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The Russian saint Sergiy Radonezhskiy was named "Sergiy", not "Sergius". "Sergiy" is still used in Ukraine, but you do not even have this name on your list.
johnsmithaggie  8/21/2007
The name Sergius is the latinised form of Sergios, which is a Greek name meaning "servant". It was most likely borrowed in the West from the Byzantine Empire, which covered areas dominated by Greeks at the time.
blissin  9/17/2007
Lucius Sergius Catilina, a Roman politician who prepared a rebellion against the Senate. The object of many famous Cicero speeches. The gens Sergia was one of the oldest Roman families, it existed in the time of the kings.
Patria-Sue  3/23/2009
It has the the same word ancestry as "sergeant" in English.
Sabertooth  8/21/2016
Would be good to go with Paige, because of the servant meaning. It's not the nicest meaning but still fits anyway.
Hushpuppy  4/8/2018

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