Given Name PATTY

GENDER: Feminine
USAGE: English
PRONOUNCED: PAT-ee  [details]

Meaning & History

Originally a variant of Matty, a 17th-century diminutive of MARTHA. It is now commonly used as a diminutive of PATRICIA.
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Martha (Biblical), Martha (Biblical Greek), Martha (Biblical Latin), Marta (Bulgarian), Marta (Catalan), Marta, Patricija (Croatian), Marta, Patricie (Czech), Martha (Danish), Marta, Martha (Dutch), Martta (Finnish), Marthe (French), Marta (Georgian), Marta, Martha, Patricia (German), Martha (Greek), Márta, Patrícia, Mártuska (Hungarian), Marta (Icelandic), Pádraigín (Irish), Marta, Patrizia (Italian), Patricia (Late Roman), Marta (Latvian), Morta (Lithuanian), Marta (Macedonian), Maata (Maori), Matty (Medieval English), Marte, Martha, Marthe (Norwegian), Marta, Patrycja, Patka (Polish), Marta, Patrícia (Portuguese), Marta (Romanian), Marfa, Marta (Russian), Marta (Serbian), Marta, Patrícia, Patka (Slovak), Marta, Patricija (Slovene), Marta, Patricia, Martita (Spanish), Marta, Martha (Swedish)


actresses, Animal Crossing characters, Charles Dickens characters, currently out of the US top 1000, diminutives, fictional characters, Hey Arnold characters, Jane Austen characters, rhyming nicknames, Simpsons characters, storms, Tales characters, television, The Sopranos characters
Entry updated July 2, 2008