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Meaning & History

Short form of ANITA (1) and other names ending in nita.
Other Languages & CulturesQuanna African American Hannah Arabic Ane, Anne Basque Anna, Hanna Belarusian Anna, Hannah Biblical Anna Biblical Greek Channah Biblical Hebrew Anna Biblical Latin Anna, Annick Breton Ana, Anna Bulgarian Aina, Anna, Anaïs Catalan Ana, Hana Croatian Anna, Hana Czech Anita, Anna, Anne, Hanna, Ane, Anika Danish Anita, Anna, Anne, Annelien, Hanna, Hannah, Anika, Anke, Anneke, Anouk, Ans, Antje Dutch Anna, Anu Estonian Anna Faroese Anita, Anna, Anne, Hanna, Anneli, Anni, Anniina, Annikki, Annukka, Anu Finnish Anne, Hannah, Annette, Annie, Anouk, Ninon French Ana Georgian Anita, Anna, Anne, Hanna, Hannah, Anika, Anina German Anna Greek Channah, Hannah Hebrew Anna, Hanna, Anikó, Annuska, Panna, Panni Hungarian Anna, Hanna Icelandic Anna, Annabella, Annetta Italian Anita, Anna Latvian Ona Lithuanian Ana Macedonian Anita, Anna, Anne, Hanna, Anniken Norwegian Anna, Anaïs Occitan Anita, Anna, Hanna Polish Ana, Anabela, Anita Portuguese Ana, Anca, Ani Romanian Anna Russian Ana Serbian Anna, Hana Slovak Ana, Anica, Anika, Anita Slovene Ana, Anabel, Anita, Ani Spanish Anita, Anna, Anne, Hanna, Annika Swedish Anna, Hanna Ukrainian Hena, Henda, Hene, Henye Yiddish
Same SpellingNita (2)
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currently out of the US top 1000, diminutives, Divergent characters, Pokemon characters, short forms
Entry updated December 3, 2014