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Meaning & History

Before the 20th century this was probably from the Irish surname Ó Searraigh meaning "descendant of Searrach" (a name meaning "foal" in Gaelic). Later it may have been reinforced by the French word chérie meaning "darling", or the English word sherry, a type of fortified wine named from the Spanish town of Jerez. This name came into popular use during the 1920s, inspired by other similar-sounding names and by Collette's novels 'Chéri' (1920, English translation 1929) and 'The Last of Chéri' (1926, English translation 1932), in which it is a masculine name.


actresses, alcohol, animals, baby animals, currently out of the US top 1000, Fairy Tail characters, Frasier characters, horses, love, Philip K Dick characters, Plastic Memories characters, song titles, word names
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