Given Name MORDRED

GENDER: Masculine

Meaning & History

From Welsh Medraut, possibly from Latin moderatus meaning "controlled, moderated". In Arthurian legend Mordred was the illegitimate son (in some versions nephew) of King Arthur. Mordred first appears briefly (as Medraut) in the 10th-century 'Annales Cambriae', but he was not portrayed as a traitor until the chronicles of the 12th-century Geoffrey of Monmouth. While Arthur is away he seduces his wife Guinevere and declares himself king. This prompts the battle of Camlann, which leads to the deaths of both Mordred and Arthur.
VARIANTS: Medraut, Medrod, Modred (Welsh Mythology), Medraut, Medrod, Modred (Arthurian Romance)


Arthurian legend, literature, Stephen King characters, uncertain etymology
Entry updated February 12, 2018