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PronouncedPron.WE-noos Classical Latin
VEE-nəs English

Meaning & History

Means "love, sexual desire" in Latin. This was the name of the Roman goddess of love and sex. Her character was assimilated with that of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. As the mother of Aeneas she was considered an ancestor of the Roman people. The second planet from the sun is named after her.
Other Languages & CulturesVenera Albanian Venera Bulgarian Venera Russian
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Roman depiction of Venus, from PompeiiRoman depiction of Venus, from Pompeii


athletes, beauty, black history, celestial, desire, Edmund Spenser characters, goddesses, love, love deities, morning star, Mother characters, mythology, nature, planets, Ratchet and Clank characters, RuPauls Drag Race contestants, Sailor Moon characters, space, stars
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