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This name is also Italian.
-- lilia  8/13/2005
No, it's not actually an Italian name. It's an English coinage of a name taken from an Italian/Latin word. So I guess if there is a "correct" pronunciation it would be the English one; it's not traditionally used as a name in Italy, and it's used as one was English.
-- Anonymous User  3/29/2007
It's a very pretty name. I get the feeling this will jump into the top 50, sometime soon.
-- Lorenz0  9/30/2005
I think this is a pretty name. It reminds me of a strong, beautiful woman. It would fit someone her whole life: as a child, a teenager and a grown woman.
-- Anonymous User  10/1/2005
Stella is also a Greek name and its name day is celebrated on November 26.
-- Anonymous User  11/9/2005
Stella is one of the main character's in Tennessee Williams' "A Streetcar Named Desire."
-- ars musica  12/3/2005
Stella McCartney (daughter of Paul) is a famous fashion designer.
-- Anonymous User  12/13/2005
Stella is an Italian name meaning "star" or "as beautiful as a star", I like it very much!
-- Anonymous User  12/13/2005
Just can't get past Marlon Brando yelling, "STELLA!!!"
-- breakofday  12/16/2005
No, no, no! It's not "STELLA!" it's "STEL-LAAAAAHHH!"
-- norah_girl  2/18/2007
Speaking of Marlon Brando, Stella Adler was a famous acting teacher in New York. She had studied for Stanislavski, but disagreed with Lee Strasberg on how to teach his system. She taught Brando, and many other well known actors have studied at her school in New York what became known as method acting.
-- Elphi  12/19/2005
Stella Gibbons was an English novelist and poet. Her works include "Cold Comfort Farm".
-- Anonymous User  12/20/2005
Stella is a great name. It is sophisticated. With the popularity of Ella I am surprised this name isn't used more often. I actually prefer Stella myself.
-- Anonymous User  4/25/2006
Actors Antonia Banderas and wife Melanie Griffith have a daughter named Stella.
-- Pheadirean  6/4/2006
I dislike this name. I don't know why but it sounds bad.
-- EmiliaHelena  6/17/2006
Stella Bonasera is a character on CSI: New York, played by Melina Kanakaredes.
-- Anonymous User  6/27/2006
A famous bearer is Stella Parton, greatly talented country singer of the 1970s/early 1980s. She is also Dolly Parton's younger sister.
-- audreyhubley  8/5/2006
My great-grandmother's name was Estella and her nickname was Stella.
-- swisssugar  9/4/2006
I really like the names Stella Nova combined. A "new star": simply just so beautiful.
-- elliebeth  9/19/2006
Stella was on the top 1000 list from the 1880's until the 1980's. It came back on the top 1000 list in 2003. Its most popular year was the 1890's where it ranked 63. In 2005 it ranked 250.
-- Anonymous User  9/25/2006
This is my Grandma's name, and she loves it! I do, too. I believe that this name means "Star" because the name STELLA is in the word conSTELLAtion, and a constellation is a group of stars. Wow, I'm pretty good! :-)
-- Taydbug112  11/14/2006
There is an author named Stella Cameron.
-- Anonymous User  11/28/2006
I used to love the name Stella until I heard about that dumb show, 'Winx'.
-- 7up  1/2/2007
My name is Stella. I happen to love my name. So do most other people I've met. Only thing I can complain about is that I have been subjected to FAR too many Brando impersonations for my fifteen years. I suppose I've become immune to it now, though.
-- torgwith  1/3/2007
There is a beautiful Interpol song called "Stella was a Diver and She Was Always Down".
-- Anonymous User  1/21/2007
Stella Irene August is the name of actor Dan Aykroyd's daughter with wife Donna Dixon.
-- ScarletCrow  1/24/2007
I like this name but it's more of a pet name to me, perfect name for a horse!
-- minikupcake  2/1/2007
This is Vanessa Anne Hudgens sisters' name.
-- minikupcake  2/2/2007
I like this name. I think it's really cute.
-- Anonymous User  2/16/2007
This is a very pretty name. It suits both a girl and woman very well.
-- Anonymous User  2/23/2007
I personally think it is ugly, (and makes me think of the beer though the meaning of star was obviously first), the proper Italian pronunciation (it is an Italian name after all) is much nicer, STAYL-la.
-- Auriel  3/12/2007
A famous bearer of this name is Stella from Eastender. She is Phil's girlfriend and she abuses Phil's son Ben.
-- maidmideon  5/12/2007
Sly Stallone has a daughter named Stella.
-- Anonymous User  5/18/2007
It's also used in German and Italian.
-- Anonymous User  5/20/2007
I teach at Gymboree (classes for kids from birth to age 5) and we've noticed a recent upswing in little Stellas in our younger classes. Something to consider if you want to avoid an overly popular name.
-- elizabeth hamlet  7/19/2007
Stella Artois is a Belgian beer. ;-)
-- Florabel  7/27/2007
Anna Geislerová and Zdenìk Janáèek have a daughter Stella Janáèková, was born 27 July 2007. She weighed 4 kg and she measured 53 cm.
-- Karcoolka  7/29/2007
I've met too many barmaids named 'Stella'.
-- Ligeia  12/17/2007
Means star in Italian.
-- Anonymous User  3/4/2008
This is a lovely name with a nice meaning. I slightly prefer Estella, but this is a great name either way, very pretty and nicely simple, but not too girly and cutesy. It's far more interesting than the currently overused Ella.
-- slight night shiver  5/7/2008
Stella's also a nickname for Estelle, Estella, Estrella.
I'm sorry, all you Stellas out there, but I just can't help myself:
-- welovejamesarness  6/27/2008
Actors Dylan Walsh and Joanna Going have a daughter Stella Walsh, born 22th November 2003.
-- Emilie007  7/1/2008
It's amazing how words can just SOUND their meaning - Stella sounds positively luminescent. Beautiful.
-- padfoot443  7/12/2008
Actress Stella Májová (maiden name Weingärtnerová), born 19th July 1923 in Havlíčkův Brod.
-- Emilie007  9/9/2008
Stella Oleson is one of the main characters in the graphic novels 30 Days of Night, and the film of the same name. She is the wife of Eben Oleson.
-- Anonymous User  9/21/2008
I love this name - both its sound and its meaning. It's a lot sweeter than calling your kid Star, and it would suit a girl throughout her life (picture Baby Stella, Stella the Grade-Schooler, Teen Stella, Stella at University, Mommy Stella, etc). I also think it makes an amazing nickname for Estella, one of my all-time favourite names.

But then again, the name will always make some people think: "STELLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"
-- Sophannagh  11/21/2008
This is the name of 'Baywatch' star Gena Lee Nolin's baby; Stella Monroe Hulse. This is such a pretty name, I'm glad to see that an actress actually chose a name that's both regal and sweet unlike those dumb made-up names most son/daughter of actor/actress kids bear.
-- Anonymous User  12/4/2008
LOVE IT! This name will never get too old.
-- Taydbug112  4/26/2009
It's a cute name but I don't think I'd use it.
-- CharlieRob  7/31/2009
A very beautiful name for a girl. I have never met an actual Stella, but I sometimes call my friend Stella because she is my own personal star. :)
-- meggsxx3  8/4/2009
Mythbuster Kari Byron gave birth to a baby girl named Stella Ruby on June 28 2009.
-- Lady_Skywalker  8/24/2009
I like this name, but it's rather boring now since so many celebrities have used it on their daughters. I prefer the less common Estelle.
-- bananarama  9/23/2009
There is a jazz song called "Stella by Starlight," based on the theme for the character Stella from the classic haunted house film "The Uninvited." Great film and a lovely song, but I can't say I'm a huge fan of the name. It's nice enough, I guess, but I prefer Ella. And all I can really think of when I hear this name is, of course: "Stella! Hey, STELLAAAAAA!"
-- harry_sent_me  11/24/2009
Too girly and over the top, it does not really suit an adult.
-- italiannames  1/4/2010
I really like this name. It sounds really cool like stellar. :)
-- Liesl  2/13/2010
There is a song by All Time Low called "Stella".
-- lonelyloner  2/20/2010
I feel like one should take a dramatic pause before saying this name.
-- lucyskydiamonds  3/4/2010
Stella is a very pretty name with a nice meaning. It gives me the image of an independent, bold girl with a confident attitude towards others and herself. It's a very good choice.
-- Black_X  5/8/2010
I am biased because I named my youngest daughter Stella Rose, and I LOVE the name. For me, she personifies the name perfectly. She has this great mixture of strong and sweet, simple and complex in her personality complemented with loads of charm, "star power" and spunk. She is a Stella through and through to me.
-- zoogal  6/12/2010
I love this name. However, instead of thinking of the original play, it always brings to mind the Simpsons' parody of it.
-- Anonymous User  8/11/2010
This is the name of the main character in How To Survive Summer Camp by Jacqueline Wilson, about a girl who goes to a youth hostel.
-- Anonymous User  10/2/2010
I prefer Estella.
-- Chrila96  12/4/2010
I thought this was a nice name but after seeing the Seinfeld episode where Elaine is under the influence of painkillers and reacts hilariously when learning this was a woman's name, I only think of her saying STELLAA! :)
-- willarose93  7/31/2011
This is another name my parents considered for me, because of its celestial meaning. I think it's beautiful.
-- the_awesome_elf  1/8/2012
Stella is a member of the fictional band The Crescendolls in the animated musical Interstella 5555, a collaboration between Japanese animator Leiji Matsumoto and the French DJ duo Daft Punk.
-- Anonymous User  1/8/2012
This is my great-great-aunt's name. She was born in the 1920s. For the longest time this name made me think of old ladies but then I met a teenager and a little girl who were both named Stella. I think this name is making a comeback. It sounds really pretty, if you can get past the old-fashioned mindset.
-- codenameflame  2/28/2012
Putting my two cents into the usage debate - Stella truly IS an Italian name. It seems to have had usage since at least the 19th century, judging by old records. Stella might have been used in Italy for much longer than that, since in Italy there exists this title of the Virgin Mary: "Madonna della Stella" (of whom there are several shrines dedicated to in Italy). Maybe over the years Stella's popularity with Anglophones has eclipsed its Italian popularity - but it's still an Italian name. By the way, I have grown to love the name Stella!
-- bananarama  3/16/2012
Stella Hudgens (b. 1995 in Ocean Beach, California) is an American actress. She is the younger sister of Vanessa Hudgens.
-- Anonymous User  4/30/2012
My name is Stella and it has always had a magical "shine" over me. When my great-grandmother was pregnant with my grandmother she read a book about fairies and the "star" fairy's name was Stella... My grandmother also loved the name. They grew up in Zambia and she had the most wonderful imagination and could tell stories about how elves, fairies and insects lived near the riverbanks. I believe that Stella's are born under the most luminous stars and that they carry amazing old souls.
-- CircumSTELLAr  6/2/2012
Estelle Getty was sometimes called Stella.
-- Anonymous User  11/24/2013
The first daughter of Archduke Imre and Archduchess Kathleen of Austria is named Maria-Stella, born 11 November 2013.
Her full name is Maria-Stella Elizabeth Christiana Yolande Alberta. She is a great-great granddaughter of Emperor Charles I of Austria.
-- la-petite-rachel  1/24/2014
Stella is a gorgeous and quirky name. Love it!
-- hattie98  4/13/2014
I like the sound of it and met a cute little girl with this name, but I can't get into it. Something about it makes me feel it is incomplete.
-- Ali Hassan  6/29/2014
STELLLAAAAAAA! Okay, it isn't my favorite name, but it's not the worst name in the world. To be quite honest, it reminds of something stale.
-- blueeyesparkle  7/17/2014
This is my grandmother's name. Actually, her full name is Estelle, and she changed it from Stanislava, but everyone calls her Stella. It's beautiful and considerably popular, and if I have a daughter, her name might be Stella Rose.
-- collegiate crimson  7/22/2014
I'm starry-eyed how it means '★'. The stunning name Stella has such celestial beauty, grace and elegance. It sounds so poetical and sophisticated.
-- Anonymous User  7/29/2014
Stella and Sam, a preschool TV series based on the Canadian book series "Stella and Sam" by Marie-Louise Gay.
-- Anonymous User  7/29/2014
I love this name so much. It's beautiful and graceful, yet spunky and quirky. This name is a wonderful mixture of strong and sweet and tomboyish and girly. I love it!
-- MusicBelle  8/28/2014
I actually like Stella Phoebe because it would mean something like "shining star".
-- collegiate crimson  9/13/2014
I am biased, but I absolutely adore the name Stella. So much so, that my 2 year old's name is Stella Kate. :)
-- skibum267  11/3/2014
My name is Stella, and I love my name. I think it is the perfect combination of unique, yet easy to pronounce and spell. I also love it because I was named after my great-great aunt.
-- starbear123  3/16/2015
I can't get into this name. There was once a character named Stella on Days of our Lives who put the character of Marlena in a pit, so I just associate it with crazy. It has no beauty to me whatsoever.
-- wbbuff  4/15/2015
Gorgeous name and I love the meaning! Very unique in my area too, I don't know a single Stella personally. I'm planning on naming my future daughter this. Stella Rose and Stella Jane are my first choices. :)
-- marisamary  4/24/2015
When we decided on the name Stella for our daughter, we never once wavered. It's not too common, but nevertheless beautiful and timeless. It suits her perfectly... she's our little star :)
-- Stanna18  4/30/2015
Matt Damon's 4th daughter is named Stella Zavala. Ellen Pompeo's 1st daughter is named Stella Luna. Tori Spelling's 1st born daughter's name is Stella Doreen.
-- Stanna18  4/30/2015
My name is Stella, and I love having it as a name. My parents were both born in Italy and it is a very Italian name. My friends all call me Stellar, Stell, Ste, and Stellie. I think that it is a great name because it's super unique in my opinion, and I love that it is making a rebound. What's kind of annoying/funny is that everyone I meet yell "STELLLLAAAA" referring to the movie. But I still love this name and wouldn't change it for anything else.
-- Anonymous User  10/8/2015
My name is Stella and I'm 12. The name Stella came from my great grandmother. I have always felt that I'm so lucky to have such an amazing name. Also I've felt that us Stella's are unique. I've only met one other brunette with the name Stella. The name Stella I feel brings me good fortune and makes me feel so good knowing that my name has such a wonderful meaning. Stella means star. And I am very proud of my name and plan on naming my future daughter Stella.
-- stella_forever  11/26/2015
My name is Stella. And I love my name. In my life I've never met a Stella, and for some reason I like that because it shows how unique and unpopular the name is and it makes me feel special. The one thing is that everyone I meet are like "STELLA" which is funny but I would see them like, everyday and they'd do that constantly. My parents are Italian or Greek. They liked the name and so that's what happened. I'm proud to have the name I was given. Some people want to be be named other things but your name makes you, you, even if you have a really common name like Jack or Grace.
-- Stella.harding  12/29/2015
Hello, my name is Stella and I'm 12. I really like my name and my dad was Italian so he picked it for me. I've done a lot of traveling as my dad moves around a lot and my mum has said to me that she has never met another Stella anywhere. I haven't either. I think it's more unique than some websites say it is. I personally really like my name and the meaning. I have nicknames such as Stell, Stells and Stella Bella. The good thing is, everyone pronounces it correctly as it is easy to read.
-- Anonymous User  2/16/2016
My name is Stella and I love it. Shining, popular, meaningful and gorgeous. It exudes sophistication and fame.
-- pink_star  2/23/2016
The name is also used in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and Germany.
-- jegharenbumsipanden  3/22/2016
I have always loved this name since I was young. We named our first daughter Stella and it fits her perfectly. She's strong and bold, yet so sweet and delicate. I've read above comments about people named Stella saying they feel their name is lucky or describes them perfectly and I believe it! Obviously I'm biased, but my Stella is such a special girl who just seems to float through this life breathing in every possible thing she can. Such a great name. It's ethereal, just like her:)
-- Anonymous User  4/6/2016
I love this name quite a bit; it makes me think if a girl who's strong, smart, beautiful, kind, all that good stuff. She's a leader, she's headstrong, and she will make herself heard. I don't ever plan on having children, but if I was to have a daughter, I think I would've called her Stella. It's just such a beautiful name.
-- RoseTintsMyWorld  5/9/2016
Also used in Hungary. Pronounced: SHTEL-law.
-- HerculePoirot  9/1/2016

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