I think it's beautiful, elegant and a very nice spelling. This is a feminine form of Adrian. I like it. ❤❤.
Love this name. Not sure why people are commenting that they prefer this over Adrian for a girl. Adrian is the masculine form of Adriana and in Spanish speaking communities Adrian is very common for boys.
Also Latvian (the variant Adriāna can also be found): Armenian:
Pretty! A while back I preferred this over Adrianna, but now I actually like Adrianna a little better. However, both are beautiful!
Also Niçard:
You'll find bearers on social media.
Also Gascon and Provençal: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
I think we should be really using this name for girls instead of Adrian because it is just so pretty!
Adriana is also Swedish and Bulgarian. The name day for Adriana in Sweden is March 4. The name day for Adriana in Bulgaria is August 26.Scripts: Адриана (Bulgarian)
Very pretty but I will never use.
Also Bulgarian, spelled Адриана.
You'll find numerous bearers on social media. [noted -ed]
I prefer the pronunciation /ə.dɹi.ˈæn.ə/
So incredibly gorgeous. It just flows beautifully. I love that it has multiple pronunciations depending on location. In Canada we typically say Ay-dree-Anna but sometimes Ay-dree-ona. One baby book describes it as global, literary, antique and sultry. Does it get any better than this!?
The most ugly name in the world. It's OFFENSIVE.
Also Slovene:
This is a really pretty name. I like it spelled with only one N best.
Adriana means mujer del mar (woman of the sea)
My first born is called Adriana and her nickname is Adri or Adi.
It's funny, my initials are AD and my partner's initials are RI hence Adri and I fell in love with the name meaning even more. I also found out I was pregnant during our holiday in a tropical island in Asia. The sea reminds me of her. Perfect name for me.
For the Spanish pronunciation, I think that DH should be part of the second syllable, just like in Adrián. [noted -ed]
Adriana is a very pretty name! I prefer this over Adrian on a girl and Adrienne.
I have a cousin with this name and I’ve always found it so pretty :)
I adore this name! I like the pronunciation Ay-dree-ann-uh the most.
Very pretty!
Adriana Caselotti was the voice for Snow White in the 1938 Disney version of "Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs".
I like it pronounced Ah-dree-awn-uh.
Also Occitan: --- Source: Institut d'études occitanes
My mom grew up on the Adriatic coast, and Adriana is a very typical name there. But when I was growing up in New York, all the kids on the school bus tormented me every day with "Adriana Banana!" They pronounced the A (like Ay) instead of Ah. It was so traumatic for a 5-year-old that I went to bed every night wishing my name were Jenny. Now, in 2018, every time I say my name, people always comment what a beautiful name Adriana is. Oh, if they only knew what I went through. Luckily, I no longer fear saying my name and can at least enjoy my middle-age years with the name I was given.
The main name day for Adriana in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is on February 15th, which is typically overshadowed by the major holiday on that day.
Adriana (one letter N) is a name recognized by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Ukraine and the diaspora... and why we choose it for our daughter.
It it properly written in Ukrainian as Адріана (again only one letter н) because it comes from the name Adrian (Адріан).
People also use various versions with the letter Yah (Я) but this is the informal version or common version, and therefore not for documentation use either.
I love the name ADRIANA because my mom made it a mix of my granny (ANNA) and grandpa's (ANDRIES) name, so my name will always remind me off them and how much I love them.
Adriana Kristina Leon is a Canadian professional soccer player for Swiss club FC Zürich Frauen in the Nationalliga A. She previously played for the Chicago Red Stars and the Western New York Flash in the NWSL and is a member of the Canada women's national soccer team.
Adriana is also in use in the Netherlands (where it is the feminine form of Adriaan) and in Russia (where it is the feminine form of Adrian).The name is spelled as Адриана in Russia.Also, the Dutch pronunciation for the name is: ah-dree-AH-nah.- (in Dutch)
- (in Russian)
- (in Russian)
- (in Russian).
Adriana Lima is a Brazilian model and actress, best known as a Victoria's Secret Angel since 2000, as a spokesmodel for Maybelline cosmetics from 2003 to 2010 and for her Super Bowl and Kia Motors commercials.
I named my daughter Adriana in 1991. I thought is was the most beautiful name I had ever heard. We call her Adri as a nick name.
Beautiful name! I love it.
I have a friend named Adriana, and she's quite the soft, feminine, wallfower type of girl. So I always think of that type of person when I hear this name. It's pretty, but I slightly prefer Adrienne or Ariadne.
Gorgeous, classy, and elegant name!
Adriana was very popular in the 70s and 80s, as well as Adriane, its graphical variant used in Brazil. Examples of the thousands of existing Adrianas in Brazil is Brazilian model Adriana Lima, singer Adriana Calcanhoto, the actress Adriana Esteves and many others, famous or anonymous.
It has a meaning, that for two decades the name Adriana has been a favorite of many parents to name their daughters, so for them, that moment was a beautiful name, perfect, lush. Unfortunately, despite its name still has its adherents today, it has lost some brightness because of excessive popularity.
And like any cycle of most popular names, it ended up going and leaving other names to take their place. It is very likely that in a few decades it will return again with great force at the time that the popularity of these two decades of 1970-80, no longer have.
My 2 year-old's daughter name is Adriana but we started calling her Adria within months of her birth. People always comment on how pretty both names are.
This is my daughter's name. We call her RiRi for short or just get lazy and call her Adrian (yes, as in Rocky's famous, 'Yo, Adrian!'). I think the nickname Adrian is cute for Adriana, sounds like 'Adrienne' anyway. Other nicknames I've seen for this name: Adris, Adria or Rianna.
This name is beautiful, intelligent, and sophisticated. I can easily picture a two year girl playing with her dolls, all the way to an eighteen year old getting her diploma! It is a very inserting name indeed. Maybe that's why I love it so much!
This name is so overused in Brazil. I remember having two or three Adrianas in every class. It's a nice name, though I am a little bored with it.
I've only heard it pronounced 'Aydr-ee-ahna' like Adrienne + Ana. It's still a pretty name though. :)
It's pretty, I like it.
Adriana, feminine form of Adrian, means "Woman of Sea".
It is very classy and beautiful. I just think it is way too common.
I think Adriana is a gorgeous name, strong, mature and very feminine. It reminds me of Adriatic sea. Italian and Spanish pronunciation works best for me, because it rolls of the tongue so nicely. I don't really like English pronunciation, but that's just me.
I think this name is absolutely gorgeous. I think I will name my future daughter Adriana Chloe, and have her go by Chloe so she can have the strong, regal first name, but she has Chloe as a cute name to go by as a little girl/teenager and probably adult just because then she would be accustomed to it.
It's pretty but a bit too serious for me. I wouldn't name my daughter this because it sounds so serious and almost too like you're trying too hard to give a beautiful elegant name, if that makes sense. I wouldn't want to call a child this in public constantly like "audriana, audriana, audriana" a bit of a mouthful. It also lacks youthfulness. But it's much classier than names like Brittney, Chrystal, Brandi, Hunter etc.
Model Adriana Josefik.
Actress Adriana Neubauer.
Simply beautiful, so feminine and elegant.
I love the name Adriana, it's beautiful and unlike other gorgeous names, it's not overused. I would definitely give my daughter (if I am blessed to have one) this name. This is also the name of Melissa (Gallo) Fumero's character on "One Life to Live".
The name is pretty, but I wouldn't really use such a Catholic name, as I don't like religions at all. Besides, the model Adriana Lima has ruined this name.
A famous bearer was American actress Adriana Caselotti (May 16, 1916 - January 19, 1997). She provided the voice for Snow White in the 1937 Disney film 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.'
There is a model for Maybelline New York named Adriana.
Adriana is the name of a character in the series DIVE, by Gordan Korman.
I love this name. It's a beautifull name.
Adriana Iliescu was 66 when she gave birth to a girl.
Also used in Slovenia, though not as common as Adrijana.
Adriana is also the Czech and Slovak form. [noted -ed]
Name Day: 26th June (in the Czechia).
I love the name Adriana! It's so beautiful that I gave it to my daughter Adriana Janelle. I like all the pronunciations except ones that end with "anna" instead of "ana".
I love it! And, I would pronounce it Ay dree ah nuh. I don't like Ah dree ah nuh. I have a combo, which is Adriana Simone.
I believe spelling this name with only one N instead of two makes the name flow better. One word: BEAUTIFUL.
No offense but I just don't like this name. It sounds cold and standoffish.
Adriana (played by Drea DeMatteo) was Christopher Moltisanti's perpetual fiancee on the Sopranos. (The character was "whacked" after turning FBI informant.)
This is a beautiful name, but a few friends of mine who have just had baby girls named their daughters Adriana or Ariana - there are now 2 Adriana Jaydens, 1 Adriana Jailin, 2 Ariana Jailyn, and 1 Jailin Adriana. Just seems that a lot of people like those A and J's put together.
I have to say something, because one person mentioned the Adriana's and all the J's. My parents liked the names Adriana, Jayne, Lily, Angela, Rose, and Jana. They couldn't decide. They ended up having having twins, me and my sister. My name is Adriana LilyJayne, and my sister's is Angela JanaRose. Of course, LilyJayne and JanaRose are our middle names, so people just call us Adriana and Angela.
I'm not sure whether I prefer "ad-ree-anna" or "ay-dree-anna", but either way it's a gorgeous name.
I love this name! It's so pretty!
Slovak supermodel Adriana Sklenaøíková also bears this name.
Adriana is absolutely gorgeous, only said ah-dree-AH-nah.
Adriana has many meanings, the most common are 'dark' or 'rich'. Two other meanings that are more interesting are "A woman from Adria" and "Mujer del mar" (meaning 'woman of the sea'). Adria is a town near the Adriatic sea so the meanings are somewhat related.
Famous bearer of the name: Adriana Calcanhoto (a Brazilian singer).
A famous bearer is Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima who was born in 1981 at Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. Adriana is of Portugese, French, Native American and Caribbean heritage.

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