I think more people need to realise it’s ‘Aba-Gail’ and not ‘Aby-Gayle’. That just sounds gross. But, when pronounced correctly, Abigail is a beautiful name. It sounds like a species of flower. My cousin’s name is Abigail and I’m really jealous of her. Also, the name Abigail is German. So I don’t know WHERE some of you got that ‘hill billy’ idea from. But, honestly, I hate the nickname ‘Abby’. It just gives that name a bad reputation. What’s wrong with Abbi, Abi or even Gail? Why Abby?
Hmmmm nice.
It's a very nice name. I like it a lot.
I actually hate this name, it’s just so ugly and unnecessary.
This is my name and I'm white and 10 years old. As an autistic person I don't think you have to be white to have this name, names don't have races. Just like how you don't have to be black to use the name Shaniya. My friend's daughter in law was named this, and she's white.
Pretty country and hilly-billy, along with its nicknames Abby and Gail.
I think it’s a pretty name, but I dislike its nicknames such as Abby and Gail.
I've always loved this strange but dignified name, and being Biblical makes it even better. I'd love to be called Abigail Esther or Abigail Eve.
Lol! What a funny-looking name!
This is the name of one of the bachelorettes in the video game Stardew Valley.
My name is Abigail, I spell my nickname Abi, so when people know my nickname before my name, they tend to say ab-e-gail or ah-bah-gail when it's really a-bih-gail.
My name is Abigail, but instead of Abby, Abbie, Gail, or Gabby, I chose one that I don't think anyone else uses. I say Abi because it's shorter and Abby is stereotyped too much and I didn't want that. I don't really like my name so sometimes I use Carson or Honni (I made it up and it's pronounced like honey).
Abby (Abigail) Lee Miller is a dance teacher from Pittsburgh. She has created the Abby Lee Dance Company. She is featured on Dance Moms, Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, Dancing with the Stars.
I dislike the name. Abby makes me think of a female dog. I teach and there are so many with that name. Why would someone want to name their child Abigail?
This name, I love it. Just something about Abigail (I prefer Abbigail) sounds so pretty. It is quite common though.
The entire name is so ugly that it actually sounds hilarious.
Abigail has started to grow on me recently -- it's a classy, elegant, beautiful, classic-sounding name without being super old-fashioned. I don't really prefer the nickname Abby, though (maybe because it's horribly overused in comparison to elongated Abigail).
I think this name is beautiful! It has a sweet ring to it and it also sounds very classy! It sounds very romantic in a way and cute in another! ⚘❤⚘.
This is my name! I wish my birth mom spelled it Abbygail. I wish I could change my name to the spelling Abbygail. But my nickname is Abby. I might name my daughter the spelling Abbygail one day. But I'm not old enough to change my name and have a daughter.
One of my favorite names! It's quite charming. I know some nice and cool Abigail's.
It's very beautiful name ❤️❤️.
Also Judeo-Anglo-Norman:
My name used to just be Abbey spelt as in the church way. I felt it was inappropriate because my parents weren’t religious. I used to wish I was an Abigail but then I changed my name to what people told me suited me and ended up Pip (also an alternative name my parents had in mind for me) I felt that my name was very basic and I used to spend ages just saying “Abbey” “Abbey” “Abbey” for a year we decided on the nickname Azzy until I can change my name. I don’t mind Azzy, what do you guys think?
I love Abigail. It's such a pretty name and there is so many nicknames for it. I got bullied because of my name, but don't let anybody tell you the name is not pretty. It is a very pretty name. LOVE THE NAME.❤.
Nice name with a beautiful meaning.
I think the name Abigail is devine and prepossessing.
Ew, cowgirl name.
If you have a friend named Abigail, you can call her Abs the Bodybuilder.
Ew, Abigail. Abby is disgusting too. And Gail.
Not to be rude or anything, I just never really understood why this name is as popular as it is. I think it's okay, but there are better names out there. Not my style. I do like both Abby and Gail though.
Eh. Not my style.
I don’t really like Abby for a nickname, and almost everyone would auto shorten it to Abby. Gail sounds better for a nickname, but that could be hard to reinforce. (And it’s free bully material. Whale Gail (yes, a “chubby” Gail in my class was called this) Fail Gail, etc.)
Abigail is okay, just, once again, not my cup of tea. But I’m sure a lot of Abigails totally rock their names! (:
The name is very beautiful, wise, strong, and kind. (It reminds me of a precious rose) ❤❤❤ The nicknames Abby, Abbie, Abba, and Gail hold the same strong meaning. Don't listen to those who write negative things about that name because the name is absolutely beautiful ❤❤❤.
I love it, but I find the spelling Abigayle is better. Gay is a good nickname.
I prefer Avigail and other variants, but the meaning-awesome! Overall, I am not a fan of this name, but Abby and other nicknames are wonderful, I just don't like this variant. I kinda like this :)
It’s kind of nice but it is a little unfortunate that it’s made up of the words “A”, “big” and “ail”.
The name is fine, but I don't like the diminutives.
No, I don't like it. Sounds like 'a big tail'.
I love the name, Abigail! It's soo cute, pretty, wise and sophisticated-sounding! ^.~
When I was in 2nd grade, I was OBSESSED with the name Abigail. Then, still in 2nd grade, I met an annoying and bossy Abigail, so my liking to this name diminished. I don't really like it anymore, but I don't HATE it.
Abigail Thorne is a well-known political speaker on YouTube.
Reading some of the negative impressions of the name Abigail is quite disappointing. I named my daughter Abigail twenty years ago, and she truly is her father’s joy. She is a beautiful young woman, who is smart, hard-working, thoughtful, and compassionate. She literally turns heads wherever she goes, but it is the comments from people about her as a person, once they get to know her, that make me so proud as a father. I would love to know the actual names of the people leaving negative comments. Or perhaps to know a little bit about their life to try to understand such negativity and the inability to appreciate this name for its own beauty. There is a richness to certain names, and Abigail is one such name. I, for one, will never regret giving my beautiful baby girl this name.
For some reason, an alarming number of female characters in fiction named Abigail die horribly. There are multiple examples of real women named Abigail who also met similarly terrible fates. It’s like the name has a curse on it.
Abigail is a pretty name and the meaning is nice. I'm not a fan of Abby as a nickname, though.
Beautiful name. I've always liked the nickname Abby too.
In a way I like it but don't like it. I don't know if that makes any sense at all but that's the way I feel about this name.
Actually, the whole name I hate.
Ew ew ew ew ew just ugly and gross, it's disgusting. If you have this name and dislike it, I feel SOOO sorry for you. If you have this name and somehow like it, please explain what is wrong with your brain because the sound of this name is soooo ugly and harsh, I can't even explain it. Abi, Big, Gail? Seriously? They sound sooo wrong, and the combination of A, B, G and L together is ridiculous! Even the nickname Abby sucks! It sounds horrible! AAAH-beee... It's awful, just AWFUL! The only great thing about this name is its meaningful history and lovely meaning! If this name didn't have both of those, it would be one of my least favorite names on the list. I know people have different opinions on names,and that's understandable, and I respect others' opinions, but not in this case. I just simply can't understand what could possibly make someone like this pathetic name.
Well, Anonymous user, I love the name and actually it sounds like, Aba-gail! No BIG in there at ALL! Also it means “My father is joy”! So I LOVE the name, and any person with the name of Abigail, you should love it! Also don’t listen to people saying it is bad! My name is Abigail and I LOVE the name!
Why was the German usage removed?
Like the meaning... But HATE the name. I don't like the sound of the "Big" and the "Gail". Sorry to all Abigails, also I prefer Abby or Gabby.
Also, it used to be slang for servant. Who wants to name their kid that?
Yurk. Too plain.
I love the name Abigail, My name is Abigail and I love it❤️❤️. I love being called Abby. But the best part of all is that it means “my father is joy”. I also think it is a beautiful name, and to those who have the name I hope you love it as much as I do. It really is a beautiful and amazing name! I would give it a 10/10.
My name is Abigail and I love the name. It’s beautiful and charming.
It’s boring and ugly.
My name is Abigail, and I despise the name. There are no good nick names, and the full name just sounds so old fashioned. I've gone by Abby since I was eight, I still don't see how my parents liked the name. Ever since I was little, my sister has teased me and called me names like "Crabby Abby". I absolutely hate how people assume you automatically go by Abby, even if you say your name is Abigail, and I've even had a few people call me Abs, which I find utterly disgusting. The name Abby in my opinion, just sounds like your annoying neighbor's sister and I hate it!
Also Italian: -- mention Abigail as a variant
Seriously Abi-GAY?! No thank you. Probably the parents who choose this name want for their daughter to be bullied at school.
Also the Estonian form (albeit rarely used):
Whenever I see this name I think of the famous Mrs Masham - Abigail Masham - a favourite and confidante of Britain's Queen Anne along with Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough. Abigail stems from the Bible, has a beautiful meaning, and is steeped in history. I find those assets are very much in this name's favour.
Well the name Abigail has a history and my name is Abigail and I used to hate my name because I used to tell myself that it was a bad name but over the years I learned how to love my name because nobody in my class had my name and I didn’t know anyone who had my name and than I also think to myself that my name is beautiful because it means father's joy and I think that’s beautiful and I think everybody with the name Abigail, their nickname is Abby- well mine isn’t, my nickname is Aby. My nickname is in Spanish and also I love my name because it goes just right with my last name, like hear my whole name- Abigail Castillo and my last name is in Spanish because my father is Spanish. If you really think about it you should love your name and never change it. I would never change mine because my own mother gave it to me ❤️❤️❤️❤️ And plus if you have the name Abigail take it as a blessing because you have a wonderful name and should feel confident in your own skin✨✨✨.
My name is Abigail. I often go by Abby, Abi, or Abbey. I do love the original spelling Abigail, but it was a popular name at the time I was born, and so there is another Abigail in my grade. She goes by Abigail and I go by Abby. I prefer my nickname because, to me, it sounds less pretty and popular than Abigail. Me and this other Abigail is a good example of how names don't show your personality. Abigail is a typical popular girl, very nice, and very pretty. I, Abby, am very tomboyish and prefers rock music over pop or hip hop. This goes to show that your name doesn't control your life, but rather what you make your life.
I like it. I’d never use it, but it’s nice.
I genuinely do not understand how some people find the name Abigail pretty or classy. You know that nasty, tongue-encompassing aftertaste that will not leave your mouth after eating an apple? That is what my name reminds me of. It makes me want to drink boiling water to get it out. The combination of the sounds "ab" and "gail" are horrible. It has a gross mouthfeel that's like stuffing paper towels down the back of your throat. The nickname choices are bad, too. Gail is just plain ugly and Abby is so abhorrent that it makes my skin crawl. If you introduce yourself as Abigail, keep in mind that people will AUTOMATICALLY call you Abby, even if you specifically asked to be called anything else. If none of those things sell you on how nasty this name is, I will add that I still associate it with the cow from the Fox and the Hound. I realize I'm a minority here, but I honestly hate this name so much that it makes my bones hurt.I go by my last name now.
I like it, I personally don't see how it sounds "old fashioned" as it sounds pretty modern to me, but not too modern. I just don't like how popular it is at the moment. But overall it's a lovely name and I'd use it.
Also the Polish form:
I think you have a typo here: "The biblical Abigil refers to herself as a servant, and beginning in the 17th century the name became a slang term for a servant, especially after the release of the play The Scornful Lady (1616), which featured a character named Abigail." [noted -ed]
My name is Abigail. I hated it for a long time because it’s quite odd and awkward and not easy for a kid to say. Additionally, my sister used to call me ‘Flabigail’, which was unfortunate and probably contributed to body dysmorphia in my early teens. Unfortunately, I could not return the favour given that her name is ‘Joanna’. Calling her, in revenge ‘Joanna the goanna’ didn’t really do damage. As a result, I went by ‘Abby’ until my late teens, after which point I accepted the awkwardness of the name. Furthermore, my sister just called me ‘Flabby Abby’ so the abbreviation had no real function anyway. I’m relatively ambivalent about this name but I think it’s fine. If you are pregnant and thinking about this name just remember it is kind of weird and kids will rhyme with negative attributions relentlessly. Nothing nice rhymes with ‘Abi-‘. You’ve got ‘crabby’, you’ve got ‘stabby’, there’s ‘flabby’ obviously. Apart from that I’d say go for it.
Abigail Pershing is a fictional main character in the TV series: 'Good Witch' (2015-) and in the related movie: 'The Good Witch's Family' (2011). Abigail is Cassie's cousin and has a similar magical touch. She is played by actress Sarah Power.
Interesting meaning.
I am obsessed with this name! I would have 80 children boy or girl and name them all Abigail. My little girl's name is Abigail and she has on countless occasions been complemented for how beautiful and elegant the name is. It fits well our last name and flows well with her middle name Marion too. My dogs are named Abigail and Abby as well, they are Golden Retrievers and the name couldn't fit them better. Some people say that my obsession for the name is strange but I think it's beautiful. If someone named Abigail was killed I would hunt the murderer down and make sure the rest of their life was miserable! :D.
Honestly one of my favorites. I find it a pretty name, and the 'servant' association really isn't much nowadays. The meaning isn't too appealing, though.
My name is Abigail, and I absolutely love it. Growing up, I wasn't the biggest fan. I was born in the late 80's, and it was a very uncommon name at the time. The older I got, the more I liked my name! However, it is a little annoying that it has become so popular. The majority of the Abigails I've met have been much younger than me... never have I met one older than me. I almost exclusively go by Abigail, which is pretty uncommon as far as I can tell. I love that the name basically sounds good with any middle or last name... and I love how it sounds so "soft" and old-fashioned. I get complimented on my name on a regular basis...
It's so pretty and it sounds so soft it's a very sweet name and I would gladly name my daughter this. I don't like Abbigale or Abigayle because it's much harder to spell. I know you want it to be "younike" or "kre8tiv" but just think about when she is learning to spell her name, and it's harder to pronounce. It's like Mary as Marie (Mary). See, confusing right? I would call my daughter Abby but Abigail when she would be in trouble. I wouldn't care how popular the name is I believe it should be more popular because it's so sweet.
No offense but I've always seen my name as a very boring, normal, basic name. This app kinda of changed my mind, which is good because it's really hard to change my mind. I think it's cool to see how other people feel about their names, especially since they have the same name as me.
Abigale Lee Miller is the famous dance instructor known for “Dance Moms”, “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition” and “Abby’s Studio Rescue”.
I am an Abigail who goes exclusively by Abby, born in the 1980s in the US. My parents chose it (obviously) not knowing that it would take off about a decade later. I never go by Abigail because I think it sounds a little stiff and formal and a throwback to the Puritan era. Prospective parents considering the name Abigail who are worried about the "servant" connotation should know that I was never aware of that connotation until "The Favourite" came out in 2018. Parents worried that "Abby" sounds too childish should know that I am an Abby in her 30s, and it's working for me a-ok! Overall, I like my name fine. I wish it hadn't become so popular; I work with youth, and I've learned that when I hear "Abby" called out, 9/10 times someone is calling out to a teenager, not to me.
Abigail Madelyn Hale is the sister of “America’s Got Talent” Star, Angelica.
Country and kiddish sounding.
It has been slowly used also in Italy. In 2017 were born 38 Abigail here.
In 2018, 7 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Abigail who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 210th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Why does everyone call me Abby? My name is clearly Abigail.
I personally think Abigail is a delightful name but, I'd rather not be called servant everyday.
I really like the name Abigail, if only people used the full name because I don't like the name Abby. Gail or Gale will always be a man's name to me as I've known men with the name.
Sounds very old fashioned, and I dislike the nickname Abby. Gail is a nice nickname, though.
My first name is Abigail and I'm called Abby. I go back ad forth between liking it and and thinking it's cute, to hating it because it's so common and bland. I also physically cringe by the way some people pronounce it. Some people pronounce Abigail like "Abbygail", and some people pronounce Abby way too harshly like a nasally "aaabbyyyy". It actually hurts my ears sometimes. I want to start going by my middle name now.
Could be shortened to Abby.
Abigail Adams is the best possible bearer of this name and she has been sorely under-served in this comment section. She wasn't just John Adams' wife, she was his main adviser and confidante, all while running a farm and a general store largely by herself, raising six children and acting as an informal war correspondent for her husband and the rest of the Continental Congress. She was brilliant and generations ahead of her time on matters of abolition and women's rights. She was one of the most significant women in American history.
I feel like this name is never used like it is, and that this name is nickname required, because all the Abigails I know are called Abby, Abbi, or Abi.
Another nickname for Abigail is Abe.
I have watched many shows and movies with someone named Abigail in it. Since my name is Abigail, whenever we watch a movie or show with someone with that name in it my brother will make fun of it. One of the shows that I have watched with a girl named Abby in it is the 100. But I spell my name (Abigail) Abbi instead of Abby, Abbie, Abbe, or Abi. And whenever I watch that show with my brother he will laugh at me and say "Haha, you have the name of someone in a show that I hate and I hate that name Abigail".
I personally like the name Abigail. Abigail is actually my name. I think it is a pretty name. Although my brother makes fun of it sometimes, I don't know why but he does. He doesn't really like the name Abigail but I do.
Wow. I was born in 1991 during the third month and chose this as my holy Confirmation name. It is great to find this website with such a descriptive reminder of the etymology or history behind the name and to see how it can date back as far as the 1600s. Thanks to whoever has submitted this information. Very much appreciated.
Abigail Kathleen Breslin is an American actress and singer. She appeared in her first commercial when she was three years old, and in her first film, Signs, at the age of five. Her other film roles include Little Miss Sunshine, for which she was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, No Reservations, Nim's Island, Definitely, Maybe, My Sister's Keeper, Zombieland, and Rango. In September 2015, she began acting in the horror-comedy Scream Queens on Fox, in which she has her first regular role on a television series.
Abigail "Abby" Sciuto is a fictional character from the NCIS television series on CBS Television, and is portrayed by Pauley Perrette. In a season 10 episode entitled "Hit and Run", a young Abby was played by Brighton Sharbino in flashbacks. Like Jethro Gibbs, Anthony DiNozzo, and Dr. Donald Mallard, Abby was first introduced in the episodes "Ice Queen" and "Meltdown" of the television show JAG, and has appeared in every episode of NCIS, in addition to being featured on the show's spin-offs, NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans. The role has made Perrette one of the most popular actresses on U.S. primetime television in 2011, according to Q Score.
I like the variant 'Abigalia' better, but this version is okay.
Abigail Pierrepont "Abby" Johnson is an American businesswoman. Since 2014, Johnson has been president and chief executive officer of US investment firm Fidelity Investments, and chairwoman of its international sister company Fidelity International. Fidelity was founded by her grandfather Edward C. Johnson II. Her father Edward C. "Ned" Johnson III remains chairman emeritus of FMR. As of March 2013, the Johnson family owned a 49% stake in the company.
I like this name, it rhymes with whale. I like whales.
It's nice. Not on my favorites list but I think it's very nice.
Love, love this name so much that I named my daughter it. Let me explain... I like the name Abigail but LOVE the name Abby. My daughter loves her name too! So far in grade school she has been the only Abigail/Abby in her class. When I was growing up I knew a really popular pretty girl named Abby so I have always associated the name as pretty and popular. Very, very happy with my daughter's name, so glad I named her this :)
Abigail Marie "Abbey" Clancy is an English lingerie and catwalk model and television presenter. She is married to footballer Peter Crouch, was the runner-up of Britain's Next Top Model, Cycle 2 and won series 11 of Strictly Come Dancing in 2013.
My name is Abigail, but I don't like it. I really hate shortening it to Abby and when people think I go by Abby. The only way to fix Abigail in my opinion is shortening it to Gail.
I have never been called Abby and never like when new people I meet always assume my name is Abby. So to all the girls who go by Abigail instead of Abby, you're awesome.
Beautiful, mature, yet sweet and playful, I love the name Abigail. However, I do think the fact that it's extremely common is a bit of a turn-off, so I prefer the much less well-known Abigaia.
My name is Abigayle Mary. I tend to love the spelling of my name more than the original "Abigail".
Abigail Williams, a young girl from the 1600s, was one of the first to be accused of practicing witchcraft in the 1692 Salem Witch Trials.
My name is Abigail, and I've never liked it. I've gone by Abby my entire life, although it still isn't much better in my opinion. I can remember forcing teachers to call me Abby from the time I started school. I always thought it sounded old lady-ish, especially paired with my middle name, Kathryn. My parents almost named me Madeline, and to this day, I wish they had gone with that instead.
This name seems very harsh to me. The only soft consonant is the "L," but putting it at the end gives it an edge. The fact that it's biblical actually makes it even more unappealing (unpopular opinion, I know). I don't understand what the big deal about a name being biblical is. It was in a book. Big deal. Don't be offended by my immaturity. It's my opinion.
My name is Abigail and I've never hated or loved my name, except in school there were three other Abigails--one went by Abigail, one didn't care if she was Abbey or Abigail, one was just Abbie, and I've always gone by Abby. It got a little confusing, but I like my name in general.
I am an Abigail and I love the name. As a child, I was rarely called by a nickname. Always Abigail. As I grew older, I received plenty of nicknames. I was called Abby, Abbs, Abi-girl, Apple- Pail, Abbylicious, and plenty more. When I was in 9th grade, people started calling me Gail. It was different. In my opinion Abigail is a gorgeous name.
I am a ABIGAL, my mum left out the 2nd 'I' in the spelling. I also prefer to go by Abi although I don't feel my name suits me. I hate being called Abigal!
I'm not sure why people are leaving comments where they hate the name, or that it sounds ugly!? Very offensive! The name is beautiful and is in the bible and also has a beautiful meaning! I named my daughter Abigail who is now 4 and we call her Abby and it is the most beautiful sounding name and fits her well! She has a kind heart and leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes... If you're thinking about changing up the spelling, it will be hard to find personalized items in the child's name (A big deal to my daughter, she loves collecting pens, cups anything in her name).
I find it ironic that this is my sister's name, because my name has barely made it into the top 200. Its highest was #193, using the original spelling; my spelling has never made it into the top 1000. Anyway, she has met a TON of other Abigails in her life, so at least wait until the popularity dies down before you use it.
I like this name, and will probably like it no matter how popular it is or will be. It's a name you can wear right through your life as it doesn't sound babyish, nor does it sound old or stuffy. I personally know two Abigails: one shortens it to Abbie, the other shortens it to Abe (as in Abraham), which I like because it gives it more of an edge and really suits her. All in all, a great name.
I have an Abby but her name is spelled Abbygale.
What a lovely beautiful name! Biblical, ages well, stands the test of time. Abby/Abbie is a wonderful nickname to go by.
My sister's name, and I think it's a beautiful name. She was born in 2002 right when the name rose in popularity (my mom wasn't aware how popular this name was when she gave it to my sister). My sister goes by 'Abby' and her middle name is 'Lynn' which really flows well with 'Abigail'. It's a shame this beautiful name is so overused now, but nevertheless, I will always love this gorgeous name!
This is one of my favourite names! It's beautiful and I don't know many Abigails!
I am the Mom of boy/girl twins, Gabriel and Abigail. Our daughter was named Abigail as in scripture, King David's 3rd wife, Abigail. Her brother shares a form of my name, as in the angel Gabriel. It is wise to give only a small thought to what others think about a name, and name our children according to our feeling/impression of that name. Often, people refer to the negative connotation of a name; I can assure you, when parents name their child, the positive interpretation of a name is the idea behind giving their child the name. I LOVE the name Abigail and I am perfectly fine with those who think otherwise. I think the parents of an "Abigail" would not change a thing, the name is lovely and works for us and our daughter(s).
The name Abigail is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Abigail is: Father rejoiced, or father's joy. Gives joy. The intelligent, beautiful Abigail was Old Testament King David's third wife, described as 'good in discretion and beautiful in form.' In the 1916 play The Scornful Lady, Abigail was a lady's maid.
Abigail Hobbs is a character on the television series "Hannibal."
Abigail became a term for a waiting woman (and was used as such in literature) because in the Old Testament Abigail refers to herself as "thy handmaid" when speaking to her future husband, David (later King David). I think this should be added on the page for Abigail, as otherwise it makes it seem as if its use was an original idea by the author of "The Scornful Lady", rather than a biblical allusion. I'm sure it wouldn't have been so long-lasting without biblical backing. [noted -ed]
Just a hideous name.
Looking back, my opinion on this name has softened. While I'm still no fan, I can at least tolerate this name. I also think the nickname "Gail" is quite cute.
I quite like the name Abigail. I pretty much only know Abigails who have shortened their names to Abbie or Abby, but I think that the original name is very pretty. I also prefer the spelling of 'Abbie' to 'Abby' or 'Abi'.
It's not a bad name- shame it's a tad bit popular but I still think it's nice.
I'm sorry, but this name reminds of a farm animal.. I don't like it!
It's cute to name a girl Abigail (go by Abby), but I think that it's WAY too common! I have two friends named Abigail (actually, one's Abbigail, but they're both Abby) and I have to refer to them as Abby W. And Abby L.! I think the name's quite cute for a little girl or even a kid or teen, but once an Abby reaches adulthood, their name sounds kind of silly, now doesn't it?
It's ok, but not pretty enough for me to understand its extreme popularity all of a sudden. There are so many Abby's/Abbie's, its kind of annoying, although I don't really mind that nickname. I guess what I don't like about this name is that it has the name Gail in it, and I hate that name. Also annoying, the stupid "kre8tiv" parents that seem to ruin every name nowadays with their stupid and childish spellings such as "abigayle" or "abbigale".
This name has risen in popularity in equal measure to the decline of literacy. Please stop naming your daughters this people, and read The Crucible. Good Grief.
Abigail Louise Johnston (born 1989 in Upper Arlington, Ohio) is an American diver.
Abigail "Abby" Elliott (born 1987 in New York City) is an American actress and comedian.
Raven Symone ruined the name for me in Revenge of the Bride's Maid when she was complaining they use this nickname that a that a lot kids can use 'Flabigail.'
Abby is great, but Abigail blows. It sounds like the name of an annoying overachiever who will throw a fit if she gets an A- instead of an A+.
Abigail "Abby" Lincoln or Numbuh 5 is a character on the cartoon Codename: Kids Next Door!
Lovely name. One of my favourite Hebrew girls names. It ages well too.
Abigail is my name and I absolutely hate it! I've gone by Abi/Abby/Abbie but I completely hate those too - they were the lesser of two evils to be honest. In my opinion it sounds incredibly dull and harsh and I don't know why it's so popular, and to an extent it's popularity makes it seem even more boring. I've never felt like my name fits my personality and I feel like it restricts me, though that might seem extreme.It's a nice name in theory but in my opinion, it's a total burden!
My case is really unusual. My middle name is Abigail. My name is Theresa Abigail. I am NEVER called Theresa, it is always Rhysse (rees). I am also called Abbie sometimes, but hardly ever. I do not like the name Abigail, I hardly like any name that starts with the letter "A". It's really weird. When they're just messing around my family calls me "Rhysse Abigail" or "crabby Abbie" a lot. I am glad it at least isn't my first name.
My friend was obsessed with this name so I grew to dislike it greatly. But now it's starting to grow on me. My cousin named his daughter Abiona (ab-ee-own-a). He says it's a variation of Abigail but it looks/sounds like a combo of Abigail and Fiona to me.
This is one of those names I keep going back and forth on. Sometimes I like it, then I don't. But regardless of that, I think that Abigail ages very well. I don't think of a person of a certain age when I hear the name. Abigail can be little Abby, ambitious business woman Abigail or grandma Gail. It's not one of these names that sounds completely ridiculous on an adult or a little kid. I just can't get over the fact that BIG is right in the middle of the name.
Abigail is my little sisters name and it fits her perfectly! Abbie is a very overused name but other than my sister I have only met 1 other person called Abigail.:) xoxo
Singer/songwriter Abigail Hopkins. Anthony Hopkins' Daughter.
Shockingly enough... I actually favor the name "Abigail." It is strikingly mature, professional, educated, intelligent, and genuinely goldenly beautiful. It possesses the ringing charm of the old-world, and holds a cosmopolitan flare. Regardless, I despise the nickname "Abby" with all my being. I think of abs, stomach muscles-- which is all well and good, but not suitable for naming, hah. If it must be shortened, "Gail" remains classically dazzling, strong, yet delicate enough for the more feminine in manner of the gender.
I fell in love with the name Abigail/Abbey when I started watching the West Wing and saw that the first lady's name was that. It just seemed like such an elegant name. She was Abigail in formal situations and Abbey at home with her husband, like Abigail Adams. Very pretty name.
A bit depressing if you ask me.
Ugly, and not in a quaint or charming manner. Just ugly and common.
I love this name! It's beautiful! It has a couple of nickname choices too. ;)
It's not necessarily the most beautiful name ever, but I like this name all the same.
I think it's very nice, and uncommon. I don't understand the popularity charts, because I have not met one Abigail in my school of over 1000 people. However I've met a Gail.
Abigail Sciuto, a main character off of NCIS.
Ever since I've had to study "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller for my English class, I've associated this name with a truly wicked sort of character. The character of Abigail Williams really gets under my skin, and so it's altered my perspective of the name. I don't think I'll ever be able to look at persons named Abigail, or simply Abby, the same again. Not that I know that many.
I have to agree with sarah-grrl The Crucible ruined this name for me, not that I had much of opinion on it before hand. Whenever I hear that name I think of Abigail Williams who was in the book vindictive or whatever and in real life she wasn't much better. I don't know how this name got so incredibly popular at the end of the 90s and going into the 21st century. What is the appeal? If it wasn't for the Abigail in the Salem witch trials I probably wouldn't have much of an opinion on the name other than its huge popularity.
I think Abigail is an adorable name for a girl but it does make me think of the phrase "a big gal." Plus it doesn't flow with our last name. Oh, well. :-)
The name of one of the characters in Verdi's great opera 'Nabucco' but with a final e added in the Italian version of the name.
I'm so glad my parents didn't name me this, just stuck with Abbie instead. Much nicer.
Love the meaning, fave combo is Abigail Rose.
Someone wrote here that this is a Polish version. Well, I'm Polish and I haven't heard anything this stupid in years. There is no Polish version of name Abigail. End of story.
It's interesting, somewhat strong, yet very revolting. Much less boring than Aby alone, at least. But, again, it doesn't sound appealing at all. There can also be words like ail taken out of it, so it will mean "a big pain". The name isn't really special in any way, and I don't see why it's so popular.
I have never heard this name in Germany but I have read that it has been in use occasionally since the 16th century. To modern Germans Ah-bee-giel (though phonetically correct) sounds very strange for a certain reason: The last syllable (giel) would sound like the German word for "horny"! The name might be used as an English import but people would (at least try to) pronounce it the English way.
I've heard it being pronounced "Abi-gaal", like the a in all, here in Sweden.
Sounds more like a first name and last name squashed together. The meaning is sweet, though. I'm sort of neutral about it.
I think it's a beautiful name.
I really love the name Abigail- but not the nickname Abby, or Abi, or whatever. Abigail sounds beautiful and it makes me think of a classy, thoughtful woman. I'm sure Abigail Adams is the source of that association. But the nickname Abi makes me think of tabby, like a cat. Not as polished.
Abigail is such an adorable name!
Abigail. I have never liked this name. The 'Gail' part of it turns my stomach and the nickname that would most likely be used, 'Abby', is really a turn off. I hate the way it looks and sounds. I don't understand why people think its such a great name for a little girl! Pick Elizabeth or Alice instead if you want that "classic" name feel.
I'm simply can't understand why so many people think this names sounds lovely and elegant. I think the "gail" and "ab" sounds are very harsh and jarring. I realize this name has an historical appeal, but there are other names with historical appeal that sound much prettier like Elizabeth and Mary. If you like Abigail then popularity doesn't bother you and why not Elizabeth or Mary? Mary is actually more original than Abigail now.
This is a Polish version, too.
Again you had been mistaken in translating the name. In the bible you cannot read anything about that name's meaning, so it is not that important what the meaning of the name is, just who the first with this name was.
The first Avigail that we can read about in the bible is the wife of David that had been taken from Naval from The Carmel (a place in Israel), who was her first husband.
Another one is: Avigal (it's the same name). She is the daughter of NaHash (Samuel 2, 17, 25).
And about the meaning: Avi gil = the father of joy OR my father is joy. But the name is written AvigAIl. So your translation is wrong.
Oh dear God, every time I see this name, I want to gauge my eyes out! It is so revolting that I swear, I become a little bit more blind every time I look at it.
However beautiful this name is (and it is extremely classy and lovely) I personally could never use. A very good friend of mine with this name perished last year in a fire. I can't hear the name without automatically having a flashback to that terrible day and the funeral.
This is my name, only it's spelled Abigael. My name is Abigael and I absolutely hate that some people are calling it ugly. What the heck is wrong with it? Anyway, I used to hate my name but now I love it. My mother, Sandra, actually found it in a phone book. We spelled it the way we do because mom and dad, Luis, call it the "Spanish" spelling 'cause I'm Puerto Rican. Dad was especially ecstatic when he found out the meaning. I consider my name special, because I have only ever known one other Abigail.
Mary Abigail Wambach, footballer, born 2nd June, 1980 in Rochester, New York.
A beautiful name given to my 2nd child, by my father. It totally fits her bold and beautiful character. The meaning behind her name fits her personality.
I personally adore Abigail, nickname Abby, and it is currently #3 on my girls' list. I've known several Abigails personally (all have been Abby), as well as several Abbies.Abigail is the name of semi-main character on NCIS, but she goes exclusively by Abby.
Even though it is a very popular name, I don't know anybody with that name. I think it is such a lovely and down-to-earth name.
Ok I can understand why it's coming back. Because it's cute! I don't know why whoever said it's ugly! I personally love this name and put it in my top 5! So there! And I agree that you should call her Abby and when she grows up call her Abigail.
Pretty. I know tons of little girls called Abigail.
Abigail is derived from the hyphenation of the word "Abba" (father) and "Gail" which is an action word denoting (perpetual swirling in the sense of springing forth, like a fountain). The word "Joy" is interconnected with "Gail" in that "Joy" wells up (springs forth) from the emotions in the belly, to burst forth with radiance on the face and an audible strong Wind of happiness expressed as it passes the vocal cords.
I'm not too fond of this name. It doesn't have a nice flow- I think the letters b and g are fairly harsh and jarring, and I've actually found it to be a bit difficult to say- and I'm not really fond of 'Abby' as a nickname, either, just because it's rather plain.
I am just glad that Abby (and sound-alikes) are more popular nicknames than Gail these days. I can't stand the name Gail and it has tainted my feeling about Abigail.
I think Abigail is a very beautiful name.
Prefer the names Abbie, Abbye, Abbi, Abi and Abby to the actual longer form of them. Abigail is alright, but if I had to name my daughter this I would spell it Abbigail, with two bs.
I like the name Abigail, I think it's really pretty. I don't really like the nickname "Abby" though. I think it sounds ugly, no offense to anyone.
I absolutely love the name Abigail, because it's not so common anymore.
I despise the nickname 'Abbie', though Abigail is nice. Not a name I would choose, though. It sounds too intrincate and there's something in it I always disliked. Decent name, anyhow.
Abigail Adams was a famous bearer as far as I am concerned.
Abigail Fillmore was a famous bearer too.
I really dislike this name simply because I think it's one of the ugliest sounding names I've ever heard. I don't understand why it's so popular right now. On the other hand, it is an old name with a history and tradition. And I do like its eighteenth century flavor. Therefore I won't completely dump on it as I would names such as Madison or Kayla.
I like this name. I'm surprised it's so popular, considering American's poor taste in names (Madison, Tiffany, Crystal, etc.) It is a bit old fashioned and WASPy though, but perhaps we need more of that today.
Our daughter's name is Abigail Nicole. WE love her name. She goes by her full name, not Abby. People comment on what a beautiful name "Abigail" truly is. We love the meaning too!
Cute name, which unfortunately, is becoming popular.
A sweet, classic name. If you're going to use a really popular name, it's better, I think, to pick a traditional one that happens to be popular than something new and trendy that someone created, because names like Abigail are timeless.
I think this name is very pretty and nice. All the Abigails I've met were very nice. The meaning is also pretty: "My father is joy". I think the nickname Abby is cute.
In Arthur Miller's The Crucible, Abigail Williams is a seventeen year old girl who, scorned by a married man with whom she has fallen in love, seeks to kill his wife and ultimately starts the Salem witch hunt.
My name is Abigail, and I find that I'm called Abi most of the time, which I prefer to my full name. Abigail feels too formal or upperclass to me, but I still like it because I have never in my life met another Abigail, plenty of Abis but never an Abigail. I like having an unusual name, and despite liking being called Abi, I get too many people comparing to the bank. Despite this I would never permenantly shorten my name to Abi, I feel proud to have this name.
I really like this name spelled Abigale.
I know this name is very popular, but I don't like that it can mean "maidservant". Not a name I'd bestow on a daughter! It also has a haughty, snobby feel to it, for some reason. I like "Abby" on its own though.
Abigail is a very sweet and soft name. I like it a lot. :)
Actually the meaning of the name is "the father of joy" and not "my father is joy" as written here.
I really don't like this name and can't see why it's becoming popular again.
I think Abigail is a beautiful name.
Ok, I've been waiting to do this one. This is my name and I have never liked it or felt comfortable with it. My mother said that she tried to pick names that nothing rhymes with and while nothing DOES rhyme with Shelby or Andrew (my siblings) I got stuck with "Abigail the whale" or "sperm whale". "Abi-snail", "Abi-whale", "Abi-quail". Lame I know, but kids can be cruel. I do NOT think my name sounds "sophisticated". I prefer Abby which is what I go by. "Crabby, shabby, flabby" Abby. Good job mom! :) Why is this name becoming so popular? Guess I'll never know.
I really hate this name! It's really UGLY! Madison, many people think it's ugly but it's way better than ugly Abby.
I don't like the name because of the 'Abi'.
I think this name is pretty, and cute, and I love it paired with Belle for the middle name. I think the nickname Abby is cute too.
This is my sister's name and she HATES it, she gets so mad when people call her Abigail it's scary. She's been this way about the name since she was 3 and is now 24 she has been simply Abby for a very long while.
I can't really believe Abigail is used in Germany. I've never heard it, and most people wouldn't be able to pronounce it.
Abigail was a very popular name in the eighteenth century, and given the population structure of the time, most Abigails grew up to be servants. So, instead of saying "my maid" does whatever, people would say "my Abigail". From this, it actually became a synonym for "maidservant", which led to its descent into disuse. And now it's back on the charts, without any negative connotations because there are so few domestic workers nowadays.
I think Abigail is such a wonderful name. It is definitely in my top ten. The only thing that concerns me with this name is that it is so common. Maybe if the spelling was changed up a bit it would be more unique. For example: Abigale, Abigael, Abagiel, Abbigal. I think people who are named Abigail probably have the tendencies to be either really snobby and blunt or really free spirited and thoughtful.
I think it is a graceful name and very pretty. Too bad the Abigail I know is a snob. Oh well I still like it a lot.
I love the name Abigail, it sounds so wonderful, and I didn't think it was too popular. And then I went on here and looked at the polls and it turns out 1,000,000 other people adore the name as well. Darn.
I do not like the name Abigail. All its abbreviations sound common and it has no flair. "Gail" makes me think of a windy storm - not a nice connotation for a girl's name.
This is a beautiful name and I've considered naming my child Abigail.
Abigail is the daughter of the title character in Christopher Marlowe's "The Jew of Malta". In the beginning she helps her father in his intrigues but when she finds out about his involvement in her lover's death she converts to Christianity and enters a nunnery to atone for her sins (although her character is rather positive in this biting play, this act is probably ironic as Marlowe depicts the clergy as being extremely hypocritical).
I read somewhere that it meant "source of joy".
I like the name Abigail. It is a name you can grow up with using Abby while young and Abigail once older.
If you're thinking of a good name for a baby girl, this is a great one. It's my name, and although it has become very popular with the 4-7 age range, it still seems unique.
Abigail Breslin is the sweet little actress who played Bo Hess in the movie "Signs."
I strongly dislike the name Abigail, I think it's because of the gail.
I simply adore this name. If I have a second daughter I will name her Abigail Camryn. It's such a sweet name!
I have understood that the meaning of "father of joy" could be "source of joy."
I find Abigail a very nice name, though it has become slightly too common, proving that it is truly a good name.
Upon my first pregnancy, searching for names of baby girls and boys, I looked and looked in all of the books, I said to my husband what if it's a girl? What name do you like? He as usual, had NO clue. When the baby was born to be a girl, when asked by our doctor what her name was to be, out popped the name Abigail, just out of the blue, it was not one that I had even considered, but funny enough, in my hubby's infinite wisdom, he had said, oh call her the first name in the book - when we got home from the hospital, I eagerly grabbed the baby book to see what the meaning of the name was, and surely enough, it was the FIRST name under A, in the girl's section of that particular book. She fits the name perfectly, and now that she's a teen, she has shortened it to just "Abi".
I have always understood this name to mean 'housekeeper' or 'maid/servant'. 'Abi' is the name of a black maid-of-all-work in Emma Donoghue's historical novel 'Slammerkin', and Abigail Williams is the principal character in Arthur Miller's play 'The Crucible'.
This is not the meaning, but rather the connotation it took on as the result of 17th century literature.
Abigail is the name of a doctor in "E.R.": Abigail "Abby" Lockhart. This is one of my favorite names for a girl (this is the name of my daughter).
Although some sites list the meaning as "father of joy" (which seems odd for a commonly female name), others also list "father's joy" or "joy of the father".
I'm not sure why Abigail is listed as being used in Germany. I spent the first 35 years of my life in Germany and have NEVER come across that name.
Maybe you haven't met a German Abigail before but that doesn't mean they don't exist. I've lived in America for 20+ years and have never met a Madison or a Katherine but that doesn't mean they don't exist.
Maybe 'Abigail' was used in Germany a lot a long time ago.
The wife of John Adams, and the mother of Louisa May Alcott were named Abigail.
In Charles Dickens's Our Mutual Friend, the innkeeper is also named Abigail, so it has become assosciated with the word "servant".

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