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Meadow Soprano played by Jamie-Lynn Sigler from the hit tv series the Soprano's brought this name into the light.
― Anonymous User  4/25/2006
I am surprised this name isn't used more with names like Summer and Autumn being used so frequently.
― Anonymous User  5/15/2006
This is my best friend's name, and I think it is beautiful. Recently, she asked me if she could think of any nicknames for it, and I had to admit I couldn't. But I think that that really is the only flaw with it.
tomboy  12/11/2006
In Criss Cross, there's a girl named Meadow, of whom Hector nurses a crush on for a bit.
stormy_lovegood  11/8/2007
I've heard worse, but it is a bit of a hippie name, and thus not necessarily great in terms of credibility. Besides, the poor girl might be made fun of.
slight night shiver  4/30/2008
This name has really been growing on me, but I will never use it as a first name of a human.
number1212  10/26/2008
This isn't a name. It sounds like something hippies would use, and it reeks of The Sopranos.
bananarama  3/14/2009
D'oh, previous poster! "Not a name"? The Victorians sure thought so as have many since then. It wasn't just used by stinking hippies during the 60's/70's.

I love the blanket statements on here.
― Anonymous User  5/12/2009
Since English isn't my first language, I used to think this name was pronounced Mee-dow and not Med-o. It's a little disappointing. But I still like it.
NessCortese  7/15/2009
It might be a good name for a pet, but not a human.
Hushpuppy  3/15/2012
Is it bad that I like so many 'hippie' names? (Brooke, Skye, Autumn, etc :)
foreverslowly  7/10/2012
Forever, it is totally cool to love 'nature' names! And if it helps, you're not alone;)
threevelvetbullets  9/29/2012
Oh my god this is actually in the top 1000?! I've lost all faith in humanity.
― Anonymous User  1/22/2013
Almost all names can find nicknames. There are nicknames for Meadow. I know a Meadow who goes by Wendy. It's a more modern name but it's got a cute retro vibe in keeping with the current revival trend.
― Anonymous User  11/24/2013
The late Paul Walker's daughter is named Meadow. I think it's a beautiful name.
deidre  5/30/2014
Meadow is such a beautiful name! I think this name deserves to be used so much more. To those who like the name Meadow, I also recommend the lovely, refreshing names River and Star. :)
― Anonymous User  3/6/2015
I love the name Meadow for a little girl. It sounds fresh and earthy. I like that there aren't any obvious nicknames. Not fond of the inevetable shortening to "Med".
DustyDarlin  10/29/2015
I do not like the name Meadow. It seems tacky to me, as do most "word names", and it doesn't seem like it would age well. I kind of find this name hippie-ish too, and I put it in the same category as Sunshine and Rainbow.
YITYNR  1/29/2016
A nickname for Meadow is "Doe". I met a little girl named Meadow and this is what people called her.
Katieann  3/9/2016
My name is Meadow. It's a really great name.
Wodaem  5/2/2016
My name is Meadow. I do not have a nickname, no I was not named after the Sopranos. No my parents are not hippies, my name is just Meadow. At first when I was younger I did not like my name. Now I do because at school I am the only Meadow which make me feel unique, not less of a human. I get compliments all the time on it. I love that my name is not basic like Megan or Nicole (nothing wrong with those names, I just prefer for myself to be different). My name can be a pet name but so can names like Jack and Chloe. There is nothing wrong with my name and there is nothing wrong with anyone's name.
Mfavuzzi  7/10/2016
My 13 yr old daughter's name is Meadow. I love this name. When people hear it for the first time I usually get "I love that name", but sometimes a grimace. I love original names. When I was growing up I had 4 friends named Heather and 3 Jennifer's. So all you haters, go name your child Emily, Hanna, Abby, and I will keep my beautiful, unique, Meadow. And by the way, her nickname is Red (she has auburn hair), nicknames don't always have to be about the name, but we call her Meadow most often because it even sounds pretty without thinking about the beauty of the meaning.
― Anonymous User  9/7/2016
You may already know what I'm about to say but, here, my name is Meadow and I happen to love my name. As a more masculine female I've tried to find soft but confident sounding male names to replace Meadow with, since I felt I wasn't taken seriously.
I was blind to see that I was taken seriously and I was also blind to see that I was just trying to conform to normality or, society. I tried Caleb, Joseph, Declan, Dean, Abraham, Abradiahman, Emmanuel and, so much more but none of it reminded me or gave me the feeling I felt when I was called Meadow. Noel, my middle name, was also too soft to replace my true name. Eventually, instead of refusing people's compliments over my name I accepted them. Your name is special, it's like a glove, it is quite hard to find another glove out of tons that will fit exactly like your true name.

Your name makes up who you are, me-Meadow, is an independent person who has a hard time asking for help, who also tries her best to be a good person and is persistent no matter what. That's me, that's what my name represents and I will never change it because I love my name.
Meadowlark  12/25/2017
I really don't like this name because it's kind of hard for me to pronounce. Sometimes I pronounce it like Medal.
Luvbug86  2/27/2018

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