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Gender Feminine
Scripts Лариса(Russian, Ukrainian) Λαρισα(Ancient Greek)
Pronounced Pron. lu-RYEE-sə(Russian)
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Meaning & History

Possibly derived from the name of the ancient city of Larisa in Thessaly, which meant "citadel". In Greek legends, the nymph Larisa was either a daughter or mother of Pelasgus, the ancestor of the mythical Pelasgians. This name was later borne by a 4th-century Greek martyr who is venerated as a saint in the Eastern Church. The name (of the city, nymph and saint) is commonly Latinized as Larissa, with a double s.
VariantsLarysa(Ukrainian) Larissa(Greek Mythology)
Other Languages & CulturesLara(Croatian) Lara(Dutch) Larissa, Lara(English) Lara(French) Lara(German) Lara(Hungarian) Lara(Italian) Lara(Portuguese) Larissa(Portuguese (Brazilian)) Lara(Slovene) Lara(Spanish)


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