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Pretty, delicate.
Abdul Ali is a character in the popular Netflix series Squid Game. He is an immigrant from Pakistan to South Korea, and joins the Game in order to support his wife and baby financially.
The sweetest nickname for a girl (Alice, Aliana, Alexandra, etc)!
It's really cute, I gotta admit, but I would choose Allie for a diminutive for Alexandra or Allison.
I think it is good as a nickname for both genders. But I think it should be pronounced "AHL-ee" for boys and "A-lee" for girls.
If you'd like to use this as a nickname for Alice, Alexandra, etc. Go choose Allie and Ally instead, please. This is masculine and definitely nothing feminine.
Prince Ali, wonder is he of Abauibaa. Lololol.
Adorable nickname for a girl!
Prince Ali!
Beautiful girl's nickname! Much prettier than Ellie!
A Finnish short form of [ALEKSANTERI].
Very pretty and elegant!
I love this name. It's a masculine name with a feminine flair, in the best way. It's simple yet beautiful. Strong and soft at the same time. It ages well. I'd imagine it on a man with the qualities of a leader.
Also widely used as a Dhivehi name; written as "ޢަލީ" in the Dhivehi Thaana script. [noted -ed]
Ali Larsen ('Gross Gore') is a well known steamer on Twitch tv.
Ali ibn Abu Talib (kv.) was cousin and son in law to prophet Muhammad (sav.) He was the first to accept Islam as a young child and was his flag bearer in every war. During the Event of Mubahila hz Ali (kv.) was referred to as self of prophet and when prophet declared Ansar and Muhajir as brothers he took the hand of Ali although they were Muhajir. Shia of Ali also wasn't formed after his death but companions who wanted him as successor existed during his life time too.
Also widely used in Kazakhstan; written as "Әли" in Kazakh Cyrillic and "ٴالىي" in Kazakh Arabic. [noted -ed]
In Avar, it's actually written as "ГІали" with the palochka (I). [noted -ed]
Ali He'shun Forney was an African-American gay and transgender youth who also used the name Luscious. He was a peer counselor of and advocate for homeless lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth and was killed on the street in the Harlem neighborhood of the Manhattan borough of New York City, New York. The Ali Forney Center for homeless LGBT youth, located in New York City, was named after him when it opened in June 2002.
Ali Dilem is an Algerian cartoonist. On 11 February 2006, he was sentenced to one year in jail and a 50, 000 dinar fine by an Algerian court for a dozen cartoons printed in the newspaper Liberté in 2003 depicting President Abdelaziz Bouteflika. Dilem has been frequently the subject of legal action and condemned to death in fatwas.
I know someone who I absolutely hate with this name so I don't like the name. Also, it's kind of short and boring, not rare, but not popular either. There are like 5 kids I know named Ali, it is just not a good name. I don't know where all this "elegance and beauty" came from. Jeez, it's 3 letters!
Sania just cause you hate someone with this name doesn't mean it's not a beautiful name... your personal experience does not “rule” the outlook in the name... it’s very beautiful and refined whether you like it or not. Keep you personal experience out of judging a name then I’ll believe you're fair but to me this name is absolutely refined and musical... guess you need the full alphabet to give a name “value”.
This is not a good name if you live in the U.S. because everyone will pronounce it as Alley and Alley is already a trashy name which is why I would never use this name.
The personal name of Ala-al-din abu Al-Hassan Ali ibn Abi-Hazm al-Qarshi al-Dimashqi, also known as Ibn al-Nafis (1213-1288 AD). He was an Arab physician mostly famous for being the first to describe the pulmonary circulation of the blood.
Girls named Alexis, Alexandra, Allison, Alison, Alicia, Alessandra, Alana, Alyssa, etc. Spell it Alli, Allie, Ally, Aly, Alley. Boys say it Ah-lee. Girls say it Ahl-ee. Boys spell it Ali.
China's internet giant Alibaba founded by Jack Ma.
Prince Ali, fabulous he, Ali Ababwa.
Ali is a beautiful, handsome Arabic male name. A fab classic that ages so well! :)
I do like it. It sounds so girly, sweet and cute... But I can't get it on men. Nothing masculine at all...
I don't know how it Ali can sound "girly" at all. It is pronounced as Ah-lee. You're thinking about Al-lee. (alley. Allie. Ally) perhaps.
Related to the Hebrew name ELI, like the high-priest in the book of 1st Samuel.
I wonder if it might be better if there was another section for Ali, just when it is used as a feminine name, to help with the differences, mainly because they come from different roots. Then again, as a name, Ali does have a few different roots depending on what usage a person uses with it. [noted -ed]As a feminine name, pronounced differently from the Arabic name, Ali is often used as a nickname for Alicia, Alice, and Alison.
Here, it is pronounced like the word "Alley." Alternatively, Ali has also been a nickname for Alexander-derived names such as the masculine Alistair (and feminine Alexandria/Alexandra) and the masculine Finnish variant of Alexander, Aleksanteri.
Apparently within Finnish usage, households near a river may be Ali- ("downstream") and Yli- ("upstream"). As such, Ali may appear in Finnish surnames that are derived from the households. I am not completely sure how the Finnish name is pronounced, however.
Ali is the name of my sister and it's not short for anything. Just Ali. I relate it to a pretty girl and a happy girl and very warm. It's a really feminine name. Pronounced Al-ee. Not All-i.
Muurs were & are the original title bearers of this great name Ali dating back well before any natives or settlers on this planet... Fact.
This is one of the few names I hate when people make feminine. Allie is the correct spelling for the girl's name. Ali is not short for Alison or whatever. It's a name extremely popular and extremely religious tied to subcontinental Asia and Arabia. Most people who use this name for girls don't give a damn about Muslims, so what gives you the right to use this name?
Pakistan, and some other places with lots of Muslims (but not all), usually pronounce this ə-lee (think of the word about, it's an unstresssed uh.) It's good for differentiating this from Allie. (Which some pronounce Ah-lee, though I personally pronounce it Al-lee).
It drives me nuts that people do not pronounce this correctly here in the states. It is NOT a females first name. Ali is not Ally or Allie. It is pronounced like
Ahh Lee. It is my last name. It is a VERY common surname in the Muslim world and that is where it came from, it dates back to the split of Islam into Sunni and Shi'a. It is also a very popular first name for males. I wish that when Americans wanted to use a foreign name, they'd take the time to learn the correct spelling and pronunciation. Seriously, to anyone thinking that it's cute to name their daughter Ali, please don't. Name her Allie, Ally, Alli, or Alley. Ali is a highly respected name, stop abusing it.
I agree with the comment above, this is *supposed* to be pronounced ahh-lee, and it's a male name. If your name is Alice/Allison/Alexandra/etc., I'd suggest going by ally or Allie or even Alli, but not Ali. It's just confusing. Also, I was surprised to see that this was in the top 100 for Australia, do they have a large Indian population?
Ali is also a given name in Turkey.
Pronounced Ah-lee. It comes from the ancient Ethiopian and ge'ez word for god which was al-la-ha (Allaha).
The name actually originates in Ethiopia. In Amharic it means noble, sublime, elevated, exalted. It then reached the middle east and other countries later on.
My sister is named Ali. It's not short for Alice or Alison it's just Ali. Al-EE. I know a girl named Alexandria that goes by Ali, and an Alison. I don't know any guys named that.
I pronounce it just like Allie, but I'm a girl, and my name's Allison. I used to spell my nickname Allie, but there was a girl I knew who I didn't like who spelled her name and nickname the same way, so I took to spelling it Ali.
In the case of Ali Larter, it is a short form of Alison.
Ali is the father of Hassan in the book The Kite Runner.
It can also be pronounced A-LEE in African. And is used as a feminine name.
It is also of African origin. Used in West, Central and South Africa as a female name pronounced A-LEE.
Ali May Michel an Actress/Dancer/Writer/Musician. She is known as Ms. Entertainment. She is Nigerian/South African/African-American. She pronounces it A-LEE which is African meaning noble, sublime, elevated, exalted. It is a popular female name in West and South Africa.
Ali means something high, and something really inspiring. People named Ali are usually very loving and have very big hearts. Usually they're very courageous, dignified and independent thinkers who follow their own path.
Ali is a relative of Muhammad. He was killed by Muawiyah.
It isn't pronounced uh li as in the boxer but more of an o sound. It should sound like Ollie. Like the nickname for Oliver.
Ali Hewson, the founder of EDUN and Bono's wife. She's really looking good for her age!
Also, Ali is the middle daughter of country-singer Alan Jackson and his wife Denise Jackson.
This sounds too much like "Ah-lee". Like Mohammad Ali, or however you spell his name, I wouldn't use this for my daughter.
It seems that whenever Westerns need a Muslim name for something or the other, they always choose Ali, which is only pronounced ah-LEE and never AH-lee.
Ali is not just a boy name because I am a girl and that is my nickname. In fact I do not know any boy that has that nickname! They always go with Alex!
Extremely minor Harry Potter character - Ali Bashir, who tried to smuggle flying carpets into Britain.Also, Disney movie Aladdin?
A female Ali is the young girl in the Doctor Who book, Nightmare of Black Island (2006). It's really good, Ali's a lot like me!
I know many Alexandras, Alexandrias, and Allisons that use this as a nickname, to sound similar to Ally.
It's pronounced UL-LEE not ALLY.
The name Ali can also be used as a girl's name, pronounced like Ally.
Also can be short for Alistair.
Famous bearer is Ali Landry, a gorgeous actress/model which means a name can be feminine as well. Ali Landry was also Miss USA 1996.
Ali can also be a nickname for Alicia. I have a friend who uses it this way.
A famous bearer is one of Saddam's henchmen: Ali Hassan al-Majid. Commonly known as Chemical Ali or the Butcher of Kurdistan.
Actress Ali (born Alice) MacGraw is a famous bearer.
I love the name Ali! It's such a bouncy, fun name! Ali can also be short for Alison.
The Arabic name "Ali" is only [misprounounced] ah-LEE by Americans and African-Americans who are most familiar with it from Cassius Clay, who although he took it as his surname did not pronounce it correctly himself. Neither should it be pronounced AH-lee. The name in arabic is pronounced 'A-lee, with the "A" preceded by a glottal stop and pronounced like the short "a" in "cat", and the second syllable "-lee" unaccented and equally short.
The Shi'a are not actually people who followed 'Ali in his lifetime - no such group existed; ALL living muslims followed 'Ali (as khalifa) in his lifetime. The Shi'a are a sect who developed ideas and beliefs about the spiritual stature and political leadership of 'Ali and his family AFTER his death and who separated from traditional Islam at that point.

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