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Swedish family in book! Thoughts?
What are your thoughts in the book I’m writing ? It is a Swedish family.Name unknown means: it never says their name in the bookGrandpa (name unknown)
Grandma (name unknown)Johan (husband) Josefine (wife) and Natalia (main character) and GunnarHenrik (husband) Linda (wife) and HildegardHilda” and OlgaHusband (name unknown) Wife (name unknown) and Magnus“The more times and the more different things you do, the more likely it is that you succeed.” -Brian Tracy

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What age are the different persons?Johan was most common in the 70s and 80s. The average age of a swedish Johan is 42.3 years.
Josefine was most common in the 90s (average age: 29.1 years).
So I think, it's a bit weird, that Johan and Josefine have the same age.Natalia is a bit unusual in Sweden (average age: 35.8 years) whereas Gunnar is a bit of a "grandpa-name" (average age: 66.4 years). So if Gunnar and Natalia are siblings or a couple - I think, it doesn't really fit.I don't really like Henrik - prefer Hendrik - but Henrik ist far more common in Sweden, so in this case, Henrik is the better choise (most common in die 70s and 80s, average age: 42.5 years)
Linda is a good fit. I like the name a lot! (average age: 41.5 years)Hildegard doesn't fit at all. This name is kind of ancient in Sweden (most common 1885-1909) and pretty rare. I'd just name her Hilda. if she's a child. This name was common 1885-1909 and since 2000.
Olga is also not really common and pretty old-school. Mainly used 1865-1919.
So there could be a twist do that: Sisters, that have unusually old names.Magnus is a name I really like! Average age: 49.1 years, most common in the 60s and 70s.
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Thank you! This is a fantasy book and probably doesn’t take place in completely modern times. (Maybe like early 2000’s?)Also Johan and Josefine (according to this website) has had popularity until late 2000’s!

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Okay, didn't know it was fantasy.If you want to check for popularity (if you consider it important in a fantasy book), you can use: (official statistics)
and (referring to scb)
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Thanks for the help!
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Linda seems a little out there, but the others seem to fit
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Magnus is super charming. & I like Natalia and Josefine.
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