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PronouncedPron.AN FrenchEnglish
AN-ne Danish
AHN-ne Finnish
A-nə German
AHN-nə Dutch

Meaning & History

French form of ANNA. In the 13th-century it was imported to England, where it was also commonly spelled Ann. The name was borne by a 17th-century English queen and also by the second wife of Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn (the mother of Queen Elizabeth I), who was eventually beheaded in the Tower of London. This is also the name of the heroine in 'Anne of Green Gables' (1908) by Canadian author L. M. Montgomery.
VariantsAnn, Anna English Anna Swedish Anna Norwegian Anna Danish Anna Finnish Anna German Anna Dutch Ane Basque
DiminutivesAnnette, Annie, Anouk, Ninon French Annette, Annie, Nan, Nancy, Nanette, Nannie, Nanny English Annette Swedish Annette Norwegian Annette Danish Annette, Annett German Annette, Annie, Annet Dutch
Other Languages & CulturesQuanna African American Hannah Arabic Anna, Hanna Belarusian Anna, Hannah Biblical Anna Biblical Greek Channah Biblical Hebrew Anna Biblical Latin Anna, Annick Breton Ana, Anna, Ani, Anka Bulgarian Aina, Anna, Anaïs Catalan Ana, Hana, Anica, Anita, Anja, Anka, Ankica, Jana, Nensi Croatian Anna, Hana, Aneta Czech Anna, Anu Estonian Anna Faroese Antje Frisian Ana, Anano, Ani, Anuki Georgian Anna Greek Channah, Hannah, Chanah Hebrew Anna, Hanna, Anett, Anikó, Annuska, Panna, Panni Hungarian Anna, Hanna Icelandic Nainsí Irish Anna, Annabella, Annetta Italian Anna, Anita Latvian Ona Lithuanian Anke, Antje Low German Ana Macedonian Anna, Anaïs Occitan Anna, Hanna, Aneta, Ania, Anita, Anka, Hania Polish Ana, Anabela, Anita Portuguese Ana, Anca, Ani Romanian Anna, Ania, Annushka, Anushka, Anya Russian Annag, Nandag Scottish Ana, Anica, Anja, Anka, Jana Serbian Anna, Hana Slovak Ana, Anica, Anika, Anita, Anja Slovene Ana, Anabel, Ani, Anita Spanish Anna, Hanna Ukrainian Hena, Henda, Hene, Henye, Hendel Yiddish
Same SpellingAnne (2)
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