Similar Names

Names which have ratings similar to MATHILDA (42 ratings):

   12% variance

ALEXANDRIA   Good Name, Formal, Classic, Refined
182 ratings

BEATRIX   Good Name, Classic, Upperclass, Formal
147 ratings

EDWINA   Above Average Name, Formal, Classic, Upperclass
44 ratings

GENEVA   Good Name, Formal, Upperclass, Refined
51 ratings

GEORGINA   Good Name, Formal, Classic, Refined
98 ratings

INGRID   Good Name, Classic, Refined, Formal
185 ratings

ISADORA   Good Name, Upperclass, Classic, Formal
87 ratings

MURIEL   Above Average Name, Classic, Upperclass, Strange
51 ratings

   15% variance

ÁSDÍS   Good Name, Classic, Strange, Upperclass
18 ratings

ADAMINA   Average Name, Strange, Upperclass, Formal
39 ratings

ADRASTEIA   Good Name, Strange, Formal, Complex, Upperclass
32 ratings

ALEXANDRA   Good Name, Formal, Classic, Upperclass
559 ratings

ANDROMACHE   Average Name, Strange, Classic, Complex, Mature
28 ratings

ANTONIA   Good Name, Formal, Upperclass, Classic
119 ratings

ASTRID   Good Name, Refined, Classic, Upperclass
217 ratings

BERNADETTE   Good Name, Classic, Formal, Refined, Wholesome
106 ratings

CASSANDRA   Good Name, Formal, Classic, Refined
408 ratings

CORNELIA   Good Name, Formal, Refined, Upperclass
100 ratings

COSIMA   Good Name, Refined, Formal, Upperclass
45 ratings

DEIDRA   Above Average Name, Refined, Formal, Serious, Upperclass
30 ratings

DEMETRIA   Good Name, Strange, Complex, Refined, Serious
42 ratings

GRISELDA   Above Average Name, Classic, Strange, Mature
58 ratings

HYPATIA   Above Average Name, Classic, Formal, Strange
54 ratings

IDONEA   Average Name, Formal, Refined, Wholesome
15 ratings

IMELDA   Good Name, Refined, Strange, Classic
30 ratings

IMOGENE   Above Average Name, Classic, Strange, Complex
32 ratings

JACQUELINE   Good Name, Formal, Upperclass, Refined
332 ratings

JACQUELYN   Good Name, Refined, Formal, Classic, Strange, Upperclass
45 ratings

KETURAH   Good Name, Strange, Complex, Serious, Strong
27 ratings

LOURDES   Average Name, Refined, Formal, Strange
46 ratings

LUCASTA   Above Average Name, Formal, Upperclass, Strange
34 ratings

LYSANDRA   Above Average Name, Strange, Refined, Formal
27 ratings

MARGARITA   Good Name, Strange, Complex, Classic
62 ratings

MARGUERITE   Good Name, Classic, Formal, Complex
63 ratings

MATILDA   Good Name, Classic, Strong, Refined
216 ratings

MEREDITH   Good Name, Refined, Formal, Classic
238 ratings

MONTSERRAT   Above Average Name, Complex, Upperclass, Formal
40 ratings

ODESSA   Good Name, Upperclass, Formal, Refined, Serious
49 ratings

PRUDENCE   Average Name, Classic, Formal, Mature
69 ratings

SHOHREH   Above Average Name, Complex, Classic, Formal, Nerdy, Strange, Upperclass
13 ratings

SIGRID   Good Name, Classic, Refined, Strange
98 ratings

THOMASINA   Above Average Name, Formal, Strange, Classic
34 ratings

VASHTI   Good Name, Strange, Upperclass, Classic
17 ratings

VERENA   Good Name, Refined, Formal, Classic
68 ratings

VERONICA   Good Name, Refined, Formal, Upperclass
286 ratings

VIVIAN   Good Name, Refined, Upperclass, Classic
260 ratings

ZELDA   Good Name, Strange, Formal, Upperclass
114 ratings