MINA (1)
GENDER: Feminine
PRONOUNCED: MEE-nÉ™ (English), MEE-nah (Dutch, Limburgish)   [key]
Meaning & History
Short form of WILHELMINA and other names ending in mina. This was the name of a character in the novel 'Dracula' (1897) by Bram Stoker.
Related Names
VARIANTS: Minnie (English), Elma, Helma, Mien, Wil, Willy, Wilma (Dutch)
OTHER LANGUAGES: Vilma (Croatian), Vilma (Czech), Vilma (Finnish), Elma, Helma, Helmine, Minna, Wilma, Vilma (German), Vilma (Hungarian), Vilma (Slovak), Vilma (Spanish), Vilma (Swedish)
United States  ranked #832 
France  ranked #350 
Netherlands  ranked #252 
Norway  ranked #43 
Turkey  ranked #73