Given Name SONDRA

GENDER: Feminine
USAGE: English
PRONOUNCED: SAWN-drə  [details]

Meaning & History

Variant of SAUNDRA. It was popularized in the English-speaking world by a character in Theodore Dreiser's novel 'An American Tragedy' (1925) and the subsequent movie adaptation (1931).
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Alexandra (Ancient Greek), Aleksandra, Aleksandrina, Asya, Sashka (Bulgarian), Alexandra (Catalan), Aleksandra, Sandra, Sanda, Saša (Croatian), Alexandra (Czech), Alexandra, Sandra (Danish), Alexandra, Sandra, Alex, Xandra (Dutch), Aleksandra (Estonian), Alexandra, Alexandrine, Sandra, Sandrine, Alexandrie (French), Alexandra, Sandra, Alexa (German), Alexandra, Aleka (Greek), Alexandra (Greek Mythology), Alexandra, Alexa, Szandra (Hungarian), Alexandra, Sandra (Icelandic), Alastríona (Irish), Alessandra, Sandra, Alessa, Alexandra (Italian), Sandra (Latvian), Sandra (Lithuanian), Aleksandra, Sandra, Sashka (Macedonian), Alexandra, Sandra (Norwegian), Aleksandra, Sandra, Ola (Polish), Alexandra, Alexandrina, Sandra (Portuguese), Alexandra, Sandra, Sanda (Romanian), Aleksandra, Alexandra, Aleksandrina, Asya, Sanya, Sasha, Shura (Russian), Saundra (Scottish), Aleksandra, Sandra, Saša (Serbian), Alexandra (Slovak), Aleksandra, Sandra, Saša (Slovene), Alejandra, Sandra, Ale, Alexandra (Spanish), Alexandra, Sandra, Sassa (Swedish), Aleksandra, Alexandra, Oleksandra, Lesya, Sasha (Ukrainian)
Entry updated October 11, 2012