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This is more accurately translated as "Stumbling Block."
Adamdirt  4/17/2005
One of the most beautiful, pure names in the world... yeah right!
― Anonymous User  4/27/2005
I have read Satan actually means "Accuser" in Hebrew.
purplesheep  11/30/2005
This name is so sick. *gag*
Well, I have to admit, anyone who names their kid this is either cruel or has a good sense of humor.
patchworkgirl  3/10/2006
"Hi, my name is Satan. What's yours?" Does that go over well? No. Please, PLEASE, don't.
Mithos514  3/17/2006
Satan actually made a pretty professional appearance in the Bible when he tempted Jesus in the desert through his own interpretation of the scripture. Compared to Jesus' disciples, such as Peter or Thomas, it's worth mentioning that Satan was pretty well-versed.
Dray  3/20/2006
Unless of course one doesn't believe in the Judeo-Christian god. Then it wouldn't be blasphemous or cruel really. What if one just likes the sound/look of the name? (This is in response to all the comments here saying what a horrible name it is soley based on what can be summed up as its perceived inherent evil.)
― Anonymous User  3/30/2006
Please! If you hear someone say "Hello, my name is Satan", what would be your react? "Hello! Are you crazy?" or "Fun joke (gasp)". In some countries you can't name your kid Satan. (Good law)
Dahlis  5/13/2006
I not only detest this name because of the Christian devil, but also because of the taunts a poor kid would have being named it.
Mithos514  5/13/2006
I would like to make this is remark to all those commenting on the fact that no child should be named this. I think sometimes we all forget that this isn't a baby names site. It's a general name site for ALL names, not just for names to use on children.
Little-Beeps  6/6/2006
Heavens, even if you're not Christian, a lot of people are. Can you imagine how much grief you would go through if your name was Satan? Holy cow, PLEASE do not even consider using this name, on behalf of the child.
CamilleTheGreat  6/7/2006
My name is Satan, I really like it, it sounds really exotic.
― Anonymous User  6/12/2006
Don't call your kid Satan? I'll call my kid whatever I want! And if some stuck up Christian fool thinks it's fit to make distasteful comments on my kids names they can go to hell and have fun calling their kids things like 'nosex' or 'antifun'. This isn't a comment on Christians. I have many Christian friends. But if you think it's cruel to call a child Satan you're a complete idiot. I don't care about religion. The word 'Satan' is a beautiful word. Better than 'Jesus' thats just plain ugly, it sounds like a sneeze. That's what I think anyway.
― Anonymous User  8/8/2006
As far as it being illegal to name your child Satan, or anything, I think that's excessive, if not ridiculous. You should be able to name your child whatever you want, as long as they are able to change their own name. Anyway, that comment reminded me of the Japanese government, which has a law that you cannot choose the characters for your child's name if it's not part of an approved list. A few years ago there was a case against a couple who wanted to name their son, I think, with a character that meant "devil" (akuma.)
Dray  8/22/2006
I think this would be an adorable name for a kitty!
― Anonymous User  8/26/2006
Oh ew. This name is so gross. And as for that weirdo who named their kid Satan, blergh! I'm not a totally overly religious Christian, but I'm not so insane as to name anyone this. Not even a cat.
lunalovegood  9/15/2006
I agree that this is a general name site and NOT a baby name site but since we are on the subject I do not believe in god but it would still be stupid to name a child Satan. A parent who would name their child this is only thinking of themselves, and the sense of comedy or rebellion they get from it, not the child. Any person who would do this to a child is not mature enough to have children.
stuckonstupid  10/2/2006
Yeah right! Have you ever met anyone named Satan? I suggest to whoever adds names to this site to be a bit more selective. This is not a name any sane parent would EVER use but I think that's more than obvious.
[this is not only a site for baby names - all types of names are listed -ed]
audreyhubley  10/13/2006
How could you name your child this? It's awful! Please don't, save your child's soul and life. It is horrible!
― Anonymous User  10/24/2006
I never actually knew anyone would name a child this. How sad!
― Anonymous User  12/15/2006
Haha. It's pretty funny, really. I wonder how many people are actually called this? ^-^
Surreal  1/12/2007
As far as the comments go about how this is not about baby names but a general name site. Well of course thats true, however, how do you get your name? Your parents, so of course people are going to give their opinions and suggest you to not name your child this. And guess what so am I. Like it was mentioned. No matter your religion you know how others view the name. So that poor child would be the one to suffer for having a name like that. Sure you have the right to name your kid whatever you want. It is your RIGHT to do so but hopefully you make the RIGHT decision upon doing so and give the child a better name than this. Sure you can have your opinions and suggest that this name sounds awesome or whatever your opinion is but don't suffer a child with it. I sure wouldn't.
EgYpTiAn PrInCeSs  1/19/2007
Satan's an ugly name anyway.
7up  1/25/2007
I agree with 7up, and I always typo it as Stan, anyway. :3
Belus  1/31/2007
I don't think that this name is on this website because it is actually given to children, it's just here because it is, technically, a name. No one in their right mind would their kid Satan. Actually, neither would any insane people.
writing the world  3/18/2007
It's amazing how a simple name associated with the devil can generate so many heated responses. No, Satan is not a favored name, but seitan tofu comes to mind. That I like.
A.R.  4/20/2007
Don't be stupid. I happen to be a complete atheist, and I would never, EVER wish this name on anyone. Why not name his twin brother Hitler? Um. Duh. The associations alone will be enough to scar that child for life. (Yes, I know, a "general name site". Everyone starts out as a child.) It's just mean.
VictoriaCalledTori  4/22/2007
For me, I'd totally use this name as a middle name! Think about it this way, most people choose middle names to honour someone like their dead grandma Joyce. I don't really have anyone I want to honour and if I did maybe I'd add a second middle name (I always thought they were sorta regal anyways). I have to live my life with a very boring middle name (Lee- bleugh!) I want my kid to have some wack job crazy middle name, somethig unique. He will barely use his middle name anyways! Why not have fun with it? My top choices are now Patrik Elmo and Ryan Joaquin Satan! ;D!
HappyIguana  5/19/2007
What's really scary is the fact that Satan is an anangram of Santa.
Luangi  5/31/2007
In the New Testament Satan is referred to as Beelzebub ( lord of the flies ). Beelzebub comes from the Caananite fertility god Baal ( Lord ). The Caananites used to sacrifice infants to Baal for the benefit of their farming, also fornication during religious ceremonies was practiced. This is where the immoral connotations to Baal come from. Hence the devil. An invented deity.
willio  7/18/2007
Actually, Satan is not the 'enemy of GD' in the Torah, only in the Christian translation. The concept of duality/an enemy of GD is against Judaic teaching. Satan is first seen by name (though rarely translated as such - il'Satan is also translated as stumbling block) to the gentile prophet Bilaam & his donkey. He's later seen asking permission to test Job. In the Torah, He works for GD to test man as fire to gold - and it is said an angel of accusation/of Satan is created for every wrong deed done to prosecute against the soul at judgement. I wouldn't use this name or any of the angelic names either.
― Anonymous User  8/2/2007
Actually, this name is used on children. Granted, the only person I've heard this used on is Anton LaVey's son, in which case it makes perfect sense.
skatergirl2  8/26/2007
I would never, NEVER name my kid Satan. All the stuff that would come with that name. I mean, the devil, Satan, the Most Evil Person Ever, the opposer of Christ. Why would you name your kid that? A name that's known for its wickedness? Geez, have mercy parents.
― Anonymous User  8/29/2007
Who would want to name a poor kid Satan? My gosh, he will be teased to that end!
CharlieRob  9/8/2007
Who would name their kid Satan? Wow. Unless you want him to be an evil child, haha.
xA7Xgrl13x  9/12/2007
Satan is an awful name. That's the name of "Satan the Devil." Kids would sure tease your kid and call them the Devil. You wouldn't want that for your kid, would you?
― Anonymous User  9/14/2007
One of my favorite books contains a kindly father figure whose name is Saetan. He has sons named Lucivar and Daemon. All three are good men. I really liked how the author took names that are conventually thought of to describe demons out of the Christian bible and turn that negative association on its head.
pheebly  9/19/2007
It shouldn't be considered a given name.
CharlieRob  10/21/2007
The literal translation of the Arabic "Shetan," horse in "The Black Stallion" series. Okay, it's not much of a famous bearer, but you try finding this name in real life.
Dray  10/22/2007
Well, it has a great sound. I personally would consider liking this name a lot if not for the meaning or what it gets associated with. I don't think Christianity should have anything to do, I mean of course it's weird to call your kid Satan but just because you are Christian doesn't mean you can't. For some people I guess that it would be blasphemic to name you kid Satan but if you like the name then I don't think that should get in the way. If it was given in love or for some other reason that is not ´´I think my child will be satanic and I want him to worship Satan`` then I think it's okay (except I still think it would be strange: ´´hello my name's Satan how do you do?`` the other guy: ´´(snorts) I can't see you becoming a priest!``)
dreamgirl54  11/15/2007
Ummmmm. Well it is a little out there. Even if you aren't Christian still pretty bad. Please please don't ever do this to your child.
livieluvbug  12/5/2007
Well no one has actually done it yet. So I will. The devil is refered to as Satan in Christianity. I know "thanks for stating the obvious" but no one has yet.
livieluvbug  12/5/2007
WHO would name a kid this?! I certainly would never name my kid this! It's like naming them "Devil" or "Demon". Just wrong!
aquaspirit96  12/13/2007
For twins: Satan and Jesus. Come oooon. You know Satan would turn out to be a total goody-goody. ;D
― Anonymous User  12/19/2007
Are you serious? That's like naming your child Evil. I think anyone with the name Satan would have a hard time (at least in the US, maybe a different country might be better) given that our society is highly populated with Christians. It sounds like you either come from a freaky cult or your parents literally hate you.
pandasayscynical  12/23/2007
I am an atheist but I still think this name is just absurd. The name Satan has such a bad namesake, whether he really exists or not, that I wouldn't even consider using this for a child. I do think it would be funny for a very innocent pet like a mouse or a fish or something.
renee06  1/9/2008
I'm a complete athiest. Do not name your child this. This is only on this site because, technically, it's a name, but think of this.
"Oh, he's so cute! What's his name?"
"Satan Monroe."
I don't get why people are defending this name. No, it doesn't deserve to be taken off the site, but it's never been and never will be a proper name.
joli_dans_titre1  2/23/2008
I think this would be a pretty cool name for a fish or a cat, for a human I think Lucifer would be nice.
― Anonymous User  3/9/2008
It doesn't SOUND bad, but it would be pretty damn naive and willingly obtuse to use this name because it ''sounds cool''. Honestly, what would be your thoughts if you heard this was someone's name? Pissing off evangelical Christians may be fun, but unfortunately, this name would just make it seem like the parents are a) some total wackos, maybe Satan worshippers or some other cult members b) immature young people who thought it would be hilarious c) very negative, angst-ridden young people who want to state to everyone that they are big time contrarians. Either way, the name will seem like a statement of something negative. Yeah, and imagine a guy named Satan trying to make it in corporate America with that name! Come on, people are rejected for being gay alone!
slight night shiver  5/5/2008
May I please be the voice of reason, here? Satan is clearly an earthly name for the devil, and as such those named Satan may not be anything like him. (People named this might choose to be proud, such as the person who described their name as 'exotic'.) Besides, God is a sensible being and looks beyond names and other properties amongst that. I do believe names are important, though. If a person is truly good, he'll look beyond any human named Satan. I'm not encouraging its use, nor attempting to put down Christianity, Judaism, or whatever. In fact, I fully believe in God. I'm simply trying to knock some sense into people into actually thinking about the circumstances surrounding this name! Thank you very much.
IronTears  6/13/2008
Maybe I'm evil and people are going to torch me to death, but I actually like this name. I don't know why. But if I was going to name my kid this, I'd move away. Far away. VERRRY far away. Possibly to Antarctica.
welovejamesarness  7/29/2008
I kinda like this name actually, considering I don't believe in biblical tales. I wouldn't ever use this name though, too many religious followers.
katechaos  8/2/2008
This is the worst name that has ever existed. Just typing it is bad enough.
bananarama  9/15/2008
Don't ever name your child Satan.
― Anonymous User  10/22/2008
Imagine if you actually said 'hello, I'm Satan'. Or if the new kid at school had this name and the teacher said 'children, this is Satan'. To be honest, this name is worse or just as bad as Gay or Fanny.
Hushpuppy  10/29/2008
It seems to me that most anyone who uses this name is just intentionally trying to be a wiseass, and know it very well. Although there are probably a few rare people who honestly just like the sound alone.
I'd say Satin, Satine, Stan, or even Saturn are similar names that sound much smoother. I do try to look at the name itself and not its associations, but it to me still looks kinda awkward and lacking. Even just adding a sound to the end of it would improve it a lot, like something from here:
not_another_Jessica  11/14/2008
This sounds like what parents who had twins and decided that they would spoil one of them and treat the other like a piece of toilet paper stuck to their shoe would name the latter. And the kid would be perfect, totally defying his name. Just my impression.
Likeyeahwhatev  2/28/2009
Oh, c'mon! I'm not Christian and I still think you should NEVER name your kid this! Just imagine what the poor kid would go through if they had this name.
MtotheK  3/15/2009
I may not be the most religious person, but I still think it is a ridiculous and crazy idea to name your kid Satan. The teasing he will suffer all his life, the associations. It's not going to work.
emmiix3  3/17/2009
Actually, Satan is my name. It's a great way to stand out in people's memories.

The downside is that people are always trying to sell me their souls, which I don't need; people are always telling me to get behind them in line; and Christians are always casting me out of their churches.
marauder34  4/27/2009
This can also be a Slovak last name, with a hacek (upside down ^) on the S.
lcgirl20  4/29/2009
"Hello, my name is Satan." "Oh my God, Satan, like the devil?" "No, like the tofu." Actually, it's not tofu, it's wheat gluten, and it's spelled seitan, but it stills creeps me out to have to ask for it in the supermarket. What's wrong with being Seitan, people? It's meatless and kill-free!
A.R.  5/8/2009
Name your child Lucifer instead of this name.
alexa7289  5/28/2009
It sounds too much like Santa. Your kid will be called Santa Claus all the- ohhhh, wait, more importantly, it's the name of a negative supernatural being in English-speaking countries.
Well, even if you're not surrounded by religion-obsessed people, it will be TREMENDOUSLY hard to go through life in English-speaking countries with this name. Countries excluding America aren't as snobby, there will be less association.
It sounds pretty nice, but you can't name anything Satan with only that reason.
Kerules  6/15/2009
I can't believe you all think that there are people named Satan. No one is going to name their child Satan. Please calm down.
MoonAgeDaydreamer  6/21/2009
I think the amount of comments this name gets is insane. Please, calm down. It goes without saying nobody would ever call their child Satan for their lives. This is not a baby name site, nor is it suggesting that people should start calling their sons Satan. This name is just listed so, if you were curious, you could look up what Satan means. It's also the reason why names that nobody would use, like Legolas, Cinderella and Aladdin, are also listed here.
― Anonymous User  10/14/2009
And there's always the embarrassing nickname, "Sadie".
gaelruadh19  2/21/2010
Putting Christianity aside, I hate this name. It doesn't sound good, and the guy'll have a tough time making a good first impression if he has this as a name. His parents will be looked at badly, too; people will think them either cruel, Devil worshippers, or emo-goths. But if you want to stick your son with this and have him teased for the rest of his life, I'm not stopping you.
Black_X  5/11/2010
I find it quite Ironic that this is a Hebrew name.
coolcatevan9  6/9/2010
I'm not a Christian, but I DO HOPE no one really names a child Satan. The horror. "Oh, are you mummy's big boy, little Satan?" Wow.
Caprice  9/5/2010
Really people, if some religious idiots hadn't decided to name an invisible being's "enemy" Satan, you would not be opposed to this name. It's a nice name. Though I would never use it because people would think you were a Satanist (who don't even worship the devil) or just plain crazy. It's sad this name, like a few others, had to be ruined because people are idiots.
― Anonymous User  10/19/2010
That is a HORRIBLE name! Please don't name your kids that!
― Anonymous User  10/20/2010
Guys, calm down. Nobody is going to name their kid Satan.
Chrila96  1/28/2011
At the above user: I sure hope not! What kind of sick person would name a child that? Bottom line. That's disgusting.
GirlWithN0Name  2/3/2011
Isn't it funny how just as it's associated with the devil everyone is commenting on how 'disgusting' and 'sickening' the name is. There is nothing wrong with the NAME Satan, it's the association people!
― Anonymous User  4/10/2011
Name your kid Satan Claus. Incidentally, if you spell Satan backwards and add an 'ha', that spells Natasha.
doomburger  8/27/2011
So... if the devil's name was William you would also start thinking that the name is horrible and disgusting?
theadiragram  10/18/2011
Horrible name. Just don't. Why?
ArtPop  10/5/2012
No. Just no.
Emptyhead  9/17/2013
I just want to point out that the religious text that Satan is generally associated with, never says that the Devil and Satan are the same person. Satan is simply someone who points out different viewpoints to God (like in the book of Job.)
doomburger  10/1/2013
Were this name not the Devil's biblical title, it would be a great name. However, as a Hindu, I think Satan is not the wisest choice for a child, even in the 21st century. Most people select names not just for their beauty, but for their meanings. What child, Christian or not, would be happy to learn his/her name means 'Devil,' the ultimate evil force?
― Anonymous User  2/10/2014
I think that it's a beautiful name because I love the fact that it's a name of a fallen angel and it sounds so evil and beautiful. (You think I'm crazy… probably right, I am. People say that I'm a goth).
― Anonymous User  2/20/2015
Absolutely, positively not. It should be illegal for anyone to use this name for a child. One must be totally insane to think this would make a suitable name.
― Anonymous User  3/21/2015
What?! Satan is the devil! It should never be used for a name. Poor kid would be made fun of by the phrase "Spawn of Satan".
SH2237  6/9/2015
There's no need for me to say a word. Just look at my name.
SilverSatan  8/12/2017
I can't believe this name is even on here.
Luvbug86  8/17/2017
No one uses this name where I live. And because the way they see this name in Christianity no one will. Try telling a Christian bigot why you named your son Satan, and that could get hard.
XironDarkstar  1/19/2018

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