Ugh I love Adria. My grandparents live in Croatia so I went to visit and swim in the Adriatic sea many times, so it's really special for me. I think it's so classy and elegant. Will use.
Hungarian short form of Adriána and Adrianna:
Gender: Feminine

Usages: Hungarian

Pronunciation: ahd-REE-ah

Meaning: Greek origin, variant of ADRIENN, female version of ADRIÁN, meaning "from Hadria".

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Feels like it's missing something. Also sounds masculine and harsh despite the "a" at the end.
Also an Italian hypocoristic of Adriana:
Very pretty. I prefer Adriana as it sounds more complete, but Adria is nice too and can be used as a nickname or a first name.
The IPA pronunciation is /ˈei.dɹi.ə/. [noted -ed]
My long lost second cousin's name is Adria. Apart since childhood, recently re-acquainted. She's so adorable I couldn't help fallin' in love with her.
In 2018, 31 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Adria who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 3008th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I kind of like this name, it's sort of like Julia and Julian. It sounds complete enough on its own to be used as a full name to me. Maybe Ria.
My daughter's name is Adriana, but we call her Adria. It's a stunning, feminine, exotic name that has a lot of the attributes of the current trendy names without the overuse. People have told me the name makes them think of the ocean (its namesake- the Adriatic) and sounds mysterious. It's also the name of the Slovenian airline, so some people who have traveled that direction say they think of good times and beautiful landscapes when they hear it. I highly recommend it as a given name in its short form, depending on if you like the longer, ultra feminine names with the Ana or Anna ending.
When I first saw and heard the name Adria, I instantly fell in love with the it. It sounds pleasant, doesn't have that overwhelming popularity like Ava or etc. And it just had a really good sound. One of the names that I love with Adria is one of my top five favorite girl names, Melody. So most likely I would use this if I had a second daughter, which to be honest I highly doubt.
The name Adria was given to 73 girls born in the US in 2015.
My daughter's name (who's now 15) came from a friend of mine's wife. When I heard him say Adria I fell in love. It's so close to my name so I knew I was perfect. Adria Sherice...
My name is Adria. My parents couldn't agree... He wanted Adrian - as a boys name and she thought it was too feminine... When I turned out to be a girl he again suggested Adrian. She said it was too masculine for a girl. My grandmother suggested leaving off the N. I like that it is somewhat unique... but I never find my name on souvenirs, and it gets mispronounced VERY often.
Beautiful variant of Adriana. The nickname Adri (AYD-ree, not Audrey) is adorable, too.
I'd like to see this more. Very feminine and gorgeous for a grown girl and child.
My 2 year-old daughter's name is Adriana but we started calling her Adria within months of her birth. People always comment on how pretty both names are.
Originates from the Adriatic Sea or The Sea of Adria in the King James Version of the Bible found in Acts 27:27.
I never knew this was a name until I saw it on a poll. It is very beautiful and very uncommon. It has that tomboyish edge but has a hint of a girls side. I actually prefer this over Aria. I really like this name.
The name Adria was given to 69 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Sometimes, it's spelled Adrea and pronounced exactly the same. I prefer Adrea to Adria because it just looks nicer and is a bit more special.
There is a character called Adria in the video game Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. Her name is pronounced uh-DRY-ah.
This is also commonly pronounced ahd-ree-ah.
Place name. After the Italian city Adria meaning "by the sea" - in reference to the Adriatic.
I just find it to be a really beautiful name. Unusual but not weird, very lovely.
This is also a name in the Romani (Gypsy) language.
I think of this name as a more uncommon alternative to the beautiful but hopelessly overused Audrey.
I like this as a full name as opposed to being short for Adriana.
I love this name. I think it's so beautiful.
I think the name Adria is a very unique name with a strong personality and a lot of bravery.
Thinking that this gorgeous name must be a recent one, since I hadn't heard it before, I searched the British birth records online for it, between 1837 and 1915. There were 89.
The earliest was Adria Stockwell Browne (1839). Other early ones included Adria Hawkins (1843), Adria Fielder (1853), Adria Ashman Williams (1859), and the rather splendidly named Adria Eliza Dulcibella Ford (1861).
Best of all, these names were not mistranscribed by a clerk or typist, as proves sometimes the case when you can look at the original image.
This established usage of Adria makes the name a real winner in my view. It is reminiscent of Julia in form, and so not "missing an ending", not an incomplete Adriana.
I noticed that many early bearers were in the English West Country as well as London.
Adria is a beautiful name, so delectable it makes me think of honey or treacle!
It's less affected than Adriana and cooler than Adrienne - both of which I like a lot. I like Audra but Adria is even prettier - and relatively uncommon.
A very pretty name that I prefer to Adrienne and Andrea, other names that sound like this. Nice name, and not too strange.
I didn't realize this was a real name, I just typed it in. I love it!
Tom Petty, of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, has a daughter named Adria.
This is the name of Vala Mal Doran's daughter on the television series "Stargate: SG-1".
Adria is the most beautiful name ever. I named my daughter this name. It means dark angel. She was named this before she was born we had the name picked out. When we saw her for the first time she was born with the blackest hair and the whitest skin and ice blue eyes. So pretty. Her middle name is Neesa.
Of Greek origin, Adrias (Adryas) is a collective name for Amadryas.

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