Namesakes for Anne

Namesakes for ANNE:
  English and British Kings and Queens: 1 queen
      Queen Anne   1702-1714  

  Fictional Characters from Books: 2 heroes, 1 character
      Anne Steele   1811   Sense and Sensibility  
      Anne Elliot   1818   Persuasion  
      Anne Shirley   1908   Anne of Green Gables  

  Hall-of-Famers: 1 basketball
      (basketball) Anne Donovan   1995  

  Notable Actors and Actresses: 7 actresses
      Anne Revere   1903-1990  
      Anne Baxter   1923-1985  
      Anne Bancroft   1931-2005  
      Lori Loughlin (a.k.a. Anne)   1964-  
      Carrie-Anne Moss   1967-  
      Anne Heche   1969-  
      Anne Hathaway   1982-  

  Notable Athletes: 1 basketball
      (basketball) Anne Donovan   1961-  

  Notable Writers: 4 authors
      Anne Brontë   1820-1849  
      Anne Frank   1929-1945  
      Anne Rice   1941-  
      Tanya Anne Crosby   1962-  

  Olympic Medalists: 4 bronze, 4 silver, 1 gold
      (bronze) Vivi-Anne Hultén   1936   Figure skating  
      (bronze) Mavis Freeman (a.k.a. Anne)   1936   swimming  
      (bronze) Anne van Olst   2008   Equestrian  
      (silver) Imke Bartels (a.k.a. Anne)   2008   Equestrian  
      (bronze) Anne-Laure Viard   2008   Canoe sprint  
      (silver) Jennifer Kessy (a.k.a. Anne)   2012   Beach volleyball  
      (silver) Anne Kyllönen   2014   cross-country skiing  
      (gold) Lizzy Yarnold (a.k.a. Anne)   2014   skeleton  
      (silver) Anne Schleper   2014   ice hockey  

  Oscar Award Winners: 4 actresses
      (actress) Anne Revere   1945   National Velvet  
      (actress) Anne Baxter   1946   The Razor's Edge  
      (actress) Anne Bancroft   1962   The Miracle Worker  
      (actress) Anne Hathaway   2012   Les Misérables  

  Other Royalty: 2 princesses, 1 queen consort
      Anne of England   1533-1536   England  
      Anne, Princess Royal   1950-   United Kingdom  
      Eléonore of Belgium (a.k.a. Anne)   2008-   Belgium  

  Pulitzer Award Winners: 2 winners
      Katherine Anne Porter   1966   The Collected Stories of Katherine Anne Porter  
      Anne Tyler   1983; 1986; 1989   Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant; The Accidental Tourist; Breathing Lessons  

  Russian Grand Dukes and Tsars: 1 tsaritsa
      Tsaritsa Anna (a.k.a. Anne)   1730-1740  

  Saints: 9 blessed, 5 saints
      Saint Anne   ?-0xx  
      Saint Anne   ?-820  
      Saint Anne   840-918  
      Blessed Anna Giustiniani (a.k.a. Anne)   ?-1180  
      Blessed Ana of Saint Bartholomew (a.k.a. Anne)   1549-1626  
      Saint Anne Line   ?-1601  
      Blessed Anna Katharina Emmerick (a.k.a. Anne)   1774-1824  
      Blessed Anne-Marie Javouhey   1779-1851  
      Saint Anne Pak A-gi   1783-1839  
      Blessed Anne Petras   ?-1794  
      Blessed Anne-Marie-Madeleine Thouret   ?-1794  
      Blessed Marie-Anne Brideau   ?-1794  
      Blessed Marie-Anne Piedcourt   ?-1794  
      Blessed Marie Anne Blondin   1809-1890  

  Scottish Kings and Queens: 1 queen
      Queen Anne   1702-1707  

  Shakespearian Characters: 3 characters
      Lady Anne   Richard III  
      Anne Page   The Merry Wives of Windsor  
      Anne Boleyn   Henry VIII