Marjan (2)
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Given Name MARJAN (2)
GENDER: Masculine
OTHER SCRIPTS: Марјан (Macedonian, Serbian)
Meaning & History
Slovene, Macedonian, Serbian and Croatian form of MARIANUS
Related Names
VARIANTS: Marijan (Slovene), Marijan (Croatian)
FEMININE FORMS: Marijana, Marjana (Slovene), Marijana (Macedonian), Marijana (Serbian), Marijana, Marjana (Croatian)
OTHER LANGUAGES: Marianus (Ancient Roman), Marian, Marián (Czech), Marián (Hungarian), Mariano (Italian), Marian (Polish), Mariano (Portuguese), Marian (Romanian), Marián (Slovak), Mariano (Spanish), Meirion, Merrion (Welsh)
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