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Given Name LÉA
GENDER: Feminine
USAGE: French
Meaning & History
French form of LEAH
Related Names
OTHER LANGUAGES: Leah (Biblical), Leia (Biblical Greek), Leah (Biblical Hebrew), Lia (Biblical Latin), Lea (Croatian), Lea (Danish), Lea (Dutch), Leah (English), Lea (Finnish), Lía (Galician), Lia (Georgian), Lea (German), Leah (Hebrew), Lia (Italian), Lėja (Lithuanian), Lea (Norwegian), Lia (Portuguese), Lea (Slovene), Lea (Swedish)
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Lea, Lea
United States  ranked #676 
England and Wales  - 
Austria  ranked #12 
Belgium  ranked #4 
Bosnia and Herzegovina  ranked #68 
Croatia  ranked #17 
Czech Republic  ranked #90 
Denmark  ranked #37 
France  ranked #2 
Netherlands  ranked #397 
Norway  ranked #92 
Slovenia  ranked #54 
Sweden  -