Nika (1)
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Given Name NIKA (1)
GENDER: Feminine & Masculine
USAGE: Russian
OTHER SCRIPTS: Ника (Russian)
Meaning & History
Russian short form of VERONIKA and other names ending in nika. It can also be a short form of NIKITA (1) (masculine).
Related Names
OTHER LANGUAGES: Berenice, Berenike, Niketas, Pherenike (Ancient Greek), Mikita, Nikita (Belarusian), Bernice (Biblical), Bernike (Biblical Greek), Bernice (Biblical Latin), Veronika (Bulgarian), Veronika (Croatian), Veronika (Czech), Veronika (Danish), Berenice, Bernice, Veronica, Roni, Ronnie (English), Bérénice, Véronique (French), Veronika (German), Veronika (Hungarian), Berenice, Veronica (Italian), Veronica (Late Roman), Veronika (Latvian), Veronika (Lithuanian), Veronika (Macedonian), Veronika (Norwegian), Weronika, Wera (Polish), Verônica (Portuguese), Veronica (Romanian), Veronika (Slovak), Veronika (Slovene), Weronika (Sorbian), Verónica (Spanish), Veronika (Swedish), Mykyta, Nikita (Ukrainian)
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Bosnia and Herzegovina  ranked #76 
Croatia  ranked #8 
Netherlands  ranked #360 
Slovenia  ranked #6