Theology Names

These names are used to refer to (Judeo-Christian-Islamic) deities. They are not bestowed upon real people.
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ADONAI   אֲדֹנָי   m   Theology
Means "my lord" in Hebrew. This was the title used to refer to the God of the Israelites, Yahweh, whose name was forbidden to be spoken.
ALLAH   الله   m   Theology
Derived from Arabic الإله (al-ilah) meaning "the deity"... [more]
CHRIST   m   Theology
Modern English form of CHRISTOS.
CHRISTOS   Χριστος   m   Theology
Means "anointed", derived from Greek χριω (chrio) "to anoint"... [more]
JEHOVAH   m   Theology
Form of YAHWEH used in older translations of the Bible, produced by blending the letters of the tetragrammaton with the vowels from ADONAI.
JESUS   m   Theology, Biblical
English form of Ιησους (Iesous), which was the Greek form of the Aramaic name יֵשׁוּעַ (Yeshu'a)... [more]
SATAN   שָׂטָן   m   Theology, Biblical, Biblical Hebrew
Derived from Hebrew שָׂטָן (satan) meaning "adversary"... [more]
YAHVEH   m   Theology
Variant of YAHWEH.
YAHWEH   m   Theology
A name of the Hebrew God, represented in Hebrew by the tetragrammaton ("four letters") יהוה (Yod Heh Vav Heh), which was transliterated into Roman script as Y H W H... [more]
YEHOWAH   m   Theology
Variant spelling of YAHWEH.