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Acts 17 (NIV Bible) means to heal or physician. I am impressed that it means Joshua in Hebrew.
anubis503  12/3/2004
One odd aspect of this common name is that it contains single letter abbreviations of five consecutive months. July, August, September, October, November.
drakkon  12/5/2004
A famous bearer (at least I think so) is Jason Crabb. He's part of a southern gospel group called The Crabb Family.
DarciElila  6/28/2005
I have trouble with this lovely name because of Jason from Friday the 13th.
― Anonymous User  12/7/2005
Jason Momoa is an actor/model.
drag0n_freak  1/30/2006
This is the name of my beloved. He is, in all respects, a gentle healer. Though it is common (and possibly considered "ordinary" by some), I now feel a tender regard for any other bearers of this name upon initially meeting them.
― Anonymous User  2/17/2006
Jason Acura is the real name of Wee-man.
― Anonymous User  3/6/2006
Jason Maraz is a pop musician.
― Anonymous User  3/6/2006
Jason Mraz (not Maraz), born June 22 1977, is an American singer-songwriter.
reservoirdoll1987  6/11/2006
Jason White, the spare guitarist for Green Day and the frontman to an indie band called Pinhead Gunpowder.
foxsurfergirl  4/18/2006
Who can picture an 80 year old man with this name?
― Anonymous User  7/2/2006
To the person who wondered about an 80 year old man with this name, I know a 30 year old with this name and it works fine for him and I can see him with it 50 years from now.
― Anonymous User  9/19/2006
Even if you can't picture one, there certainly are some. It was certainly within the top 1000 80 years ago.
― Anonymous User  7/11/2007
The Seinfeld character 'George' is Jason Alexander. Alexander is not his real last name of course.
susi  7/18/2006
Superman's son in Superman Returns is named Jason.
― Anonymous User  8/4/2006
Jason is an okay name only. One boy I know is named Jason, and I hate him! That sort of makes me hate the name, but otherwise, it sounds sort of nice.
― Anonymous User  9/26/2006
I think Jason is probably the greatest name of all time! Especially if you have twins you should name them Jason and Daniel. Even if they are girls. Jason means HEALER!
101011  9/28/2006
Jason Morant is a Christian music artist.
― Anonymous User  11/11/2006
Jason Wade is the lead singer of Lifehouse.
blackthorn93  11/15/2006
Jason Bateman is a famous actor who started at age ten, and now is popular for starring as the lead role in the comedy series "Arrested Developement".
― Anonymous User  12/2/2006
Ryne Sanborn played the character 'Jason Cross' in High School Musical.
m3ssyjesi  1/15/2007
Jason Aldean is a country music singer.
Missy  1/24/2007
Jason Michael Caroll is a newcomer to the country music scene but his star is rising fast with his first single "Alyssa Lies".
Missy  1/24/2007
My dad has this name, and he has noticed the July-August-September-October-November thing too. This is interesting because since it means "to heal," to heal takes time, and five months is quite some time. Not that I think it was on purpose or anything, I mean I wouldn't put it past God that He did do it on purpose, but I just thought it was a cool coincidence. My dad has also said he can't imagine himself an old grouchy man with the same name. I think it is beautiful, though, and if you are a "healer," and or it means to heal, wouldn't the name have a young connotation anyway? I also find it interesting that it is related to Joshua, because according to this site Joshua means "God is my Salvation" and Jason means "To Heal." I guess if it is implying in the Joshua definition that since "God is my Salvation," He is also my healer, that would make sense how it's related. And thank you to whoever posted the scripture for this name at the top of the page I shall go look it up. But anyway, as far as personal impression goes, I have known a Jason who was a Sunday school substitute teacher sometimes and a pediatrician. Interesting, huh? Because my dad has the name Jason Mark, I don't know I've always just loved the name. I had this very real looking newborn baby doll when I was little, and I named it after him, to which he said he was too young to be a grandpa, let alone a father, for he is very young. It's weird seeing other people named Jason, though--it's not the same. Know what I mean? My favorite combo for this name is Jason Brenton, Jason after Dad and Brenton after my math teacher's son. I am using this name in my novel.
a_lovers_charm  3/8/2007
Jason Orange is from Take That.
Holzi194  3/11/2007
A famous bearer is Slovak-Canadian director Jason Reitman.
Karcoolka  4/26/2007
Jon Wamsley played Jason Walton from "The Waltons." He, alledgedly as far as I caught on, was named after the hero Jason (of the Argonauts) or something. I didn't really like this name before but when I started watching this series, I really like it now for a boy. His character now gives it a musical feel, since he is the talented musician of the family. It's a nice name and I like the meaning "a healing."
Loni_maryrose  6/3/2007
Very very good boy name.
Let's see. There's Jason Freeman, the hero of the Vampire Beach book series by Alex Duval.
Also, Jason Teague was a character played by Jensen Ackles in the fourth season of Smallville. He was Lana Lang's boyfriend, and only appeared in that one season.
I can't think of any more at the moment.
emc  7/8/2007
Jason Earles - plays Jackson Stewart in Hannah Montana. He played a few other rolls, I believe, but I can't remember them off the top of my head.
a_lovers_charm  7/18/2007
I found this website that lists Bible verses in association with each name. The actual denotation of each name is nowhere near as accurate as BTN, but I thought the verse thing was cool. Verse for Jason is 1 Corinthians 12:8-9. See
result by searching for Jason at
or, for an easier translation of the Bible verse, search for 1 Corinthians 12 on
a_lovers_charm  7/19/2007
Actually, the New Testament translation of the Hebrew name "Joshua" is "Jesus," not "Jason."

Jason in the N.T. was a Greek who lived in the city of Thessalonica; he was a friend of the Apostle Paul. His brief story is told in Acts 17:1-9.
breakofday  8/5/2007
Jason Isaacs is a famous British actor known for playing Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies.
― Anonymous User  8/6/2007
I like how the name rolls of your tongue ... "Jason."
― Anonymous User  8/22/2007
Jason is a great name. There are people all the world with that name and it's even in the months if you take the first letters from July, August, September, October, and November.
Jason_830  8/26/2007
Jason Scott Dolley played T.J on Complete Savages. He also played Marty Preston in the film Saving Shiloh and plays Newt Livingston in Cory in the House.
― Anonymous User  8/30/2007
Jason Dolley on Cory in the House, a T.V. show on Disney channel.
― Anonymous User  9/4/2007
Jason Dunn from the band Hawk Nelson. (HN ROCKS!)
StevieGrl  12/30/2007
Has anyone mentioned Jason Bourne, Matt Damon's character in The Bourne trilogy?
jolidanstitre  2/14/2008
There is a guy named Jason Dolley. He is an actor he is one of the main characters in Minute Men.
lucky13  4/11/2008
Jason Stevens is the main charater in the movie/book The Ultimate Gift.
― Anonymous User  4/17/2008
Jason Castro is a contestant on American Idol.
a_lovers_charm  4/23/2008
Jason Rosenkowitz and his brothers and sisters, Emma, Nicolette, Grant, Elizabeth, and David are the world's first surviving set of sextuplets, born on January 8, 1974 in South Africa.
Patricia Underwood  5/28/2008
This is a very safe name choice that you can't really go wrong with, as the name suits many different types of guys, be they young, old, black, white, good-looking or ugly. It's an overused, stale name, but at least the guy shouldn't have to worry about discrimination. I'd never use a Biblical name, but not all of them are bad.
slight night shiver  6/7/2008
The father's name in The Butterfly Effect was Jason.
AudioXVampire  6/12/2008
Jason MacGuire from Dark Shadows. He brought Willie to Collinwood and seemed a bit gay for the lad.
yohevid  8/12/2008
Producer Peter Douglas and Lisa Marie Schröder have a son Jason Demskiy, born 2003.
Emilie007  8/30/2008
Jason Storm, the hero of the DOS video game Space Chase.
Zepton  8/31/2008
Jason was a common name when I was a kid (70's & 80's), but not many people name their sons this these days.
RooRoo  9/1/2008
Aren't people tired of this name yet? It was played-out 20 years ago! I don't care for this name because it makes me think of a dumb jock.
bananarama  9/14/2008
My son, Jason, was born in 1980. I thought then that it was a really cool name, and still do. During this time, "J" names were very popular for boys and it seemed like all my friends kid's had names like Joshua, Jacob, Jeremy, Justin, etc. I could go to the mall and call out for my son, and 5 boys would respond to my calling "Jason".
As for it not being a good name for "old guys", keep in mind that all the Jason's who were born in the early 1980's will all be old guys at the same time, and then it will be an old guy's name!
KerryJ  9/23/2008
Pronounced "yah-SAWN".
MaggieSimpson  2/22/2009
When I hear this name I think of a hot guy for some reason. It's a "hot guy" name lol.
― Anonymous User  6/3/2009
It's not a bad name but I personally think it's too plain and boring.
CharlieRob  7/31/2009
Jason Walton was the son of John and Olivia Walton on the old tv show the Waltons. He went into the army in later seasons.
--allison--  8/9/2009
Every year when the new Social Security name index comes out, I'm always surprised that Jason is still hanging around in the Top 100, and that it only fell out of the Top 50 a few years ago. Wasn't this name already dated, passé, and cliché a good 30 years ago? I do like that it means "healer" and that it's from Greek mythology, but unfortunately it also now reminds me of my jerk of a third love who majorly broke my heart when I was twenty-two. I'd really like to know why so many people have kept using it with such frequency in spite of the fact that every other guy who was born in the Seventies and Eighties is named Jason.
Anyechka  9/1/2009
Russian-American producer Peter (Demskiy) Douglas and Lisa Marie Schröder have a son Jason Demskiy, born 2003.
MaggieSimpson  10/11/2009
A famous bearer of this name is American actor Jason Behr (b. 30 Dec 1973). He starred in TV series Roswell as alien Max Evans. He also appeared in Dawson's Creek and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
amanda82  3/22/2010
It's getting terribly common, but it's still a nice name. Every other boy out there seems to be named Jason, though, so you might want to think about that before naming a son this.
Black_X  5/6/2010
Jason Gideon is a character who was on the first and second (and beginning of the third) seasons of Criminal Minds. Although for the most part everyone just called him Gideon.
Aloicious  6/22/2010
My mother named my brother Jason back in 1961. It was not a well-known name at the time. Every teenage girl who heard it seemed to fall in love with the name and name her son Jason when she had a baby. The reason my brother ended up with the name is that it was my grandfather and uncle's middle name. Their first names were Percy, which my dad and uncle ruled out as my brother's name. Both Percy and Jason were considered "sissy" names that in the late 1800's and early 1900's. I guess Jason outgrew that connotation, but I am sure Percy hasn't.
― Anonymous User  7/24/2010
Jason Todd from DC Comics. Also known as Robin (the second one) and Red Hood.
― Anonymous User  2/6/2012
In the PS3 game Heavy Rain, Jason Mars is Ethan's oldest son and dies in the prologue from getting hit by a car.
Tony Award and two-time Academy Award winner actor Jason Robards (1922-2000.) The actress Jennifer Jason Leigh changed her name early in her acting career, taking the middle name Jason in honor of Robards, a family friend.
Jiminy cricket  10/29/2012
Jason "Jase" Silas Robertson is part of the Duck Commander Family and on the show Duck Dynasty.
Ranchie  1/27/2013
I don't think I've ever met a Jason I didn't like. Such a handsome-sounding name with lots of positive associations, and I like the nickname Jay. Of course, Mason has skyrocketed and is now as popular as Jason was in the 70s and 80s, but at least Jason's still in the top 100...
mrose19  2/15/2013
I've actually only known two people named Jason in my entire life, so it's not very common to me. It's a heck of a lot better than Jayden and mason, which are by far more juvenile and immature sounding. I honestly don't see anything wrong with naming your son Jason, it's a nice name with a nice meaning that will age well and shouldn't induce any teasing. I'm actually kind of happy this is still in the top 100 :)
― Anonymous User  3/5/2013
One of my favorite names. I prefer the nickname Jase.
shadow1999  7/22/2013
Jason Schwartzman is an actor and cousin of Sofia Coppolla. Jason is also my husband's name.
Martha Gold  7/27/2013
Jason is not a name that I would normally like if it were not for my love for the books by Robert Ludlum (involving the character Jason Bourne) and the films. Still, it is not something that I would personally use. The passable attractiveness and decent durability (despite seeming a bit childish) cannot disguise the fact that it ties in with the overuse and banal naming trends of the past few years.
Francesca  7/29/2013
Part of the reason the name Jason is still in the top 100 could be that a lot of members of the generation where Jason was at its peak are having children now, and they could be naming their sons Jason Jr. Just a guess.
― Anonymous User  7/29/2013
Jason McGerr is the drummer for the indie rock band Death Cab For Cutie.
Oohvintage  8/9/2013
Jason is so edgy, and although I do think of the crazy serial killer from the movies, I also think it's a really awesome name. My second cousin's name is Jason. I think Jace is also a great nickname, even if it's a bit feminine.
IronClocks  3/3/2014
Not a French name. (Given to boys, though, but that's not the point).
luxsword  4/28/2014
Jason Lee Scott is a character from Power Rangers, the first Red Ranger in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and the second Gold Ranger in Power Rangers Zeo.
PinkJazzX  9/1/2014
One of my favorite names.
Ali Hassan  9/11/2014
Jason in Arabic is: "جيَسُن"
Ali Hassan  9/11/2014
The name Jason is awesome, cool, cute, sexy, strong, masculine and handsome. I love the name Jason! ♡ ☺
― Anonymous User  10/17/2014
Jason is a strong name but I probably wouldn't use it for my child only because it's my husband's name and he would feel weird having his child named after him.
― Anonymous User  10/21/2014
Ya, this is my name. I didn't start seeing other people using my name until I became around 21 years old. It's kind of weird because I'm just starting to realize a lot of things and the bible actually says that God's name is Jah, Jesus is the son of God, John 3:16 says that God sent his only BEGOTTEN son into the world. There is only one me. It's kind of weird seeing other people with my name. Even in the Bible Jesus said that he is not good, only God is good. I believe I have met Jesus a few times and he's an OK friend, maybe the only friend I have other than myself.
SmokeyJayson  10/23/2014
I have this name and so many of my friends did in high school that we all went by nicknames or our last name just so it wouldn't get confusing. I've always felt it was a bit vanilla, but there is the aforementioned Jason Bourne and of course Jason Statham, so it has some coolness cred.
― Anonymous User  1/16/2015
I think Jason is a cool name.
wedward4  2/2/2015
This was my favorite name growing up in the 80's. Still yet to meet a Jason that I don't like.
― Anonymous User  4/5/2015
Jason Chen is a Taiwanese American pop singer. :)
― Anonymous User  6/14/2015
My name is Jason and I was born on a 13th but not a friday.
My name is not actually Jason Voorhees.
Jason_Voorhees  6/15/2015
A famous bearer of this name is American voice actor Jason Griffith (1980-), who is known for having voiced Sonic and Shadow in the 'Sonic the Hedgehog' series from 'Sonic X' (2003-2006) to 'Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing (2010).
― Anonymous User  7/15/2015
Jason Todd, don't forget about the second Robin/Red Hood. He's pretty important, you know.
Milkweeddragon  7/18/2015
Jason Adam Griffith (born November 29, 1980) is an American voice actor. He is best known for having voiced Sonic, Shadow and Jet in the 'Sonic the Hedgehog' franchise from 2003 to 2010.
― Anonymous User  8/15/2015
Not necessarily a name I paid much attention to while growing up (except for the fact that there were so many of them!) but I really like it now. It's a Biblical name too. People have been using Mason instead of Jason - I'd love to see/hear of more baby Jasons again now that it's not quite as popular! I guess it might be a popular middle name soon, for those who name their babies after a grandpa/relative.
― Anonymous User  9/6/2015
Jason is a pretty good name, it's not really my style, though. I do have a huge crush on Jason Isaacs, ever since I saw him in the film "The Patriot".
― Anonymous User  12/17/2015
I have a sister named Jasyn.
― Anonymous User  1/2/2016
Jason is most definitely a "hot guy" name!
It's a solid choice for a male as reflected by its popularity over the years. If not for the fact that I've chosen to spend my life with an awesome person with this great name it would be on my shortlist for boy's names.
Danielajdorn  1/3/2016
I think this name is a bit common, but I think it's cool and definitely would consider it.
― Anonymous User  2/28/2016
I love this name. I haven't met too many Jason's, so it's not "overused" where I'm from. I think it's a very strong and masculine name.
― Anonymous User  3/2/2016
I really like this name. Typically my favorite names are unusual and fairly modern, but Jason is one of the few exceptions.
actingfun  3/4/2016
Jason is a nice name but perhaps my opinion on it is a bit biased. I have a brother named this (my mom's first born) She has told me time after time that she had the name picked out from the get go if she ended up having a boy. Indeed she did have a boy and the name, "Jason" was picked without any hesitations.

To be honest, I would like the name even if I didn't have any biased connections to it (:
― Anonymous User  6/3/2016
Ugh. Jason. I've never liked this name much. Although there are some really awesome Jasons out there- Jason Bateman, Jason Bourne, etc.- I just can't stand this name! It's not that I have anything against it... just something about the sound of it.
ThatOneAuthorGirl  7/6/2016
Do not name your kid Jason, let's look at the reasons why:

1.) Jason of the Argonauts abandons his wife and kids, and Jason is also killed instantly in his sleep when his ship falls on him. So not only does the name have a dishonorable history, but who wants to be named after a guy that died poor, lonely and in a freakish accident.
2.) Jason the High Priest in ancient Jerusalem attained the priesthood corruptly, and then later defiled his position. The name Jason is further tarnished with corruption.
3.) Jason of Friday the 13th, this reason alone is enough to not name anyone Jason... I mean who wants to be named after a fictional mass-murder?
4.) When you become older, having the word 'son" in your name sounds somewhat 'boyish'.
5.) You will be told several times throughout your life, that your name is in the Calendar, oh gosh,.. wow!

I could go on, but I hope this suffices.
― Anonymous User  7/26/2016
Famous bearers include:

Jason Marsden, who voiced Max Goof in "A Goofy Movie" and Haku in the English dub of the Studio Ghibli film, "Spirited Away."

Jason Segel, who played Marshall Erikson on "How I Met Your Mother" and Nick Andopolis from "Freaks and Geeks."

Jason Hervey, best known for playing Wayne Arnold from "The Wonder Years."

And Jason Ritter. The voice of Dipper Pines from the animated series "Gravity Falls."
Whipsmart  9/9/2016
A very cool name. One of my favorite names on my list, it's very handsome and has a great meaning. I love the nickname Jay for Jason. It ultimately has a very modern sound while not being extremely common. It's also not a made up name. I can't see why a person can complain about the name. It's especially perfect if you don't want to use the name Mason, because of popularity.
QuinnBethany  10/2/2016
An African-American singer Jason Derulo (1989-present) uses this name.
heyyyyyyyyyyyy  11/6/2016
Jason Curtis Newsted was a bassist for Metallica after the death of Cliff Burton. He left Metallica and was a member of many music groups.
ERK  11/23/2016
Used in German, Dutch, Scandinavian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovene, Slovak, Czech and Polish. (J in these languages is not pronunced "DZH" or "ZH"; they are pronunced "I" or "Y").
heyyyyyyyyyyyy  12/24/2016
French pronunciation is "zha-SAWn".
heyyyyyyyyyyyy  12/24/2016
Jason Matthew Biggs is an American actor and comedian best known for his roles as Jim Levenstein in the American Pie series of teen comedy films, providing the voice of Leonardo in Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles television series, a role he held until he was replaced near the end of the show's second season, and Larry Bloom in Orange Is the New Black. He also starred in Loser and Saving Silverman.
cutenose  1/21/2017
Also used in Greece, variant transcription of Ιασων.
heyyyyyyyyyyyy  1/28/2017
The Australian actor and singer Jason Donovan is a famous bearer of this name.
amanda82  4/26/2017
Jason Michael Johnson is a former Major League Baseball pitcher. He throws and bats right-handed. Johnson graduated from Conner High School in Hebron, Kentucky. He did not enter college, but was signed by the Pittsburgh Pirates as an undrafted free agent in 1992. After debuting with the Pirates in 1997, he has gone on to play for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Baltimore Orioles, Detroit Tigers, Cleveland Indians, Boston Red Sox, Cincinnati Reds, Seibu Lions, and Los Angeles Dodgers. In 2001, he received the Tony Conigliaro Award. On June 8, 2005, Johnson became the first Tigers pitcher to hit a home run in a regular season game since Les Cain in 1971. The homer came against Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Jeff Weaver, at Dodger Stadium.
cutenose  5/13/2017
Jason Brown is an American figure skater. He is the 2014 Skate America silver medalist, the 2013 Trophée Éric Bompard bronze medalist, the 2014 Nebelhorn Trophy champion, the 2015 U.S. national champion, 2014 U.S. national silver medalist, and 2015 Skate America bronze medalist.
cutenose  5/19/2017
Sounds ugly and geeky for some reason.
― Anonymous User  7/17/2017
Jason Kent Bateman is an American actor, director, and producer. He began acting on television in the early 1980s on Little House on the Prairie, and in the sitcoms Silver Spoons and The Hogan Family. In the 2000s, he became known for his role of Michael Bluth using deadpan comedy in the critically acclaimed sitcom Arrested Development, for which he won a Golden Globe, and a Satellite Award. He has had starring roles in the films Juno, Hancock, Up in the Air, The Switch, Paul, Horrible Bosses, The Change-Up, Identity Thief, Bad Words, Horrible Bosses 2, The Gift, and Zootopia.
cutenose  7/22/2017
I love this name. It is a very handsome and strong name. Great name for a male.
Graceful1  2/11/2018

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