Subject: Re: Cordelia talk + suggestions?
Author: beethoven   (Authenticated as blaaarg)
Date: November 30, 2010 at 8:25 PM
Reply to: Cordelia talk + suggestions? by Kitty

I think it's really neat. It was my #2 for ages but that faded. Cordelia Kitty Rosamund is adorable. ¡une is cute too. Beatrice begins to get clunky. Cordelia, Beatrice, and Rosamund, while they all have something distinct about them, have pretty much the same flavor, and it's easy to put combos together when everything is the same flavor. But then you throw something sharp in there like Kitty, and it shakes the whole thing up and makes you look at each name involved differently.

What about Cordelia Vomiting Rosamund? heh heh

Cordelia Bess
Cordelia Betsy _____ appeals to me. Rosamund, for instance.
Cordelia Tara Winifred
Cordelia Laura Louise
Cordelia Betsy Louise aw!
Cordelia Mary Winifred, to rip off Kristina, but that's really nice!
Cordelia Arthurine
Cordelia Vera Rosamund
Cordelia Daphne ______, Cordelia Daphne Elizabeth, Cordelia Daphne Isabelle, Cordelia Daphne Rosamund, ooooh
Cordelia Elspeth Hermione
Cordelia Sarah Wilhelmine
Cordelia Oxford Butterballs
I'm procrastinating so hard

oh! I do like Coco, very cute. I also like Delia, Cora, maybe even Codie. Cordy seems corny and Della seems contrived. I feel like I'd probably call her Dede, which is a little too bad

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