Alessandra Olivia Toreson is an American actress. She is best known for playing Zoe Graystone in the science fiction television series Caprica and Claire in The Big Bang Theory.
This is my middle name so I may be a bit biased but I love it. I remember hating it as a child, but I’ve grown to love it.
One of the most beautiful Italian female names in my opinion, I love it as much as Alexandra.
Alessandra is a very pretty name and I love it! It is a very nice name and it sounds so sassy. Alessandra is one of my favourite girl names. It's elegant and refined but also sexy and passionate, all at the same time. I think this name is beautiful and feminine, and much more soft and delicate than Alexandra (although Alexandra is pretty as well).
I really love the name Alessandra, It sounds pretty but sassy just like me. I also like its meaning of "defender of man". I always wanted my name to be it. Also it is so much better and prettier than Alexandra. ❤️.
Also Niçard:
You'll find bearers on social media.
To me, the two s's look a little strange. I prefer Alexandra, and I don't care about the nickname Alex.
A nickname we use for "Alessandra" is "Alessa".
It has a nice ring to it and I prefer it to Alexandra.
The banner makes it look like a happy name.
Hello. My name is Alessandra but I go by Ali. I don’t really like the name Alessandra so I always go by Ali but anyways I’m not Italian I’m American/Canadian but it’s cool that my name is Italian because my favorite country is Italy and also my favorite food type is Italian. Hahaha.
I prefer this over Alexandra.
Alessandra is one of my favourite girl names. It's elegant and refined but also sexy and passionate, all at the same time. I think this name is beautiful and feminine, and much more soft and delicate than Alexandra (although Alexandra is pretty as well).
The popularity of the name Alessandra was the highest in Italy during the mid-1960s~1970s, but I know a lot of girls and young women named Alessandra. Personally, I think this name would suit a young woman more than someone who is middle-aged or older.
I think the name Alessandra is pretty itself, but a lot of people would like to shorten a name that has ten letters. I saw that some people (I suppose they're English speakers) suggested nicknames like Sandy or Allie, but most Italians named Alessandra use Ale or Alessa as nicknames. As an Italian, I think that the Italian nicknames are prettier than the English ones.
I LOVE the name Alessandra. My name is Giulia and I love it, but if I had to have another name, Alessandra would be one of my first choices.
Hi! I'm Italian, so I'm kind of used to hearing the name Alessandra instead of Alexandra, hence I tend to find the latter the most exotic, elegant and therefore "beautiful" of the two... this opinion is also biased by the fact that at school I always had at least an Alessandra in the same classes I attended.
Much prettier than Alexandra!
Pretty. My husband and I are planning to name our daughter this. Love the "Sandra" part.
I prefer Alessandra to Alexandra because it is less common. It also seems more feminine ❤.
Alessandra sounds more feminine than Alexandra, without compromising the strength and meaning. I like Sasha as a nickname.
I was named after my loving grandfather, Alexander! I love him so much and he is the best! My nickname is Ali! (or Alice) I am not Italian but, I am Filipino! I LOVE my name so much!
I think you can find a nicer name than this. I think it’s the type of pretentious name a lower class person might name their child to seem somewhat exotic. I couldn’t name my child after a lingerie model. Alexandra is better and less of a mouthful.
Prefer Alexandra.
This is the name given by my father because his name is Alexander. I really love my name because it's so elegant and timeless. Though I'm not Italian (I'm a Filipino), I still love my name. But some people mispronounce my name as Alexandra. But I reaaaaaaaally love it. And I'm planning to pass this name to my future kids. Alissandra isn't that bad right?
Fans of this name may also like 'Lysandra', 'Alison', 'Alfonsina', or 'Alastriona'.
This is my name. I kinda like it.
My name is Alessandra and my friends call me Ale, my parents call me Alessa. My name is Italian but I live in the U.S. At first I thought my name was difficult because either people say it wrong or when I have to write something with my name it takes me longer. But my name is unique in its own ways.
I love this name. I am changing my name to Alessandra legally soon... :/ it's unique and I like it much more than Alexandra.
I think this name is unique. I prefer it over Alexandra any day.
I have a friend called Alessandra (al-es-AHN-druh) but she goes by Ally (al-EE)
Alessandra Schiavone, better known by her screen name Alessandra De Rossi is an Italian-Filipino actress. She is the younger sister of actress Assunta De Rossi. At the age of 16, De Rossi won the FAMAS Awards Best Supporting Actress for her role in Azucena. She starred in Mga Munting Tinig and Homecoming, in which she portrayed a Canadian-based domestic worker who visited her home in a rural town in the Philippines, bringing with her the deadly disease SARS which she spreads among the residents.
My name is Alessandra and I'm Italian. I grew up hating my name because I thought it was too old-like and boring, but now I understand it's a beautiful and refined name, even if I'm not really fond of it. My friends call me with the nickname Ale, not Alessa or Alys.
I'll be real, this is my name and I hated it throughout my childhood. I still kind of hate it. The nicknames are either the ones used for Alexandra, or the name Sandra, which I really can not stand. I get that it's a part of my Italian Heritage, but honestly, whenever I get the chance I'm changing my name to Alexandra or Alexandria instead.
This name is elegant and beautiful and sounds less harsh than Alexandra or Aleksandra, and has the diminutive Sandy. I prefer the diminutive Alessia or Sandy to Sandra, though.
My name is Alessandra and I've never been called anything else at school, home or in public. I think the only time I've been called another name is when they can't pronounce it so they call me Alex. There is one exception, which was for a school production when we had to paint our names on the back of our shirts but it wouldn't fit so I wrote Alexis and some people called me that for the rest of the year.
Alessandra Corine Maria Ambrósio is a Brazilian model and actress. Ambrosio is known for her work with Victoria's Secret and was chosen as the first spokesmodel for the company's PINK line.
This is my name! I'm so proud to have it and I get a lot of compliments. Most people call me Alessandra but my family calls me Andi. I'm surprised that someone mentioned Andi as a nickname, I thought I was the only one! Also, it's always fun going to Starbucks and watching them figure out how to spell it. Only 3 times people have spelled it right, hahaha.
Allesandra is said to mean "Protector of the people."
I am Italian so I wanted to name my daughter the Italian version of Alexandra. Now it's just trendy. It's beautiful, sophisticated and fun. And there's a lot of nick-names you can get out of it. Basically, it's the new Elizabeth.
This is a pretty name. I knew a girl named Alessandra years ago but everyone called her Lala. I guess it was a spin off the more common 'Ale' nickname. Beautiful name... pretty sexy nickname too. Win-win.
I just love this name... love it. I'm hispanic so I'm tired of the name Alejandra... it's so common in all the Spanish speaking countries. I'm also not fond of the trendy names Alexis, Alexa or Alexia. The name Alessandra is soft, feminine, not common in any country (except Italy perhaps but the popularity there has been falling for years). If I had another daughter I'd DEFINITELY name her this.
Well, I for one would sure like to know which Italian names are prettier than Alessandra, because I can't seem to find one.
Wow, I don't know why people like this name. It sooooo pretentious. And plus, there are far more prettier Italian girls names out there. And this sounds prettier that Alexandra? Um, no, Alexandra is way prettier.
Can also be Alyssandra ( Ahl - E - Sah - Drah )
My daughter is called Alessandra Tia Rose. Also, we call her Ally.
I *love* this name.
I have a friend called Alessandra, but she goes by Sandra (which suits her really well, other nicknames wouldn't). If I called my daughter Alessandra, her nickname would be Allie. :)
Gorgeous and uncommon... and that's bullsh*t that people apparently always give this name nicknames. It doesn't need one!:)
I absolutely LOOOVE the name Alessandra. I've loved it for as long as I can remember. It's SO beautiful, classy and elegant. If we have a girl I'm naming her Alessandra ;)
I like Alexandra better, because of the nickname Xandra/Zandra. But Alessandra is very beautiful and complex.
I like this name. It's prettier than Alexandra. However, it's way too common and I prefer lesser-used Italian names.
I'm pleased to see so many flattering comments about the name Alessandra, but many have also put their finger on the problem with having it - you so rarely get to use it. It is always abbreviated, and then people get to know you by the abbreviation and assume you're really called Sandra, or Alison, or Andrea. Although when people find out your full name they almost always say how lovely it is, they still can't be bothered to say all four syllables!
I think Alessandra is a really pretty name. My friend has this name and we call her Alessi for short.
I absolutely LOVE this name! It has sort of a nice ring to it, don't you think? :) One of my faves!
In Italy Alessandra is one of the most often given names of the last 50 years. It was the most popular in Rome in 1966, the 4th in 1971 (behind Barbara, Simona and Laura), the 3rd in 1976 (behind Francesca and Alessia), the 5th in 1981 (behind Valentina, Francesca, Silvia and Sara), the 10th in 1986. Its duration till today is remarkable, though it's looking a bit down (17th of the most popular names in Italy in 2004, 22nd in 2006).
The pronunciation is ah-less-SAHN-drrah.
I love the name Alessandra. I think it is very pretty. I don't like it that a nicknames are Sandra (I'm not too fond of it) or Al. I would say that Alessa would be a nice nickname, other than the little girl in the movie Silent Hill was named Alessa.
I used to know someone who spelt it Alyssandra, and got called Alyss, or Alice.
A famous bearer is Italian film, television, and stage actress Alessandra Acciai (born December 12, 1965). She's known for her roles on television "Incantesimo" (1998-2001) and films like "Anni Ribelli" (1996) and "Princesa" (2001).
This is one of the most beautiful names I have ever heard. I'm amazed by the elegance it possesses, and I especially like as the first name with two middle names - for example 'Alessandra Michaela Greer'. Incredible.
I always liked Alexandra too, but I know she'd end up being 'Alex'. It seems like it'd be different with Alessandra though; more likely to be known as 'Ally', which is pretty too.
Alessandra Ambrosio is a model for Victoria's Secret.
I don't like "Al" for a girl's nickname and I hate the "less" in this name. I prefer "Alexandra" in its place.
My middle name is Alessandra (named after my mother who is called Sandra) and I never really liked it. It always seemed like the name someone would give to their child if they wanted them to be aristocratic or elegant on purpose. I prefer names (especially girls' names) to have a bit of sweetness to them and this name does not have any sweetness to me.
I think this is one of the prettiest names I've ever heard, even though I don't personally know anyone named this. If I ever have a daughter, I will probably name her this.
This is my name but I have an I instead of an E so it's Alissandra. I like my name but I do often get called Alexandra and I find it quite annoying. I have many lovely comments about my name which is nice. :)
A very pretty name, however, born by an -intensely- disgusting individual, Alessandra Mussolini, the granddaughter of the facist Italian dictator. She was previously a topless model but has since been a member of several neofascist parties and has been criticised for a strict anti-homosexual stance and several reports of anti-homosexual abuse, as well as allegedly presenting fraudulent signatures. Hm. Hurry, I want to name my child after her.
I love this name! It's beautiful, elegant, passionate and sophisticated. People will always mistake it for Alexandra even though there is no "x" in the name. People will most likelly look twice when they see such an exotic/pretty name anyone should be proud to have it. I much prefer this on females and not males. This is the name I have in mind for my future daughter!
Feminine, elegant, and impressive, this is a rare name that can easily be shortened to a variety of nicknames, including but not limited to Allie, Sandy, Sandra, and Andie. This name is beautiful!
I go to school with a girl named Alessandra, but she is called Allie. I love the name and think it is very unique and pretty.
It can also be pronounced alice-and-ruh. I know this because my name is Allessandra! Spelt with 2 L's and 2 S's.
I think Alessandra is a very pretty name. I even like it better than Alexandra.
A famous bearer of this name is the model, Alessandra Ambrosio.

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