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I love this name. It's very handsome and multicultural.
― Anonymous User  4/26/2005
Most Jewish baby boys named Samuel are given the Hebrew name Shlomo. (SHLOH-moh)
hho  5/4/2005
The son of prince Bernhard and princess Annette of Orange-Nassau (The Netherlands) is a bearer of this name: Samuel Bernhard Louis van Vollenhoven. His father is still in the line of the Dutch throne. His parents call him often Sam.
― Anonymous User  11/16/2005
Actor Samuel L. Jackson is a famous bearer.
― Anonymous User  12/16/2005
Samuel Beckett was an Irish playwright, novelist and poet. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1969.
Elphi  12/20/2005
Bruce Springsteen has a son named Samuel Ryan.
― Anonymous User  12/22/2005
A famous bearer is Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain). [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  1/24/2006
I love this name! I don't think it is over-used because I only know like 1 Samuel. I like the nickname Sam.
bjd1994rts  2/14/2006
Samuel R. Delaney is an American science fiction author. His books include "Nova," "The Einstein Intersection," "Hogg" and "Dhalgren."
ars musica  4/9/2006
Famous American playwright, actor and writer, Sam Shepard was born Samuel Shepard Rogers IV.
ars musica  4/9/2006
Lukas Haas plays the young Amish boy Samuel Lapp in the film "Witness".
rosco kid  4/13/2006
I like the name Samuel and its biblical reference. It sounds strong yet gentle. I know of only one boy with this name.
― Anonymous User  4/26/2006
A famous bearer is U.S. patriot Samuel Adams.
CoBy  5/1/2006
Love the name Samuel. I know this one girl whose name is Samuelle (sam-u-el). I hate it. Samuel is supposed to be a man's name. I can understand Ashley being a girls name, but Samuel?
― Anonymous User  7/27/2006
American alpine skier Bode Miller has Samuel as his first name.
― Anonymous User  9/2/2006
Michael Shanks & Lexa Doig have a son Samuel David, born 19 March 2006.
Maggie_Simpson  10/2/2006
I have a good friend named Samuel, and he likes his name very much. I like it too, because it isn't too confusing, it's nice and simple, can be good for an adult or child, and is a great sounding name. We call him Sam for short.
Taydbug112  1/8/2007
So handsome! :)
Jasmine  3/2/2007
I love the name Samuel. It's strong and old-fashioned in a good way. I hate the nickname Sam though. It's too short and it makes me think of an obnoxious overly competitive girl who beats people up. (I don't know why it does, I mean most Sam's I know both male and female are really nice)
YMPvt  4/5/2007
Taylor Hanson & his wife Natalie Bryant have a son Samuel born 4th September 2002.
Karcoolka  6/27/2007
Actually Taylor Hanson's son is named River Samuel.
Ranchie  8/1/2012
The spelling of names is very important to me, as much as the name itself. I really like "Saemul".
Chloever33  8/17/2007
Samuel was a great Judge/Prophet in the bible. You can read about him in 1 Samuel, and 2 Samuel.
applemilk  8/22/2007
His Grace Samuel Vimes, Commander of the City watch and Duke of Ankh-Morpork is one of the main characters in the "Watch" books of Terry Pratchett's series of Discworld.
RumoZamonien  8/27/2007
I love the name Samuel. It fits anything a boy would like to be when he grows up. Doctor or rock star. We named our son Samuel and love it. We call him Sam.
― Anonymous User  9/14/2007
This name kinda sounds like Sam-the-Mule.
jasmineenimsaj  2/10/2008
In the movie "The Patriot" the main character's third oldest son's name is Samuel, but I have no clue who plays him in the movie.
Patricia Underwood  3/20/2008
I love the nickname Sam for Samuel, but I don't think "Sam" could stand well on its own. I've know only one person named Samuel and he really hated his name. I don't think it's that bad, just the end sound, "yool." It rhymes with drool, fool, and school. Of course, it also rhymes with cool.
― Anonymous User  4/6/2008
Hank Williams Jr.'s son's name is Samuel. This name was also number 21 for boys in 2005.
Patricia Underwood  7/10/2008
I am very much in love with this name. It's so strong but yet not overbearing or unusual. I can easily picture it on any boy or man when they get older. It fits many personalities beautifully and I'd JUMP to use it if it wasn't my future step-brothers name. Still though, great name.
spaz123  10/12/2008
This name is also used in the Netherlands where it is also spelled Samuël sometimes. The shortened form Sam is more popular though.
renee06  11/13/2008
I think Samuel is a timeless name that can fit on anybody. But PLEASE don't name your kid Samuel. I already have at least 3 kids named Sam in my little kids club. And it's so hard to keep track. Nice name, but it's getting too popular.
― Anonymous User  2/7/2009
Two other famous bearers of my favorite male name were the great labor leader Samuel P. Gompers, who founded the AFL, and the famous comedian Shemp Howard of the Three Stooges, whose real name was Samuel Horowitz.
Anyechka  7/9/2009
I used to think it was hideous but it strangely grew on me.
Arialblack  11/25/2009
This name is a bit hard to pronounce.
― Anonymous User  12/10/2010
Name of the Day: June 18th, 2011.
AndrewJKD  6/23/2011
I personally don't like the name Samuel. If it is shortened to Sam, I think it sounds too girlie, and in a way, gay. No offense.
― Anonymous User  9/29/2011
Well, this is my name. I never liked it too much when I was younger, but now I actually do. It's rather normal, and I've never cared that I share it with a few kids in my grade.
SamBelden  10/17/2011
A strong name that ages well.
Amanda_M87  2/25/2012
American actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner welcomed a son named Samuel Garner Affleck on February 27, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. Samuel has two older sisters named Violet and Seraphina.
― Anonymous User  3/11/2012
Samuel Oak is a famous Pokemon professor and grandfather of Gary Oak in the Pokemon series, respectively.
Rin_0911  4/8/2012
Samuel Ratchett is one of the characters of Agatha Christie's famous novel "Murder on the Orient Express".
CarolinW  6/17/2012
Samuel Alito is a Supreme Court Justice.
spaz123  3/23/2013
Name of the Day: June 18, 2013.
― Anonymous User  6/18/2013
I absolutely love this name. My father, born in 1958, is named Samuel and he goes by Sam, as most men named Samuel seem to do. He's one of the greatest men I have ever known, and I adore this name, so it was like hitting two birds with one stone when I chose it as a middle name for my son Henry :) This is one of those classic names that never has and never will go out of style; it has been in the top 100 for over 200 years!
caroline alice  8/12/2013
I am not too keen on the name Samuel. I suppose it is a decent name, even though the pronunciation (and even the sight of it written) does not excite me. In theory, I like Sam as a nickname, but it never fails to remind me of the name of a cat or dog... Sam just doesn't sound particularly substantial, sturdy, or even sportive. I have given Sam the nod of exception a couple times, though, so it isn't terrible -- unfortunately it comes, by default, attached to Samuel.
Francesca  10/8/2013
My brother has this name, and I actually really like it. It sounds classic yet modern, and has a smooth, silky sound. I'm not aware of how popular it is, though.
― Anonymous User  4/12/2014
I am writing this comment in relation to the variations of the name SAMUEL. I am Maltese, and seeing as there is no Maltese version of the name, I have decided to leave this comment. The Maltese variation for the bibblical name is SAMWEL.
― Anonymous User  7/10/2014
I love this handsome, strong name. I think it's great how it's a religious name! :)
― Anonymous User  9/28/2014
Samuel is a timeless, strong boy name that means "asked of God". I prefer it as a middle name since I'm not really a fan of Sam or Sammy. Samuel was a beautiful Biblical character.
― Anonymous User  10/21/2014
Samuel Frederick "Sam" Smith is a British soul singer-songwriter.
― Anonymous User  10/22/2014
Samuel Campbell is a character on the television series "Supernatural."
hkols  11/2/2014
I don't like Samuel in its full form, but Sam as a nickname is great.
hkols  11/4/2014
I'm biased because it's the name I picked when I changed my name, but this is a great name. It can be shortened easily but the full form is formal enough for professional situations. The only downside is how popular it is and "Sam I Am" jokes.
TheSalmon2550  1/19/2015
Another one of my absolute favorites! Samuel is a fantastic name that can fit any man of any age. The nickname "Sam" is also great. I would certainly consider naming my son this, along with Thomas and Timothy.
Ali Hassan  3/25/2015
I really love this name. It's so sophisticated, yet warm and friendly.
Anthony Youssef  6/1/2015
Samuel is a nice name. It's not one of my favourites, but it's still a strong Biblical name that works on men of all ages and backgrounds.

The only downside is that it has always been immensely popular, especially in the early 2000s, and I don't like any of its diminutives. Sam and Sammy as masculine diminutives seem to me as though they would work best on pets or young children.
YITYNR  1/10/2016
I'm surprised the name is as popular as it is; I actually have yet to meet a Samuel. This is a good thing, as for me I haven't been bored to death over hearing the name over and over, and can still fit a personality to it. It sounds like the name of a quiet guy who often hangs out alone, but is a real joker once you get to know him. I like the name, but it's not one of my favorites.
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/11/2016
Samuel Johannesen Balto was a Norwegian - Sami explorer and adventurer. Balto skied with Fridtjof Nansen across Greenland in 1888-9.
cutenose  6/16/2016
May also be a female name in modern times. (
― Anonymous User  10/27/2016
Samuel Rodriguez is an American Christian evangelist born to Puerto Rican parents in the United States in 1969. At age 16, Rodriguez delivered his first sermon and quickly grew to be a leading and acclaimed evangelical preacher. In 1992, he became an ordained minister in the Assemblies of God denomination. In 2000, he founded and is currently the president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC/CONEL), the largest Hispanic Christian (i.e., Evangelical/Pentecostal) organization in the world. With over 40, 000 Latino Evangelical churches as members, NHCLC/CONEL helps to cultivate a network of Latino leaders in the Christian community.
lilolaf  1/21/2017
I like this name because my dear father was called Samuel, and so was his father. My uncle's name is Sam and both his son and grandson are Sammy. Also, two of my brother's have Samuel as middle names. I plan to give my future son the middle name Samuel after my dad.
girl0670  4/25/2017
Samuel Hui Kwun-kit, usually known as Sam Hui, is a Hong Kong musician, singer, songwriter and actor. He is credited with popularising Cantopop both via the infusion of Western-style music and his usage of vernacular Cantonese rather than written vernacular Chinese in biting lyrics that addressed contemporary problems and concerns. Hui is considered by some to be the first major superstar of Cantopop, known as the God of Song.
cutenose  6/16/2017
I love this name as this is my Dad's name. I think it is a lovely name.
― Anonymous User  9/11/2017
I like the name Samuel. It sounds very great. It is handsome and strong. Please name your child Samuel.
merlin wordsworth  9/15/2017
My first name is Samuel. When I was young I did not like it, but as an adult I think it has some cache. However, I hate the name Sammy, and am not fond of Sam. I also prefer the Hebrew pronunciation, Shem-u-well.
IAM2write  10/24/2017
That's me right there. I love it. I also love the meaning behind it. My son will be Sam Jr.
Lephahla  2/2/2018

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