Given Name RONNIE

GENDER: Masculine & Feminine
USAGE: English
PRONOUNCED: RAH-nee  [details]

Meaning & History

Diminutive of RONALD or VERONICA.
VARIANTS: Ron, Roni, Ronny
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Raginald, Reinald, Reinhold (Ancient Germanic), Berenice, Berenike, Pherenike (Ancient Greek), Ragnvaldr (Ancient Scandinavian), Bernice (Biblical), Bernike (Biblical Greek), Bernice (Biblical Latin), Veronika (Bulgarian), Veronika (Croatian), Veronika (Czech), Ragnvald, Veronika (Danish), Reinoud, Reinout (Dutch), Reino (Finnish), Bérénice, Renaud, Véronique (French), Reinhold, Veronika (German), Veronika (Hungarian), Raghnall (Irish), Berenice, Rinaldo, Veronica (Italian), Veronica (Late Roman), Veronika (Latvian), Veronika (Lithuanian), Veronika (Macedonian), Ragnvald, Veronika (Norwegian), Weronika, Wera (Polish), Reinaldo, Reynaldo, Ronaldo, Verônica (Portuguese), Veronica (Romanian), Veronika, Nika (Russian), Raghnall, Ranald, Ronald (Scottish), Veronika (Slovak), Veronika (Slovene), Weronika (Sorbian), Reinaldo, Reynaldo, Verónica (Spanish), Ragnvald, Veronika (Swedish), Veronika (Ukrainian), Rheinallt (Welsh)


diminutives, Roseanne characters, song titles, Stephen King characters, Suikoden characters, The Loud House characters, True Blood characters
Entry updated July 2, 2008