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PronouncedPron.ee-sa-BEL Spanish
IZ-ə-bel English
EE-ZA-BEL French
ee-za-BEL German

Meaning & History

Medieval Occitan form of ELIZABETH. It spread throughout Spain, Portugal and France, becoming common among the royalty by the 12th century. It grew popular in England in the 13th century after Isabella of Angoulême married the English king John, and it was subsequently bolstered when Isabella of France married Edward II the following century.

This is the usual form of the name Elizabeth in Spain and Portugal, though elsewhere it is considered a parallel name, such as in France where it is used alongside Élisabeth. The name was borne by two Spanish ruling queens, including Isabel of Castile, who sponsored the explorations of Christopher Columbus.
VariantsIsabela, Ysabel, Elisabet Spanish Isabela, Elisabete Portuguese Izabel Portuguese (Brazilian) Isabella, Isabelle, Izabelle, Isbel, Isebella English Élisabeth, Isabelle French Isabella, Isabelle, Isabell German
DiminutivesIsa Spanish Belinha Portuguese Bella, Belle, Ibbie, Issy, Izzy, Libbie, Libby, Sabella English Isa German
Other Languages & CulturesZabel Armenian Elixabete Basque Elisabeth, Elisheba, Elizabeth Biblical Elisabet Biblical Greek Elisheva Biblical Hebrew Elisabeth Biblical Latin Elisaveta Bulgarian Elisabet Catalan Elizabeta Croatian Alžběta, Eliška Czech Elisabet, Elisabeth, Isabella, Eli, Elise, Ella, Else, Lilly, Lis, Lisa, Lisbet, Lise, Lissi Danish Elisabeth, Isabella, Isabelle, Betje, Elise, Elly, Els, Else, Elsje, Ilse, Isa, Lies, Liesbeth, Liese, Liesje, Lijsbeth, Lisa Dutch Eliisabet, Liis, Liisa, Liisi, Liisu Estonian Elisabet, Eliisa, Elisa, Ella, Elsa, Liisa, Liisi Finnish Bet, Lys Frisian Sabela Galician Elisabed, Eliso Georgian Elisavet, Elli Greek Elikapeka Hawaiian Elisheva Hebrew Erzsébet, Izabella, Bözsi, Erzsi, Lili, Liliána, Zsóka Hungarian Elísabet, Elsa Icelandic Eilís, Eilish, Isibéal, Sibéal Irish Elisabetta, Isabella, Elisa, Elsa, Isa, Liana, Liliana, Lisa Italian Bet, Betje Limburgish Elžbieta, Elzė Lithuanian Elisaveta, Beti, Veta Macedonian Ealisaid Manx Ibb Medieval English Elisabet, Elisabeth, Isabella, Eli, Elise, Ella, Else, Lilly, Lis, Lisa, Lisbet, Lise, Liss Norwegian Isabèl Occitan Elżbieta, Izabela, Izabella, Ela, Eliza, Iza, Liliana Polish Elisabeta, Isabela, Isabella, Liana, Liliana Romanian Elizaveta, Yelizaveta, Liza, Lizaveta Russian Ealasaid, Elspet, Elspeth, Iseabail, Ishbel, Isobel, Beileag, Lileas, Lilias, Lillias Scottish Jelisaveta, Jela, Jelica Serbian Alžbeta, Eliška Slovak Elizabeta, Špela Slovene Elisabet, Elisabeth, Isabella, Elise, Ella, Elsa, Lilly, Lis, Lisa, Lisbet, Lise Swedish Yelyzaveta Ukrainian Bethan Welsh
Same SpellingIsabèl


Tomb of Isabella of Angoulême in Fontevraud AbbeyTomb of Isabella of Angoulême in Fontevraud Abbey


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