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Meaning & History

Roman family name, possibly meaning "servant" in Latin but most likely of unknown Etruscan origin. Saint Sergius was a 4th-century Roman officer who was martyred in Syria with his companion Bacchus. They are the patron saints of Christian desert nomads. Another saint by this name (in the Russian form Sergey) was a 14th-century Russian spiritual leader. The name was also borne by four popes.
Other Languages & CulturesSargis, Sarkis Armenian Siarhei, Syarhey Belarusian Sergei, Sergej, Sergey Bulgarian Sergi Catalan Serge French Sergio Italian Sergiusz Polish Sérgio Portuguese Serghei, Sergiu Romanian Sergei, Sergej, Sergey Russian Sergio Spanish Serhiy Ukrainian


biblical, Elder Scrolls characters, martyrs, popes, saints, surnames, uncertain etymology, Xeno characters
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