the city of Carvahall's healer in Christopher Paolini's books.
Carriebear_Nocare  1/22/2008
I actually really like Gertrude. It has a bit of 1920s classy feel to it, and it has, for some I suppose, the connotations of Gertrude Stein. However, I dislike "Trudy."
wordybookworm  1/18/2008
This is my grandmother's name, Gertrude May (born 1928) and she likes her name and hates nicknames. I don't see why it isn't a perfectly good name for anyone. At least a daughter of today with this name would not be the fifth Jade or Taylor in her class! It was thought a beautiful name before, it could be, again. The "old ladies" who have this name were once cute little girls, and attractive women! In one hundred years people will be saying that Tiffany sounds like an old lady's name. :) It's just a matter of what we're accustomed to hearing.
― Anonymous User  1/6/2008
This is definitely an old lady name, no offense to those Gertrudes out there. I just don't think that a child has to be punished with this name. Again, no offense. This name was mostly used in the early 1900s and should stay that way. Face it : Gertrude is no longer in style, if it ever was. So please; don't burden your precious little girl with this name. She deserves better.
Rowanne  12/3/2007
Gertrude Banda was a famous British/Indonesian spy during the first half of the 20th century. She was a double agent between the British and the Japanese in World War II, and also a spy for the USA (through the British) in the Korean Conflict. She was rumored to be the daughter of Mata Hari.
― Anonymous User  12/2/2007
Well, I personally would never in a million years name my child Gertrude, though I do think the nickname "Gertie" is adorable.
gracielou16  7/13/2007
I love the meaning, but I personally don't like the way the name sounds. I can understand why someone would want this name for their daughter, though. There's so much history behind it.
scarletquillraven  7/5/2007
Ugh! I can't stand that name! I always think of it as a name to use for an unlikeable character in a story, and it seems comical as well because it sounds so old fashioned and ugly. Sorry but it's my least favourite name and if my parents called me that I would never forgive them.
lisa_7  4/11/2007
Gertrude Stein (American writer who spent most of her life in France) was a famous bearer.
― Anonymous User  2/20/2007
I personally love the name Gertrude and I'm hoping that in fifteen or so years it won't be considered such an "old lady" name. However, I would still use it if it is considered such, and as the previous poster said, use the nickname Trudy.
― Anonymous User  1/29/2007
I personally love the name Gertrude and I'm hoping that in fifteen or so years it won't be considered such an "old lady" name. However, I would still use it if it is considered such, and as the previous poster said, use the nickname Trudy.
― Anonymous User  1/29/2007
And "old lady name", maybe, but these older women started out as little girls, did they not? And I think that it has a pretty ring to it, although it is not the nicest name.

And shouldn't it be pronounced "GER-trood" or "GER-trood-a" instead of "GUR-trood"? Why do we English speakers slur our vowels so often?

And if you don't like this name for a little girl, use the pet name "Trudy". That way it's not quite so bad.
gaelruadh19  1/17/2007
Awful name, I'm sorry! Lovely meaning, but awful sound.
nothingshortoftragic  12/30/2006
No offence to any Gertrudes, but I don't like this name. It would be a ridiculous thing to call a child, not recommended.
― Anonymous User  10/10/2006
I guess it could be nice, but so many people think of it as an old lady name, it just gives out that impression. It's not particularly pretty though.
― Anonymous User  9/13/2006
This name is also very rarely a male name. It just barely made the list of top 1000 male names in the United States during the first decade of the 20th century.
FreedomsPaladin  8/7/2006
This is such a strong, queenly and charming name. I love Gertrude but I like Gertrudis more.
― Anonymous User  8/6/2006
Gertrude the Bird is a character in the musical Seussical.
SerasVictoria  7/22/2006
Ludwig van Beethoven had a pupil named Gertrude, for whom he wrote a piece, which he called "For Gertrude." The other piece he wrote for a pupil is more famous: "For Elizabeth," or "Fur Elise."
― Anonymous User  7/6/2006
Dutch pronunciation is kher-TRUY-duh. [noted -ed]
X-Mar  2/21/2006
Gertrude is the name of the mother of Actress/Ambassador Shirley Temple.
Lakota_so_italian  1/24/2006
That awful movie, Jersey Girl, had a character named Gertrude.
― Anonymous User  1/15/2006
Sounds like an ancient grandmother to me. Not a very nice name for a child!
― Anonymous User  1/14/2006
This is a lovely archaic name that Shakespeare assigned to Hamlet's incestuous mother, the Queen of Denmark.
Arrows  11/22/2005
I started tracing my family tree a couple of months ago and have found 5 Gertrudes up to 1891 but none after that. The last one was known by her middle name, according to my family, this is because she thought it was old fashioned even then. I quite like it though.
― Anonymous User  8/17/2005
My grandma's name was "Gertrud", without the "e" at the end. She once told me it means as much as "the one who carries a spear".
Paganqueen  7/16/2005
It's actually nice but most people think of it as an ugly "old lady name". I personally like it but I do NOT recommend it because your child might be teased.
scorpio93  6/11/2005
My only reason for disliking this name is that it reminds me of Hamlet, a play which you could say I dislike, but I agree that parents should not be put of by its 'ugly' reputation.
Gianna  6/6/2005
My grandmother Gertrude saved many lives during WWII by participating in the Dutch underground. Our daughter's middle name is Gertrude in honour of my grandmother who I never met. My daughter, now 8, loves the meaning of her name.
gilda-marie  5/4/2005
In the USSR this name could also mean "Hero Of Labour" from the Russian words geroy meaning "hero" and trud meaning "labour".
Catra  3/26/2005
St. Gertrude of Nivelles is the patron saint of cats and those who love them. I think Gertrude is a really beautiful name, and parents shouldn't be afraid of its "ugly" reputation.
Sarah Charlotte  2/3/2005

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