Subject: Re: Top 10 for March '11
Author: glassmidnight   (Authenticated as glassmidnight)
Date: March 1, 2011 at 6:54 PM
Reply to: Re: Top 10 for March '11 by Llewella

Margaret - Love it. A classic with great nicknames.
Virginia - Another love of mine, also my grandmother's name. This one is on my list too. :)
Anne - Love it again! I waver between Ann and Anne, and I always love the nn Annie.
Claire - Undecided on this one. I feel like I should like it a lot more than I do.
Eugenia - Looks pretty, but I don't really care for the sound.
Roisin - Very very pretty.
Shoshana - Lovely, though I generally prefer Susannah.
Euphemia - Same as Eugenia.
Fionnuala - Nice, I'd like the nickname Fiona.
Grace - Classic, like a strand of pearls.

William - Love it. Can't go wrong with William.
Llewellyn - Too fussy I think. Like the look, but the sound is off for me.
Patrick - Great stand-by name. I like meeting Patricks.
Francis - Love Francis.
James - Love it. On my list, too! Definitely one of my favorites.
Malachy - Not a fan. Possibly that was influenced by the villain Malachite in Sailor Moon, hehe.
Peter - I like it, but I don't know if I would use it.
Columba - Means dove, right? Sounds a little too feminine for me.
John - Classic and I love it.
Walter - Walter is growing on me steadily.

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