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Given Name KLEMENS
GENDER: Masculine
PRONOUNCED: KLE-mens (German, Polish)   [details]
Meaning & History
German, Danish, Swedish and Polish form of Clemens (see CLEMENT). Prince Klemens Metternich was a 19th-century Austrian chancellor who guided the Austrian Empire to victory in the Napoleonic Wars.
Related Names
VARIANTS: Clemens (German), Clemens (Danish), Clemens (Swedish)
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Kliment (Bulgarian), Climent (Catalan), Klement (Czech), Clemens (Dutch), Clement, Clem (English), Clément (French), Kelemen (Hungarian), Clemente (Italian), Clemens (Late Roman), Kliment (Macedonian), Clemens (Norwegian), Clemente (Portuguese), Kliment, Klim (Russian), Klement (Slovak), Klemen (Slovene), Clemente (Spanish), Kliment, Klim (Ukrainian)