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Subject: Re: Spelling
Author: Hola123   (Authenticated as Hola123)
Date: April 1, 2013 at 1:30:07 PM
Reply to: Spelling by Isis
Isabelle - It just looks prettier and more pleasant to me. Reminds me more of a pretty little girl rather than an old miserable woman.
Claire - The 'i' makes the name look so much better in my opinion. Clare is so lifeless to me for some reason.
Catherine - Kathryn looks trendy and like a poor attempt at being unique.
Kay - I thought about it for a bit and decided the 'e' is pretty unnecessary. Doesn't do much for the name.
I pronounce Aveline and Evelyn differently.
Sara - Looks softer, again the 'h' always seemed unnecessary to me.
Marc - Distinguishes the name from just the word "mark" and it also seems more handsome to me. Also makes more sense as a nn for Marcus.
Luc - Luke looks too much like "puke"
I pronounce Jack and Jacques differently too.
Neve - Living in Canada, I think it'd be cruel to deviate that far from English/French pronunciations.
Sean - I know this one doesn't make sense pronunciation-wise either but obviously it's a popular enough name for people not to screw it up.
Celine - Looks prettier to me and makes it seem more distinct from Selena.
Christina - Kristina just looks stupid and ugly to me, as do all names that should start with a 'C' but were changed to 'K' in an attempt to be unique.
Alan - Allen would just mess people up I think, it would always get misspelled as a first name.
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