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GenderFeminine & Masculine

Meaning & History

Variant of PATTY, also used as a diminutive of PATRICK.
Feminine FormsPatrice, Patricia English Pádraigín Irish
Other Languages & CulturesMartha Biblical Martha Biblical Greek Martha Biblical Latin Padrig Breton Marta Bulgarian Marta Catalan Marta, Patricija, Patrik Croatian Marta, Patricie, Patrik Czech Martha Danish Marta, Martha Dutch Martta Finnish Marthe, Patrice, Patrick French Marta Georgian Marta, Martha, Patricia, Patrick German Martha Greek Márta, Patrícia, Patrik, Mártuska Hungarian Marta Icelandic Marta, Patrizia, Patrizio Italian Patricia, Patricius Late Roman Marta Latvian Morta Lithuanian Marta Macedonian Pherick Manx Maata, Patariki Maori Matty, Pate Medieval English Marte, Martha, Marthe Norwegian Marta, Patrycja, Patryk, Patka Polish Marta, Patrícia, Patrício Portuguese Marta Romanian Marfa, Marta Russian Pàdraig Scottish Marta Serbian Marta, Patrícia, Patrik, Patka Slovak Marta, Patricija Slovene Marta, Patricia, Patricio, Martita Spanish Marta, Martha, Patrik Swedish Padrig Welsh


diminutives, female US presidential candidates, first ladies of the USA, Marvel characters, musicians, singers, The Sopranos characters
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