Kim (1)
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Given Name KIM (1)
GENDER: Feminine & Masculine
USAGE: English
PRONOUNCED: KIM   [details]
Meaning & History
At the present it is usually considered a short form of KIMBERLY, but it in fact predates it as a given name. The author Rudyard Kipling used it for the title hero of his novel 'Kim' (1901), though in this case it was short for KIMBALL. In her novel 'Show Boat' (1926) Edna Ferber used it for a female character who was born on the Mississippi River and was named from the initials of the states Kentucky, Illinois and Mississippi. The name was popularized in America by the actresses Kim Hunter (1922-2002) and Kim Novak (1933-), both of whom assumed it as a stage name.
actresses, literature, male to female, Moral Orel characters
Related Names
VARIANTS: Kimmie, Kimmy, Kimbra, Kym
DIMINUTIVES: Kimmie, Kimmy
SAME SPELLING: Kim (2), Kim (3)
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