Given Name VIKTOR

GENDER: Masculine
OTHER SCRIPTS: Виктор (Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian, Macedonian), Віктор (Ukrainian)
PRONOUNCED: VIK-to (German), VEEK-tor (Hungarian), VYEEK-tər (Russian)   [details]

Meaning & History

Form of VICTOR.


Harry Potter characters, House of Cards US characters, top 10 in Iceland, Yuri on Ice characters
DIMINUTIVE: Vitya (Russian)
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Bittor (Basque), Víctor (Catalan), Victor (Dutch), Victor, Vic (English), Victor (French), Vítor (Galician), Vittore (Italian), Victor (Late Roman), Viktors (Latvian), Viktoras (Lithuanian), Wiktor (Polish), Victor, Vítor (Portuguese), Victor (Romanian), Víctor (Spanish), Gwythyr (Welsh)