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Gender Masculine
Pronounced Pron. TAHM(American English)
TAWM(British English, Dutch, Norwegian)
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Meaning & History

Short form of THOMAS. Tom Sawyer was the main character in several of Mark Twain's novels, first appearing in 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer' (1876). Other famous bearers include American actors Tom Hanks (1956-) and Tom Cruise (1962-).
VariantsThom, Tommie, Tommy(English) Maas(Dutch)
Feminine FormsThomasina(English) Tamsin, Tamsyn(English (British))
Other Languages & CulturesTe'oma(Ancient Aramaic) Thomas(Biblical) Thomas(Biblical Greek) Thomas(Biblical Latin) Toma(Bulgarian) Tomàs(Catalan) Toma, Tomica, Tomo(Croatian) Tomáš(Czech) Toomas(Estonian) Tuomas, Tuomo, Tomi, Tommi(Finnish) Thomas(French) Toma(Georgian) Thomas(Greek) Tamás, Tomi(Hungarian) Tómas(Icelandic) Tomás(Irish) Tommaso(Italian) Tomass, Toms(Latvian) Tomas(Lithuanian) Toma(Macedonian) Tamati(Maori) Tomasz, Tomek(Polish) Tomás, Tomé(Portuguese) Toma(Romanian) Foma(Russian) Tàmhas, Tavish, Tòmas, Tam(Scottish) Toma(Serbian) Tomáš(Slovak) Tomaž(Slovene) Tomás(Spanish) Tomos, Tomi, Twm(Welsh)
Same SpellingTom (2)


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