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PronouncedPron.TAHM-ee American English
TAWM-ee British English

Meaning & History

Diminutive of THOMAS.
VariantsThom, Tom, Tommie
Feminine FormsThomasina, Tamsin, Tamsyn
Other Languages & CulturesTe'oma Ancient Aramaic Thomas Biblical Thomas Biblical Greek Thomas Biblical Latin Toma Bulgarian Tomàs Catalan Toma, Tomica, Tomo Croatian Tomáš Czech Thomas, Tom Danish Thomas, Maas, Tom Dutch Toomas Estonian Tuomas, Tuomo, Tomi, Tommi Finnish Thomas French Toma Georgian Thomas, Tom German Thomas Greek Tamás, Tomi Hungarian Tómas Icelandic Tomás Irish Tommaso Italian Toms Latvian Tomas Lithuanian Toma Macedonian Tamati Maori Thomas, Tomas, Tom Norwegian Tomasz, Tomek Polish Tomás, Tomé Portuguese Toma Romanian Foma Russian Tàmhas, Tavish, Tòmas, Tam Scottish Toma Serbian Tomáš Slovak Tomaž Slovene Tomás Spanish Thomas, Tomas, Tom Swedish Tomos, Tomi, Twm Welsh


actors, Animal Crossing characters, athletes, Charles Dickens characters, D H Lawrence characters, diminutives, Fairly Oddparents characters, fashion designers, Gone with the Wind characters, heroes, House of Cards US characters, literature, Louisa May Alcott characters, Moral Orel characters, movies, Nintendo characters, Power Rangers characters, Rugrats characters, song titles, Stephen King characters, Stranger Things characters, Supernatural characters, The Sopranos characters, theatre, True Blood characters
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