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Meaning & History

Original Latin form of MARTIN. This is also the official Dutch form of the name, used on birth certificates but commonly rendered Maarten or Marten in daily life.
VariantsMaarten, Marten, Martijn Dutch
DiminutiveTijn Dutch
Feminine FormMartina Ancient Roman
Other Languages & CulturesMattin, Matxin Basque Martin Bulgarian Martí Catalan Martin, Tin Croatian Martin Czech Martin, Morten Danish Martin, Martie, Marty English Martti, Martin Finnish Martin French Martin, Merten German Márton, Martin Hungarian Máirtín Irish Martino, Tino Italian Mārtiņš Latvian Martynas Lithuanian Martin Macedonian Martîn Norman Martin, Morten Norwegian Marcin Polish Martim, Martinho Portuguese Mars Roman Mythology Martin Romanian Martin Russian Martin Slovak Martin, Tine, Tinek Slovene Martín Spanish Mårten, Martin Swedish Martyn Ukrainian Martyn Welsh
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