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Member since   May 1, 2007
Real name Kimberly
Location Florida
Birthday April 12, 1994
Well if you know me already the name is Kim. Don't call me Kimberly please it always reminds me of dolls for some reason and the worst part my parents sticked Kelly to it. I've been obsessed with names since I don't know! I gave my first suggestion of names when I was 4 and my aunt was about to have a baby and felled in loved with the name Kesley. Sadly she didn't name her that. But I got to help pick a few names for family members over the years. My niece Aaliyah Nicole and nephew Anthony. I'm a 10th grader, a musician my second hobby is music. No I'm not into rap or all that crappy stuff. But I give every genre of music a chance I love music that tells a story and basically rappers of our generation can't do that anymore so to country I go. I love rock,classical,jazz,r&b,country,pop ect, ect. A few other things about me I've been 5 foot since 4th grade and realized I'm not going anywhere anymore. I'm surrounded by siblings, step siblings, and half siblings. I love to laugh.

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