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The LaBrant & Fisher Families
*No Offence To The LaBrants*How does everyone feel about what the LaBrant Family named their childrenEverleigh Rose (8)(girl)
Posie Rayne (2)(girl)
Zealand Cole (6mon)(boy)Everleigh is Savannah's from a previous relationship (teen pregnancy)*No Offence To The Fishers*
And the Fishers..Taytum Nicole (4)(girl)
Oakley Madison (4)(girl)
Halston Blake (2)(girl)
Oliver Rhett (7 mon)(boy)I feel like they should have stuck to unusual names for Oliver, because all their daughters have unusual namesHow do you guys feel about their names?

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I had absolutely no idea who these people were until I Googled them.But I knew from their children's names that the Fishers were probably Latterday Saints (Mormons) and when I Googled I found out I was correct. It's evidently unclear if they are still practicing that religion today but the husband was still actively identified as a Mormon in 2015. Oakley really isn't an "unusual" name for a four year old LDS girl these days -- it's quite common in Utah now.
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I don't know who these people are, am I supposed to? The names are pretty boring.Halston Blake has a kid of "spaghetti Western hero" vibe to it, I actually like that a bit... Wait - is Halston Blake a girl?? Oh. I guess that has a Southern twang to it too, since unexpected surnames on girls is kind of a Southern tradition as far as I know. Or is it a fictional Southern tradition that never really existed in real life? I feel like I've seen Southern women named things like Ashton and Quentin and stuff like that, in movies and books. But does it happen in reality? Taytum is pretty bad. Poor kid.
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Oliver Rhett is the only one that isn't awful.
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I only like Halston and Nicole.

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I do mean offense when I say, those names, save for Oliver, are awful.
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Posie is the most godawful sickly-cutesy boo-boo-ga-ga type name.
Taytum always makes me think of Steakums and Tater Tots mixed together.
They all suck. Oliver just gets off because it's an actual well-established first name.
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I only like Oliver Rhett
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Who are they??The only one I like at all is Oliver Rhett. I guess Posie Rayne isn't the worst I've heard.
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Again, NO offence to any of them. You can name your child whatever you want.
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