Given Name PATE

GENDER: Masculine

Meaning & History

Medieval diminutive of PATRICK.


A Song of Ice and Fire characters, Animal Crossing characters, currently out of the US top 1000, diminutives, medieval
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Padrig (Breton), Patrik (Croatian), Patrik (Czech), Patrick, Pat, Patsy (English), Patrice, Patrick (French), Patrick (German), Patrik (Hungarian), Pádraic, Pádraig, Patrick, Paddy, Patsy (Irish), Patrizio (Italian), Patricius (Late Roman), Pherick (Manx), Patariki (Maori), Patryk (Polish), Patrício (Portuguese), Pàdraig (Scottish), Patrik (Slovak), Patricio (Spanish), Patrik (Swedish), Padrig (Welsh)
Entry added October 30, 2011