Spanish Kings and Queens Chronologically


NameYearsAlso Known As
Sancho III the Great (Navarre)1000-1035
Ramiro I (Aragon)1035-1063
Fernando I the Great (Castile)1035-1065(Ferdinand)
Sancho Ramirez (Aragon)1063-1094
Sancho II the Strong (Castile)1065-1072
Alfonso VI the Valiant (Castile)1072-1073
Pedro I (Aragon)1094-1104(Peter)
Alfonso I the Warrior (Aragon)1104-1134
Urraca (Castile)1109-1126
Alfonso VII the Emperor (Castile)1126-1157
Ramiro II the Monk (Aragon)1134-1137
Petronilla (Aragon)1137-1164(Petronella, Petronila)
Sancho III the Desired (Castile)1157-1158
Fernando II (Leon)1157-1188(Ferdinand)
Alfonso VIII the Noble (Castile)1158-1214
Alfonso II the Chaste (Aragon)1164-1196
Alfonso IX (Leon)1188-1230
Pedro II (Aragon)1196-1213(Peter)
Jaime I the Conqueror (Aragon)1213-1276(James)
Enrique I (Castile)1214-1217(Henry)
Berenguela the Great (Castile)1217(Berengaria)
Fernando III the Saint (Castile)1217-1252(Ferdinand)
Alfonso X the Wise (Castile)1252-1284
Pedro III the Great (Aragon)1276-1285(Peter)
Sancho IV the Brave (Castile)1284-1295
Alfonso III (Aragon)1285-1291
Jaime II the Just (Aragon)1291-1327(James)
Fernando IV the Summoned (Castile)1295-1312(Ferdinand)
Alfonso XI the Just (Castile)1312-1350
Alfonso IV the Good (Aragon)1327-1336
Pedro IV the Ceremonious (Aragon)1336-1387(Peter)
Pedro the Cruel (Castile)1350-1369(Peter)
Enrique II the Bastard (Castile)1369-1379(Henry)
Juan I (Castile)1379-1390(John)
Juan I (Aragon)1387-1396(John)
Enrique III the Infirm (Castile)1390-1406(Henry)
Martín the Kind (Aragon)1396-1410
Juan II (Castile)1406-1454(John)
Fernando I (Aragon)1412-1416(Ferdinand)
Alfonso V the Magnanimous (Aragon)1416-1458
Enrique IV the Impotent (Castile)1454-1474(Henry)
Juan II (Aragon)1458-1479(John)
Isabel I the Catholic (Castile)1474-1504(Isabella)
Fernando II the Catholic (Aragon)1479-1516(Ferdinand)
Juana the Mad1504-1555(Joan, Joanna)
Felipe I the Handsome (Castile)1506(Philip)
Carlos I1517-1556(Charles, Karl)
Felipe II the Prudent1556-1598(Philip)
Felipe III the Pious1598-1621(Philip)
Felipe IV1621-1665(Philip)
Carlos II the Bewitched1665-1700(Charles)
Felipe V of Anjou1700-1724; 1724-1746(Philip)
Luis I1724(Louis)
Fernando VI1746-1759(Ferdinand)
Carlos III1759-1788(Charles)
Carlos IV1788-1808(Charles)
José Bonaparte1808-1813(Giuseppe, Joseph)
Fernando VII1808; 1814-1833(Ferdinand)
Isabel II the Glorious1833-1868(Isabella)
Amadeo I of Savoy1870-1873(Amadeus)
Alfonso XII1874-1885
Alfonso XIII1885-1931
Juan Carlos I1975-(John, Charles)