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Silver is the name of the Lone Ranger's horse.
-- breakofday  12/16/2005
A nickname for Silver would be Silva.
-- Anonymous User  6/8/2006
Silver RavenWolf is the pen name of Jenine E. Trayer, a famous Wiccan writer.
-- audreyhubley  8/29/2006
I love this name for a boy. I used this name several times for my male characters. It sounds like such a noble name to me.
-- WritersEye  6/2/2007
The main character in Tanglewreck by Jeanette Winterson is called Silver.
-- Velie  10/19/2007
There's someone in Pokemon named Silver, and I love him.
-- TeAmoPinas  11/6/2007
The metal Silver has a very mystical history and has been, in European folklore, associated with the moon and, therefore, with purity. It is said that Silver is a cure for many ills and that it may be used to ward of vampires Silver bullets, too, are the only things that may kill werewolves in their canine form.
-- Anonymous User  4/20/2008
Well, it's better than Golda and Goldie, bwahaha. But it still sounds very bizarre as a name, especially on a female. It sounds like a nickname for a Sylvester, and the ending -er usually sounds more ''natural'' in masculine usage. I like silver jewelry, and I much prefer silver to gold and bronze, but come on now, Silver?! As a name for a person?! Use this on a pet instead. A person with this name might be teased, and even worse, they might have credibility issues.
-- slight night shiver  5/7/2008
Sounds more like a name you would find in a fantasy book than a real life name. I like it, but it's just not realistic.
-- silverstarr  6/10/2008
Seems simply silly to me.
-- Anonymous User  3/28/2010
The name sounds nice, but the fact that it's a color makes it rather tacky. Plus, many people may mistake it as a feminine name.
-- Athena Nike  4/4/2010
Silver is corny as a name. It makes me think of a male stripper.
-- bananarama  4/16/2010
I think this name sounds really cool, for either gender, but I agree with the person who said it isn't very realistic. I'd love to use Silver as a character's name, though.
-- erb816  6/12/2010
This is an awesome girls name! WHY IS IT MASCULINE?
-- rooball  3/1/2011
The reason it's listed as masculine is because it is masculine; just take a look at the popularity. If you like this on a girl so much, maybe go for Silvia or Silverlyn? (I apologise to those who hate suffixes on names.) At least something that looks and sounds feminine.
I think it's funny that someone said a while back that they used this name on noble characters, because I sure didn't! I used it for the evil guy and it works just fine on him. (Silv is a possible nickname.)
-- Anonymous User  8/6/2011
Well my first name is Silver & I'm a female! I find it rather offensive for you to say it's corny and tacky! I sure as hell don't have issues with my self esteem! Every person I meet thinks I have one of the prettiest names! I don't think it's masculine at all!
-- Silverismyname  1/8/2012
I used to think it was a (soft, serene, if silly) girl's name; now I have a (quick-tempered, devious, male) friend called Silver. I will never forget our awkward introduction.

Me: (looking around) "So, who're your cousins?"
Other Friend: "[other cousin's name] and Silver [surname]. Well - I see [other cousin's name]'s car, anyway."
Silver: (walking up behind me, I didn't know at the time)
Me: "Silver?! Wow - um - that's a pretty name. Where is she?"
Silver: (stops, angry) "HE'S here!"

As much as I like Sil, it saves a LOT of embarrassment and hassle if you give a kid a name that's obviously masculine or obviously feminine. Maybe Silver could be a nickname for Sylvester.
-- ListenToAsuka  2/15/2012
Silver the Hedgehog is a ficitonal character in Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog video game series.
-- Anonymous User  5/17/2014
Not really a name... unless he's a statue...
-- Hushpuppy  8/18/2014
It appeared on the U.S. popularity chart in 1896... wonder if that had something to do with the gold vs. Silver currency debate.
-- thesnowwhiterose  1/19/2015
Silver St. Cloud, Gotham socialite and former love interest of Bruce Wayne in the DC universe.
-- Anonymous User  1/9/2017
Well, personally my name is Silvester and my nickname is Silver. I guess it's just because of the "Sil" or "Syl" and the -er.
-- SilverSp00n  2/11/2017
A very wonderful modern name. Although, please please please, don't name a male this! It is very feminine. Also Sylver is a much better variant.
-- Anonymous User  2/14/2017

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