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This is a list of names in which the gender is unisex; and the first letter is W.
There are 14 names matching your criteria.

WALLIS   m & f   English (Rare)
From a surname which was a variant of WALLACE. Wallis Simpson (1895-1986) was the divorced woman whom Edward VIII married, which forced him to abdicate the British throne.
WANGCHUK   m & f   Tibetan, Bhutanese
Means "mighty" in Tibetan, from དབང (dbang) meaning "power" and ཕྱུག (phyug) meaning "wealthy, possessing"... [more]
WATTANA   f & m   Thai
Means "development" in Thai.
WAYAN   m & f   Indonesian, Balinese
From Balinese wayah meaing "old, mature", ultimately from Sanskrit वयस् (vayas) meaning "energy, strength, age"... [more]
WEI   m & f   Chinese
From Chinese (wēi) meaning "power, pomp", (wēi) meaning "high, lofty, towering" or (wěi) meaning "great, robust, extraordinary"... [more]
WEN   m & f   Chinese
From Chinese (wén) meaning "literature, culture, writing", as well as other characters with a similar pronunciation.
WHITNEY   f & m   English
From a surname which was originally derived from a place name meaning "white island" in Old English. Its popular use as a feminine name was initiated by actress Whitney Blake (1925-2002) in the 1960s, and further boosted in the 1980s by singer Whitney Houston (1963-2012).
WIL   m & f   English, Dutch
Short form of WILLIAM and other names beginning with Wil.
WILLIE   m & f   English
Masculine or feminine diminutive of WILLIAM. A notable bearer is the retired American baseball player Willie Mays (1931-).
WILLY   m & f   English, German, Dutch
Diminutive of WILLIAM, WILHELM or WILLEM. It is both masculine and feminine in Dutch.
WISDOM   f & m   English (Rare)
Simply from the English word, a derivative of Old English wis "wise".
WOBBE   m & f   Frisian
Variant and feminine form of WOB.
WU   m & f   Chinese
From Chinese () meaning "military, martial" (which is generally only masculine) or () meaning "affairs, business", as well as other characters which are pronounced similarly... [more]
WYNNE (1)   m & f   Welsh
Variant of WYN, sometimes used as a feminine form.