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Why did so many people vote it as masculine? It's a very pretty name for a girl. I hate the idea that feminine names have to be sweet, delicate, and princessy. I love names like this, and they are starting to be favorites of mine, especially Mor.
XironDarkstar  12/19/2017
LMS  5/16/2016
Môr means "sea" in Welsh.
― Anonymous User  2/1/2011
Mor is the Hebrew name for Myrrh. It's origins are in Yemen, Somalia and Ethiopia.
Myrrh is mentioned number of times in the bible, in contexts with cosmetics and perfumery.
veebee  5/23/2010
Mor plain and simple is an old Gaelic female name, in fact, in Irish speaking Ireland, it was the most common girl's name. The Irish had plenty of native names and avoided using Saints' names out of respect, like God forbid a kid called Iosa (Jesus), yet for the Spanish the opposite prevailed. Each to his own.

Anyhow, Mor can be Moirin (little Mor) as differentiated from Mairin (Maurin) or little Mary (Maire). They sound very similar in English. The fact that Mor is also Gaelic for big has nothing to do with the name. Ditto for Coilin Mor or the elder Collin.
eiringo  8/13/2008
Mór is Irish for "big" and is used for the father when naming a son after someone. For example, John McCarthy Sr. Would be Seán Mór Mac Carthaigh. I think it can be used for other male namesakes with the same surname, as well. Anyone with more knowledge of Irish naming, feel free to correct me.
BrendanMcC.  7/22/2008
In Irish mór means big and Sarah in Irish is Sorcha.
Clodagh  4/9/2007
This is the last name of Australian/Irish writer Caiseal Mor.
Druid  2/12/2007
This means "mother" in Danish, without the accent.
― Anonymous User  6/2/2006
There is a name "Mor" also in Hebrew, which in English would be spelled "Myrrh". It is a name of a flowered tree of which in the biblical days was used the make a scented oil.
kitty2il  3/10/2006
Kitty is right. In Hebrew you write it like that - îåø.
― Anonymous User  3/15/2006

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