Names Categorized "variants"

This is a list of names in which the categories include variants.
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AAREN m & f English (Rare)
Variant or feminine form of AARON.
AKULINA f Russian
Variant of AKILINA.
ALIX f French
Medieval French variant of ALICE.
AUDRA (2) f English
Variant of AUDREY, used since the 19th century.
BASMATH f Biblical, Biblical Latin
Variant of BASEMATH. This was the name of a daughter of Solomon in the Old Testament.
BREANNA f English
Variant of BRIANA.
BRIANNA f English
Variant of BRIANA.
CAILIN f English (Rare)
Variant of KAYLYN. It also coincides with the Irish word cailín meaning "girl".
DIANNA f English
Variant of DIANA.
EARNEST m English
Variant of ERNEST influenced by the spelling of the English word earnest.
EDGARD m French
French variant of EDGAR.
ELAINA f English
Variant of ELAINE.
ESME f & m English
Variant of ESMÉ.
HARLAND m English
From a surname which was a variant of HARLAN.
JULYAN m English (Rare)
Medieval variant of JULIAN.
LORETTE f French
Variant of LAURETTE.
LUANNA f English (Rare)
Either a combination of LOU and ANNA or a variant of LUANA.
LUELLA f English
Variant of LOUELLA.
Variant of LISANNE.
MERYL f English
Variant of MURIEL, influenced by the spelling of the name CHERYL. A famous bearer is American actress Meryl Streep (1949-), whose real name is Mary Louise Streep.
OPALINE f English (Rare)
Elaborated form of OPAL.
PAMELLA f English
Variant of PAMELA.
QUINTEN m English, Dutch
Variant and Dutch form of QUENTIN.
QUINTIN m English
Variant of QUENTIN.
QUINTON m English
Variant of QUENTIN, also coinciding with an English surname meaning "queen's town" in Old English.
RABI'A f Arabic
Feminine form of RABI (1). This can also be another way of transcribing the name رابعة (see RAABI'A).
ROXANNA f English
Variant of ROXANA.
ROZANNE f English
Variant of ROSANNE.
SKYE f English (Modern)
From the name of the Isle of Skye off the west coast of Scotland. It is sometimes considered a variant of SKY.
WENDI f English
Variant of WENDY.