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GenderMasculine & Feminine

Meaning & History

Short form of VICTOR or VICTORIA.
Other Languages & CulturesLatoya African American Toya American (Hispanic) Bittor Basque Viktor, Viktoria, Viktoriya Bulgarian Víctor, Victòria Catalan Viktor, Viktorija Croatian Viktor, Viktorie Czech Victoria, Viktor, Viktoria Danish Victor Dutch Viktoria Estonian Victoire, Victor French Vítor Galician Victoria, Viktor, Viktoria German Wikolia Hawaiian Viktor, Viktória Hungarian Viktor Icelandic Vittore, Vittoria Italian Victor, Victoria Late Roman Viktorija, Viktors Latvian Viktoras, Viktorija Lithuanian Viktor, Viktorija Macedonian Victoria, Viktor, Viktoria Norwegian Wiktor, Wiktoria Polish Victor, Vítor, Vitória Portuguese Victor, Victoria Romanian Viktor, Viktoria, Viktoriya, Vitya Russian Viktor, Viktorija Serbian Viktor, Viktória Slovak Viktor, Viktorija Slovene Víctor, Victoria Spanish Victor, Victoria, Viktor, Viktoria Swedish Viktor, Viktoria, Viktoriya Ukrainian Gwythyr Welsh


Animal Crossing characters, currently out of the US top 1000, diminutives, Philip K Dick characters, Queer as Folk US characters, short forms, Star Trek characters, Stephen King characters, The Sopranos characters, voice actors
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